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  1. MtG worked, but dozens of fantasy CCGs didn't. MtG was first out the gate, plays really well, has some nice, novel interactions that make tactile use of the cards, and came out, off the bat, with fairly playable stuff with oodles of totally amazing artwork. I can't see a CMG doing all that. Mostly they've hardly even tried. But most importantly, there is a reason to play MtG instead of something else. It's fun, and the format interacts with the game in fun ways, and to work like it does it really needs to be what it is (leaving aside the problem of buying the cards for high level play). Also
  2. Those are the best giant-bug-fleet ships ever, in all of history.
  3. If your hobby drills don't work (they might! Try it first!) Maybe buy as small a ceramic bit as you can find and electric-drill where you want to pin? Backfill the hole with putty.
  4. Amazing work but they just look like plants growing through corpses to me. To the extent that it takes me quite a while to discern the patterns beneath, and doing so is unpleasant. It's a pity my reaction is so overwhelming because this is otherwise precisely the kind of thing I like.... except.... *shudder* Too real. I just can't see the abstraction past the concrete, here. In any case I look forward to seeing where you go with this, and I do hope whatever traumas are lurking in my visual cortex / association interface don't ruin my enjoyment of it!
  5. Amazing work. I am afflicted with self-loathing. I might even get off my butt and paint something!
  6. I wish everyone the best, and hope they really have given Specialist Games the autonomy it needs to thrive. I used to love Necromunda and Bloodbowl, back in the day. Beyond that, I'll stay silent, except to say business is about networks, and generally, people who tend their networks (in this case suppliers, distributors, retailers, customers) succeed. Yes you have to do it at a profit, and I begrudge no-one a profit.
  7. Slendertroll: Japan: no casualties, no damage. Hardly comparable to Beirut or Paris. The Paris attack eclipses Beirut by close to 3:1; until now Paris would perhaps have been thought of as safe and Beirut as dangerous...
  8. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/11/isil-claims-suicide-bombings-southern-beirut-151112193802793.html
  9. Unbelievable. This is horrible. http://www.news.com.au/world/europe/paris-under-attack-shootout-and-explosion-in-paris/story-fnh81p7g-1227608676312
  10. I use a magnifying glass to scout. It's only much good for dots once you're actually working (at least, for me), but you can use it BEFORE the paint goes on to figure out where the brush is heading.
  11. Get a good brush. Do not question this: just do it. Get one, just one, really expensive sable brush like a Winsor and Newton S7 watercolour round, at like, size 1.
  12. A very dark, supernatural-horror take on zombies in these sculpts, and your paint job strengthens that feeling. Very grim!
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