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  1. So I'm still pretty new to painting minis, I just spent about 5 evenings painting a trebuchet. It had metal fixings all around hit, hit it with a black wash, and then used a lighter metallic to give it some edge highlights and highlights on the knots things like that. It looked AWESOME. Pretty proud of it. Called it good and then finished it with army painter anti shine matte varnish aerosol, and it made all of those beautiful highlights stick out like a sore thumb and look terrible. So should it highlight metallic after the varnish? Won't they rub off on the game table?
  2. I did dry brush the boots, it came to trying to highlight the skin. I didn't leave any on it for pictures so what you see is covered in wash. Trying to highlight the top of his head and some of his abs was just horribly chalky and stark. I think I may have thinned things down a little too much. But I think you right, not bad I guess for my first non paint by numbers mini lol, I could just move on and carry over the experience. Your supposed to get better the more you do right? Lol
  3. Yes it was spray primer I bet that's the issue. Thank you. It was mostly the skin tone being really chalky. I've heard lighter colors tend to be chalky and there's really not much you can do about it. I will try to glaze over though thank you If I try to get closer my camera won't focus. Sorry
  4. So this is my very first "free reign" mini I painted. My only other experience is the reaper learn to paint kits. I tired putting some highlights on this guy but every time it just looked really bad. Anybody have tips on paint consistency for highlighting? I tired several different paint consistencies but was all painfully stark so I covered it back up with more wash. Also on the back side there's horrible "cracking" texture. I don't know where that came from maybe I didn't let primer cure long enough?
  5. Thank you. Lol it wasn't easy I scratched out the pirates eye, under neath that scar is about 7 layers of white, black, and skin tone. After the 7th attempt I said "you know what, he's a pirate, he's losing that eye" lol. For mangu I got my hands on a pot of Citadel red glaze. I did white, glaze, white (smaller area), glaze. And boom red glowing eyes.
  6. Just finished both learn to paint kits. First minis I've ever painted, pretty stoked how they turned out. I did take a couple experimental liberties just to see what happened. What do you guys think?
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