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  1. If your looking for a good super hero game take a look at Superfigs second edition. It an excelent game that lets you use any mini and make up just about any super hero you can think of.
  2. Thanks for the idea TGP. There are no players around here that I know of so I'll have to make two forces and hope to find a player. It doesn't seem like Reaper supports the game other than at thier store so its pretty unlikely I'll ever play in an official tournament.
  3. I like to put my minis on steele fender washers. As long as I use the correct size does the shape matter?
  4. I work at a foundry so I know first hand how figures are made and how much metal/cost goes into them. The average 28mm figures costs about 19-25 cents to cast and weighs about an ounce. Yes the metal prices have been and still are going way up but overall price per figure is still low. Low enough that I wonder if companies are just using the metal prices as an excuse to just raise product prices for more profit.
  5. Will Reaper ever make 15mm fantasy again? The old Shadow Corps figures are awsome, what ever happened to the product line? Does someone other than Reaper own them and still produce them?
  6. The Beginning Miniature Figurine Painting course at Northwest College, Wyoming was a great success thanks to our sponsors. Many thanks to Reaper Miniatures, Renaissance Ink, Scale Creep Miniatures and Splintered Light Miniatures, This was the first offering of this course and we were in need of materials. These companies were happy to oblige when I asked members of The Miniatures Page for sponsorships by providing miniatures, paints, bases, basing supplies, and paint brushes. Thank you for your generosity.
  7. I wrap the figure like a mummy in toilet paper until its a ball. I've used this method to ship all over the world without any breakage. www.pigmentedminiatures.com
  8. I have to agree with Chaz, after seeing and going against many archers in reinactment battles his poses are well done. You can also think of them as posed that way becasue the Reptus has differant movement than humans.
  9. I've tried a bunch of differant dull coats and like Krylon Matte finish the best, its fairly cheap (2.99 at Wal-Mart) and I've never had a problem with it. Testers Dull coat and Testors Figure Flat are the same thing only differant packages directed to specific buyers, I've had problems with both. The spraying conditions have to be almost perfect for it to have a flat finish, spraying on a hot sunny day works good, doing it in the shade or in humid weather I've gotten a fog effect. If you do get a foggy effect from sealing, wait until it dries and use a clear gloss coat, it usually clears it right up.
  10. Reaper has the best customer service of all the miniature company's I've delt with
  11. Most spraypaints contain butane as a propellant thats what's melting the foam. There is a paint called Simply Suade that doesnt melt foam and also gives it a light texture. They also make a stone fleck paint that looks ok. I've heard that Testors Model Master sprays don't melt foam either, but I've never tried it.
  12. Pigmented

    Yellow Jackets

    Thanks! I'll probably do a tank next.
  13. Pigmented

    Yellow Jackets

    I got a few of my CAVs done here is a link. CAV Gallery
  14. Pigmented

    Yellow Jackets

    Thanks for the article Chrome it was pretty helpful. I guess I should worry too much about getting an exact paint theme going. I guess I got too much of the military painter in me to get creative with CAVs.
  15. I'm still learning the game but here's my 2 cents. 1. I agree, Chronopia is a great game but lack of figures killed it. Reaper would have been better off releasing a equal amount of figures per faction. I'm also disapointed over Razig and the other pirates being produced and yet not even being mentioned in the rules. A pirate group is what got my attenton to the game I've always thought it would be a cool army to do. I'll just have to be patient and see if they will be suported. 2. The game mechanics are pretty good and they have alot of room to expand. My only gripe is the draw deck, I've played a few games with average sized armies and a few with very large forces, every now and then the deck just wasn't shuffled very good leading to a frustrating game. 3. I like the two action phase, it makes things more realistic and sets the game apart from the others out there. 4. Can't really comment on the RAGE system until I play CAV 2. 5. It would be incredibly hard to be like GW, Reaper doesn't seem to be going that way, they atleast like thier customers and retailers.
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