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  1. It wasn't this guy was it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7HvSOREv0M&t=663s Because I saw your golem and was immediately reminded of this video. I actually only bookmarked it because I wanted to try something similar once I had found a suitable model (It seems I just needed a Reaper Earth Elemental lol). Anyway really good job, especially with the second one, varying the colours of the individual rocks worked really well, I wouldn't have even have considered that as an option, my inclination would have been to paint all the stone the same colour. I'll be book marking this one for future reference.
  2. Awesome, it looks so lifelike with the subtle shifts of colour in the shell.
  3. Apologies for the delay, I hadn't realised anyone had posted since my last visit. You are right, that hill is too steep. I probably didn't explain clearly enough in my original post, I am currently working on several small themed scenes (much smaller than the above) to serve as backdrops, the diorama I posted above was just an experiment and learning experience to test out a few new techniques. I should hopefully have a couple of backdrops finished in the next week or so that I can share.
  4. Loving the contrast between the red and the white of his robes. I wish my whites came out looking that clean!
  5. Lovely skinstones, and the kilt is a really nice touch.
  6. Dan S

    Captain Razig

    Thank you very much!
  7. Dan S

    Goblin Bust

    Two uploads today, its been a busy week of painting! This is the first bust I have ever painted, and it was actually one of the more enjoyable painting sessions I have had. The bust stands at 5cm tall and compared to a typical sized mini, the larger scale and over-emphasised details were a much welcome change of pace to someone with my failing eyesight! The miniature is a 3D printed goblin I found on Ebay, and I believe (but I am not 100% certain) that it comes from a company called Tytantroll Miniatures.
  8. Dan S

    Captain Razig

    I recently finished playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and felt the urge to paint something piratey. There is a lot of room for improvement, and I regret my colour scheme (It is lacking a bit of contrast) but I still enjoyed painting this one, I even felt adventurous enough to attempt some weathering on the sword which didn't turn out as horrible as I anticipated. Overall a good learning exercise. Miniature: Captain Razig Maker: Reaper Minatures SKU: 02437
  9. Thanks guys, it is always motivational to get good feedback.
  10. One of my recently finished miniatures, and my first attempt at doing some object source lighting. Truth be told this was all a bit of an experiment and as such the ghost was very rushed (She was 100% drybrushed), most of my time and effort went into the base and trying to pull off a convincing OSL glow effect. It is far from perfect, but for a first attempt I am fairly pleased with the result.
  11. HI all I just wanted to share how I have been coping with the lockdown and Isolation. As someone who has recently returned to the mini painting hobby after a long absence, I am in the process of trying to build several display pieces to serve as back drops when photographing my minis, this was a little practice piece to learn and polish a few new techniques. The whole thing, minus the animals and a couple of the plants was scratch built. Any critique would be welcome! Here are some better close up shots, for those inclined: Downhill stream - https://imgur.com/JDlEu0R Rockface - https://imgur.com/g2kaVRt Trees - https://imgur.com/n4Nxap5 Water- https://imgur.com/sRiES7J Animals - https://imgur.com/tB6u8N5
  12. Dan S

    Lars Ragnarson

    Thank you for the kind welcome and feedback! It is kind of funny, I felt something looked 'off' with the mini, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I didn't realise until after I posted here that I'd forgotten to paint his eyebrows! The colour of the fur has definitely been washed out and subdued during photographing (I think because I directly lit the model from above?), however you are still right, highlighting was always one of my weaker areas, I have a habit of not taking it quite far enough out of fear of overdoing it. I just need to find that balance.
  13. Dan S

    Lars Ragnarson

    Hi all This is my first time posting on here. I recently returned to the hobby following a 10 year hiatus, and this is the fourth miniature I have painted since returning. I'd really love some feedback or constructive criticism as I seek to improve. The miniature is 'Lars Ragnarson, Viking', the base was scratch build using plaster of paris and sculptamold and the eagle is from Reapers 'Wizards Familiars pack VIII'. I wanted to give a snowy mountain peak feel.
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