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  1. I received my minis from the Kickstarter a while back, though I've yet to paint them (I'm working on some Cryx for Warmachine right now). I certainly hope that the rest of you get yours as well. Paul Muller's sculpts are superb, and I plan to purchase more of his minis once they become available for sale.
  2. I'm thinking of adding some tufts of swamp grass and cat-tails. I figure a hydra (water serpent) would be at home in a fetid bog.
  3. You did a terrific job of capturing Wayne Reynolds' work. The sculpt is fabulous, and the paint job is stellar. I really like how atypical he is; definitely not your usual rockeater. He has such character! Great job!
  4. Nice work! I love mimics, because I'm an evil GM!
  5. These are undead dire wolves from Gamezone miniatures. The last time I used them in a Pathfinder game, the players ran for their lives!
  6. This is an Enigma miniature that I painted. She's a towering figure, and so well sculpted. I loved the voodoo witch style, so I gave her skull mask makeup.
  7. Here's one that I painted recently. I was pleased with NMM work (though I'm still trying to improve), and the stubble effect on the scalp.
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