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  1. I just measured mine to be slightly under 13cm of width from the widest points.
  2. Even if I could justify dropping $400 on a mini (which is way, way beyond my budget), I am just not the biggest fan of Wizkid's miniatures in general. I do own a number of their miniatures but I find the quality is just so wildly inconsistent. A lot of them are great, some absolutely stunning infact, but a lot are horrible (cheap plastic and poorly moulded features, I've literally received models with their faces missing!). My purchases have been so hit and miss that I just wont gamble with them anymore. I'm also not a fan of how they use gorgeous 3D renders of the models on t
  3. I never appreciated just how exponentially worse the midge swarms in Scotland were compared to England, until I spent a summer backpacking Lands End to John O'Groats several years ago. I still itch just thinking about it! For those who have never experienced the horror of the Highland midge, this is a great video (not mine) that will make your skin crawl, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox8SwZCvugE
  4. Thank you, it is funny so many people have mentioned the windows, because they were exactly the reason why I put this paintjob off for so long, I found the thought of trying to paint solid, none transparent plastic to look like glass quite intimidating, I didn't have a clue how to approach them and so I just kept putting them off. I was convinced they would look cheesy. In the end I just out right copied the windows of the Baba Yaga's Hut on the box art (Reapers display model had really nice windows) and added a few edge highlights.
  5. Thanks everyone. I made it using poly-fibre (sometimes sold as teddy bear stuffing) and fine scale model leaves. It is a technique I recently learned of whilst working on a diorama. You start by dyeing the poly-fibre with watered down green or brown acrylic paint. Once dry you can stretch out the fibres to create a fine, bushy mesh. This is then torn to size and then glued directly onto the model (You may need to trim back some of the longer fibres). Once that is dry I used a sponge to gently dab pva glue over the whole surface of the poly-fi
  6. This is Reapers Stone Golem (77171). 'No one remembers the wizards name, his tower now a crumbling ruin was abandoned centuries ago. Yet deep inside, its long forgotten guardian still maintains a silent vigil over its former masters abode, ready to spring to life at the first sign of intrusion.'
  7. This one has been on my work bench forever. It is arguably my favourite Reaper kit ever produced and I just didn't want to mess it up. Like many others, I had a lot of trouble with the legs which caused the hut to lean forwards quite excessively. I fixed this by boiling them, however the angle was still slightly off, so I created a custom base that allowed me to slot the feet in at a slight angle and compensate for the leanage. The Baba Yaga miniature is not the one supplied in the kit (I didn't like the original), I replaced it with a 3D printed hag I found on Ebay.
  8. Thank you. I ended up scaling back my post apocalyptic suburbia project and ended up going for more of a cabin in the woods flavour: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92960-dans-build-journal-5-abandoned-cabin-complete/
  9. I used to play the original Necromunda when I was younger (I understand they released a remake recently). It was one of my favourite games ever made, I much preferred the small scale skirmishes of gang warfare to the large scale battles of army based war games. I also liked the role play elements and level up system of Necromunda, it made for a much more intimate game as you felt a lot more invested in your characters. Whilst all the rule books made it look quite daunting at first glance, they served more as reference books and were there if you intended explore the games rolepla
  10. That's great! I love my airbrush, but they can be so finicky and frustrating sometimes.
  11. I love this. Someone in one of my facebook groups posted a video from a model train museum in Germany recently. One of the displays that stood out was of a stormy mountain, they had created clouds similar to your fog wall, but they had added flashing blue LEDs inside to simulate flashes of lightning, it looked really good. I bet you could make some really good tabletop spell effects.
  12. I would try and narrow down the list of possible problems. Is there any airflow coming through the hose when you disconnect your airbrush? (If you have a quick release attachment be sure to remove that too). If not we can eliminate the airbrush as the culprit. Next I would completely disconnect the hose and turn on the compressor, is there air coming out of the compressor? If so the problem is likely with your hose and attachments (luckily the cheapest fix). If there is no air coming from the compressor then the problem likely lies there. One other questi
  13. That is awesome, thanks for the response. These minis are on my wishlist.
  14. That is looking absolutely stunning, and so very very big! What is the weight like? It looks like you have used a mix of lightweight materials with some heavier elements and detailing? Anyway I have subbed to the blog, and will have a good read tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  15. Looking nice so far, how is the quality of the plastic with these miniatures? I love the Dark Souls universe, but I have been burnt with these miniature games in the past, where the miniatures have looked sublime on the store page but when they arrived they were made out of a cheap rubbery plastic with poorly moulded details, and were generally of a very poor quality.
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