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  1. Geek.kon was this weekend and it was a blast. I didn't get to hang around as long as I wanted to with the crawl, but I was very tired. Work on this thing went so fast, I never had time to stop and photo any of it past the sculpting phase. None of the models are really of an interesting quality so I didn't try to take WIP shots of those. This is all still a WIP, since I eventually want to get all of the loot markers handmade (right now using cardstock items).


    Here's what the setup was on Saturday:




    And since he's very much a WIP, here's a quickie of ol' Rauthuros



  2. Finally some shots of the almost complete cavern before painting. Would have been earlier but I contracted a little OCD about the pieces lining up flush. I gave up and will hopefully deal with it as is. Covering my living room with foam bits while watching MST3K...it was a good week/weekend. :)





  3. Don't worry... I'm still working on this behind the scenes. I just haven't had the time to take pictures. Almost done ripping out the initial cavern layout and getting ready to move to refining and shaping the walls/floors. Since it's a nice holiday tomorrow, I'll see about taking it all outside and getting photos.


    Hopefully, I'll also be adding painted minis to this post. Stay tuned!

  4. Once someone has played the game a couple of times they will head right for the middle. You may just have to figure out a way to occassionally block a route or two.


    Nah, I'm not worried about that since it's open to however the player wants to do it. There are bigger rewards in the middle but a lot more trouble to.... so, if the player is smart, they'll hunt around a bit, but there's nothing wrong with running straight to the middle. They just might get killed quickly and not gather as many points.


    There are also certain spots that have random encounters.

  5. What are you using to dig out the foam?


    Those very pliers that are in the first picture. Yes, my hand aches a bit, but I'm giving it rest time between pulls. I also use a butterknife to dig out large chunks at at time. I've tried many different techniques but these two seem to work best so far.


    The walls of the cavern piece shown are not sculpted yet, except for a small part (shown mostly in the last picture's bottom right). I'm using needlenose pliers for that which really makes a nice caverny look. Although I agree that the rough floor looks good like that, I'm going to sand them to make it easier for models to stand.

  6. Long time no post, I know. But I am still working on these caverns...mostly I've been tweaking rules up until a few weeks ago, so the WIP of the actual cavern pieces isn't too far ahead. I haven't taken very many pictures, but hopefully I'll get a chance to put up some newer ones after this weekend. For now, this is all I have to show.


    Earlier progress on one panel:









    I made a test piece last night to try out color schemes. Perhaps I'll post that later to get opinions.. so far, I'm leaning towards a brownish cavern color vs. a gray one.

  7. Thanks for linking that!


    Every time I listen to Mc Frontalot, I wish I could really get into it....but rap just isn't my thing. I do appreciate all the geekiness though and I'll never look down on such awesome love of anything geek.

  8. For trying out anime, I highly recommend using Netflix. Although their selection isn't huge, it's growing everyday and they even have some anime for streaming "watch it now" over highspeed net.


    As far as matching your catagory choices, I don't anything really new to add (there have already been some great titels named, and I especially nod to Neon Genesis and LAIN). I can list a few newer shows that I love but they are goint to cross into your possible dislikes. All I can say is, give even shows you might dismiss right off a try... I found some really great jewls that way. And, if you use Netflix or another rental type service, watch the previews listed in special features. Just about every dvd has them and it's a good way to find out about more anime.

  9. http://pmog.com/


    It's silly... it's useless... but it's kind of fun. I just signed up for this and it seems kind of neat so far. In a nutshell: level a character by surfing the web, leave mines/loot/portals on any url you visit for other players to trip, retaliate against mines left by other players, take "missions" developed by players & pmog itself. I haven't done a mission yet, so I don't really know what they are like. Could eventually be a horrible advertsing campaign, but it has my attetion for the current five miniutes. Take a look and see what you think. There might be loot just waiting for you around here. -_-

  10. I've used Pandora for years now... very good site, indeed. Sadly, some of my picks began to really repeat too often. Now I use these sites:



    Good DRM-free mp3s from independent artists; all can be streamed for free online. I highly recommend Falling You (nice Ambient, my fav is the album Human) and Brad Sucks (indie rock, reminds me of early Beck and..somethingelse, dunno).



    Whee! The 80s! On full loop! What could go wrong?

  11. Being a child of the '80s, I grew up on some odd tv.... my babysitters were Showtime, Nickelodeon/Nick at Night, MTV and of course, HBO. I have absolutly fond memories of sitting in front of the tube with anticipation for new shows of Fraggle Rock, It's Garry Shandling's Show, Tales from the Crypt and Not Necessarily the News (yes, I was old for my age) to name a few. Oh, and of course the movies! But there is one promo from HBO that would inevitably play between all of these that I remember just as fondly... one promo that was so awesome, I was always overjoyed to see it each and every time. In this promo, they had a camera swoop through a large, highly detailed, hand made miniature city. Then, the camera shoots into the sky to meet a floating HBO logo...sounds silly on paper, but it was so neat to see in the early '80s and it made me interested in miniature building and FX. For anyone else that remembers this interesting bit of work, I share this "behind the scenes" video:




    Yes, I might be silly to think of this bit of marketing as a fond memory, but I even remember the music score that played during the short. My mother and I use to sing together "HBO!" along with the music every time. That was crazy bonding/family time in the 80s.

  12. Thanks for the link, ernieball22! That does help with a new idea... I already have a heatgun but to try that out I have to wait for warm weather. Grrr on winter in the north.


    I got some 2 inch foam the other day, but I'm having second thoughts on using JUST that size. Maybe I should go with an added 1" of foam on the bottom? Or even doubling to make it 4" thick? I'm not sure what to go with yet.

  13. Are you making this in sections so it is easily portable/storable? If so, what size pieces?


    Yes, I'm looking at 2 x 2 sections to make it portable/storable. Cutting it that size will actually work very well with the layout...it only needed a tiny bit of adjusting. I printed a full sized version of this layout yesterday on something like 40 pages. I'll tape those together soon to see if it needs any further adjusting.

  14. I'm gearing up for a local convention in September called Geek.kon. Last year was the first one and, man, it was a blast! I want to make this year even better and to do this I need some super terrain. After reading up on the other dungeon crawls run with Warlord rules, I decided to make an event much like these. Instead of a dungeon though, I am going to make caverns; focusing the encounters to be Darkspawn models & have big, bad Rauthuros in the middle for a final meet & greet.


    I have a long way until the project needs to be finished, so I might work on it only sparingly. (I do have those OTHER projects I intend to finish eventually as well... :ph34r: ) Even so, I have passed the first stage of designing the cavern layout:



    Thank you, Neverwinter Nights Toolset.


    The red X on each corner marks the starting points for each army. All corridors should equal out to be the same in inches to reach the main Room-o-doom. It might look busy, but I think the nooks and crannies will help distract the players from making a quick run for the middle section. There will be a winner based on points earned, gathered by searching for loot and of course, killing baddies.


    The end product will be 4 x 6 feet, made out of pinkfoam (insulation foam). I'll be using at least a 2 inch thick foam slab to allow for cavern walls. I know I could use Hirst Arts or even World Works cardstock for the actual cavern, but I find hand carving the foam myself very gratifying. We'll see if my hands agree by the end of this mess. :wacko:

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