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  1. I don't recognise the mini's, did they remake Warhammer Quest or something? I dont really follow Games Workshop these days. It was actually Warhammer Quest that got me into miniature painting to begin with, as a young boy way back in the early 90s. A friend of mine had the game, and our little group became obsessed with it. Then several months later my year was made when I received my very own copy for my birthday! I no longer own it but I do still have the very first mini I ever painted from the game, a vintage snotling! Horrendous paint job I know!
  2. Thank you, I got my dried grasses from: https://www.dioramapresepe.com/en/shop/ They are an Italian store who specialise in miniature plantlife for dioramas. The majority of their products are actual real plants that have been dried and/or chemically treated to stop them rotting. They also dye them to stop the colour from fading over time. I've ordered from them quite a lot over the last couple of years and highly recommend them.
  3. This is the Pathfinder Troll (SKU 60021), painted up as a frost troll. I've found myself with some rare free time to sit down and paint over the last couple of weeks, and so with this model I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, take my time and attempt some blends and subtle gradients. Sadly a lot of the gradient work and highlights seem to have become subdued and washed out after taking photos, and I cannot for the life of my manage to take an accurate looking photo. Still I am fairly pleased, it is one of my favourite Troll sculpts.
  4. I've had success with the Army Painters 'Anti-Shine' Matt Varnish (it comes in both spray cans and bottles) its a little pricey compared to some other brands (at least where I live), but it gives nice results.
  5. Thanks, and no I didn't make the crystals, I used these things: They didn't look quite right on the base (they were far too blue), so I applied a dark wash and gave the tops a light drybrush. It is not obvious in the photos, but the darker sections of the crystals are still transparent and light up nicely when the light catches them right (I was considering drilling a few holes in the base below them and adding a few LEDs. but it seemed like to much faffing about by this point, maybe next time).
  6. My first painted miniature of the year, Darius the Wizard. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling again! To be honest I am not generally a fan of plastic minis, I grew up in the days when miniatures were almost exclusively lead or pewter and so maybe I am a little biased, however I got this guy free with a recent order and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the new Bones USA plastic. It feels solid, and is a lot more rigid than some of the other plastic miniatures I've had in the past, which can often be quite soft or even bendy. The detail seems much more crisp and sh
  7. It has been a while since my last post, I'm am just struggling to find the free time to sit down and paint or build at the moment. Anyway, this week I got the opportunity to run some run some 'build along' model making workshops with the kids at the Youth Centre where I work, and we have been putting together little X-mas themed display pieces. It was actually pretty fun being able to share and introduce a new generation to the joys of my nerdy hobby. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out so I figured I would share. The base is just a piece of log, and the mo
  8. These are phenomenal, PST is my favourite game of all time. Do you have plans to create the other companion characters?
  9. Thanks for the tip, all good suggestions that sound right up my alley, I'll have to take a look. I've just finished up a small rocking chair, I'd planned to add a bunch of empty cans, bottles and maybe an old newspaper. Finally a bit of leaf litter as I am working on a big tree that I would like to slightly over hang the building. Right now I'm in two minds about going a little halloweeny and abandoning the suburban theme in preference of a more horror movie isolated cabin vibe. I'm not sure yet.
  10. Thanks, I was a little unsure on the moss, I felt I'd over done it a bit.
  11. Finishing the Roof I used a wash over the roof, applying heavier streaks below the raised roof tiles to give the effect of streaking grime. Next I attempted to make my own weathering pigments using Pastel Chalks, normally I use Vallejo powdered pigments however I have limited colours and the pastels are so much cheaper, for less than the price of a weathering pigment set (4 pots) I was able to buy a box of 64 Pastels. To make the weathering powders I just rubbed the desired colours against a piece of sand paper, and applied the resulting dust by brush in the same way I'd app
  12. Improving the Roof As stated previously I wasn't a big fan of the roofing material supplied in the kit, and felt things could be improved with a little extra work. I had planned to create my own tiles, but didn't relish the prospect of having to cut out and glue several hundred individual roofing tiles, and so compromised by using some laser cut tile strips. The strips are made of sticky backed card which can be easily cut to length. Starting from the bottom of each roof section, the tile strips were applied slightly slightly overlapping one another.
  13. It was actually the Vallejo rust paints that I used, no pig iron though. P.s - Nice Bonny Ann!
  14. I'm UK based. I have seen that stuff on Ebay, but the postage costs are ridiculous.
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