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  1. Had a bit of a disaster last week (hence the lack of updates). I came home from work on Monday to discover that one of the big shelves over my desk had collapsed during the day, destroying 2 of my 3 wooden paint racks, shattering my large painting lamp and damaging several models including the cottage I had been working on (miraculously none of my paint bottles split or burst in the chaos). Anyhow, I spent most of my free time this week rebuilding and reorganising my work bench and reinforcing my shelves. I am still a bit bummed, but on the bright side my workspace has not looked so neat and organised in years! As for the cottage, here is the damage. I may be able to fix it, but I am in two minds about whether to start over. Truth be told I was not really that invested in this project (luckily it was not my church or wizards tower on the bench at the time!), and feel I could do better.
  2. Go for it. These were two of the best sculpted miniatures I have ever had the pleasure to paint, the features are big, exaggerated and well defined, it even had the striations sculpted into the individual muscles! All of the over-emphasised crisp details made these two of the easier and enjoyable models I have painted. Reaper have one more Hook Ogre (Hookmaw Kreeg) who I am now tempted to buy, to complete out the set.
  3. WWS Tuft Glue, it is made for purpose and remains tacky once dry. A bottle should last you for years, I made over a 1000 tufts and my big 500ml bottle is still almost full to the top. https://www.wwscenics.com/product/tuft-glues/
  4. THE HERBALIST'S COTTAGE I started work on this one about a week ago, and it is quite bland, simple and unambitious compared to previous projects. However what the building lacks in visual interest I plan to make up for with a highly detailed, densely packed and vibrant garden (which I would assume is something any self respecting herbalist would strive for). The cottage itself is a simple affair, like the previous builds it was made almost entirely from XPS foam, one thing I did different is that this time around I created windows using the plastic blister packaging of one of my reaper miniatures, and I have sculpted a simple stone fireplace which should hopefully be visible through the windows once I fit the LEDs. So far I am still in the process of painting the cottage, I have under-toned all of the individual bricks in hues of brown, orange and other earthy colours as I usually do, but have yet to apply the washes and drybrushing so it is still very much in the looks 'awful' phase at the moment. I have also been busy creating my own flower and grass tufts (they are not all for this project, but many will be used): This is just a small sample of the plant-life I have planned. I want the garden to look like a functional, working garden that a herbalist would maintain, and will be attempting to make a wide array of trees, bushes, herbs, flowers and ivy's in the coming days.
  5. Thanks guys, I will look into acquiring a pair.
  6. The most fun I have had painting a pair of miniatures in a long while, and probably my personal best paint jobs to date. As mentioned in my last post (The Barbarians) I am starting to struggle with the smaller miniatures, so the over emphasized details and muscularity of these sculpts made them quite enjoyable to work on. The miniatures and 'Mountain Hook Ogre #1 & #2' both by Reaper.
  7. I have been working on chipping away at my growing pile of shame, here are a couple from this weeks painting sessions. The minis are 'Kyrie, Female Barbarian' and 'Olaf, Wolf Warrior' both by Reaper. I am finding that as I get older I am struggling more and more with these smaller models, Kyrie especially is quite a small dainty model. I think it may be time to invest in a pair of those magnifying specs!
  8. I'd say that over 90% of the minis I own are Reaper. I originally started painting minis in the early 90s and only rediscovered the hobby during the Covid lockdown, as a result I have a soft spot and preference for the style of miniatures from my youth. I like traditional hand sculpted minis, I like metal minis that have a bit of heft and substance to them, I like the simpler old school aesthetic of the fantasy minis. The hobby however has evolved a lot over the last decade or so, fortunately Reaper is one of the few companies that still caters to old 'set in their ways' fossils such as myself, which is why my collection is now dominated by miniatures from Reapers extensive back library.
  9. THE OLD CHURCH COMPLETE I managed to get finished this morning. Here are the final pictures:
  10. In an attempt to stop the thread from becoming a cluttered mess as I start to add more new projects, I have added some bookmarks to the first post of the thread. They should hopefully keep the thread organised and make it quick and easy to navigate to specific builds and projects, whilst also satisfying my overwhelming OCD . THE OLD CHURCH - ROOF I started off painting the roof black and drybrushing it a slate grey colour, before trying to add some orange rusty streaks coming down from the metal roof-trim using acrylic paint. However I just was not feeling it, and then I remembered an old weathering and streaking technique called a 'Dot Filter' which is popular amongst the scale modellers who paint military vehicles. Basically you use a toothpick to apply oil paint to the surface of your model in small random dots, and in a multitude of colours. It is not easy to see them all in the photo, but I used 5 colours of oil paint to apply my dot filter (Black, white, orange, dark brown and a lighter brown). Once the oil paint has sat for a short while, you take a brush that has been dampened with a paint thinner made for oils and then lightly and repeatedly streak the brush down the surface of the model from top to bottom, letting the oils mix together, whilst the thinner starts to blur and subdue the oils until the effect is quite subtle. It was my first time using the technique, and whilst I definitely haven't got the hang of it yet, I do quite like the effect.
  11. THE OLD CHURCH PAINTWORK & WINDOWS The painting took a lot longer than I had planned, I opted to undertone each individual brick as opposed to just a few random ones (It is a lot more time consuming, but I feel the final effect is more organic and natural looking). Much like the crypt, I chose various shades of brown and orange(5 colours in total), and once all of the bricks were painted I went over them with a sepia wash followed by a drybrushings of khaki and an off white cream, which helped blend and tie all of the colours together. I also managed to start work on the windows, as I mentioned in my previous post I had acquired some laser cut wooden window frames and some transparent stained glass effect plastic sheeting from ShiftingLands. After painting all of the frames, it was just a case of gluing them to the plastic sheeting, and then cutting them off using a sharp craft knife. I am pretty pleased with how they have turned out, and think they will look pretty good once I fit some LEDs inside the church. I have not fitted the windows yet as I plan to use the airbrush to further weather the stonework, which will be much easier with the windows off.
  12. I spotted that too Just to clarify in light of the above mistake, is the part below also a typo? Or are pieces completed in 2021 definitely allowed? Either way, this looks great. I don't really do competitions, but this looks like it could be fun!
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