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  1. It looks like Reapercon was before the Rage Chronicles came out last year, so I bet it was changed/clarified after the convention.
  2. Not that I'm aware of. That's really info that is part of the meat and potatoes of the game, if you will... so it's in the rule book. Thanks! Absolutely, it's made for everyone to use. :) And thanks for the archives suggestion... I did not remember to do that before.
  3. I'll add another thumbs up for World Works, but I'm assuming you mean their cardstock files. They do have some gaming modules available, but I have not purchased those. I'm in it for their terrain. In fact, I just put together some of the Village Works stuff this week for an upcoming demo. For glue, I love Scotch Craft Sticks. I'm not sure if they recommend this type of glue, but I have had no issues with it so far.
  4. Since the older quick reference guide is slightly outdated, I made an unofficial one that I now use in my demos: http://www.warlordgamer.com/quick2.pdf
  5. I agree with Spike. I miss those painted mini on the front of the cards and taking Spike's recommendation seems like a good solution. If anything, I'm going to add it to my ever growing list of things to add to warlordgamer.com.
  6. Hey, long time no see! :) Yes, I agree... this looks really nice. I love the gold on red/maroon. It looks very crisp and clean.
  7. I know I don't share my painted miniatures much here, but I do paint. :) I really like using helping-hands like these. http://www.offersdirect.net/images/helping...-magni-pic4.jpg For non-slotta figs it can be hard, but that's when I blue-tack it onto a film canister of sorts. Using the helping-hands is good for me because my hand holding the mini will shake a bit uncontrollably from time to time. And the built in magnifier is really nice to have.
  8. But, there is also a short fluffy description of a lot of models in the data card section. These really help flesh out some of the characters and give a better feel to the factions.
  9. Fixed and thanks! I knew a mistake would get passed my tired eyes. >_< Re: Climbing modifier - well, Legolas did it quite well without breaking a sweat. ;) Truly, it does seem like a small modifier given the task at hand. Having never found a time it was used in a game I've played, I too was shocked to see it was only -1 when I typed this last night. (By the way, I see my error of adding "etc." to that modifier, so I changed that too. I don't want to add possible confusion).
  10. Ask and ye shall receive: www.warlordgamer.com/quick2.pdf It's late, so let me know if I missed any typos. Thanks!
  11. You can also download a PDF version from the Reaper Games site, though it really needs an update. I'll see if I can throw a newer, unofficial document up tonight. To be honest, I never found Warlord to really need a reference sheet as much as some other games do. I tend to only bring it out when I'm demoing up the game for a newcomer.
  12. I'm in need of a good 360 controller too, since our Microsoft month-old wireless is faulty (disconnects when rumble is activated). Though, I really am sketchy on 3rd party controllers after being burned by a Madcatz PS2 dud in the past. Does anyone else recommend another brand?
  13. Well, I'm not the most experienced painter, so I don't know if I can give you helpful tips myself... but I can direct you to some places that can help! Have you taken a look at the Painting Tips and Advice section of these forums? There's also a new Speed / Army / Tabletop Techniques section that can help you crank out lots of minis in a short amount of time. Have you purchased the Warlord rulebook or can you borrow one from another player? That has an excellent beginner's guide to painting miniatures in it that surely will get you going on the right foot.
  14. That was really very lovely. I wish I had thought of it! The hairdryer was the best; so awesome. But I couldn't help to wonder what flavor of bunny that was. Peanut butter perhaps? Ew, I dislike peanut butter. Must have smelled just bleh while they did it if was. Though, if the bunnies were any other color, I don't think it would have worked as well.
  15. Yeah, working at a bank has told me there would really be no win here, except MAYBE the interest gained from that sort of account. But that's a BIG MAYBE. It would take time before that interest accrued and you would be gambling on the state not noticing the error before that happened. The state then demands the money before it accrues and you have to forfeit any interest earned (penalty depending on the bank, but most will make you forfeit interest). And if it is deposited/cashed, well, they can just see on the back of the check what bank endorsed it and send a levy there for the full amount and that could really come from any account you have associated with your SS# (or TIN) in that bank (though they only get whatever is in the account at the time if it doesn't cover the full levy amount). So, let's say for some odd reason you ignore their attempts at contacting you about that check error. Then they go to levy your accounts and, for whatever reason, the account where the check was deposited is missed OR they even levy a whole other bank you have an account with that isn't associated with this deposit, you would suddenly find yourself without a dime to your name. This fantasy is a bit of a stretch, but it could happen. Not to mention that anything deposited/cashed/withdrawn more than $10,000 has to be reported to the federal government. And what about possible taxes JUST for depositing that check, especially if it was in a business account. Ouch.
  16. For the censor bar, just use some thin, ceral-box type cardboard. Or, just use plastic from a plastic bottle (like a safe cleaner bottle or a milk jug). Scoopable cat litter jugs are my favorite found items for extra "plasticard" type plastic.
  17. Yep, these are all the same reasons I like this game as well. I would also elaborate further with the fact that there are less rule book checks during each game because the rules are so easy to understand/remember. When I saw and played Warhammer, that rule book had to come out at least once during each game; usually more than that. And these were nearly weekly players! That meant even MORE time wasted (stressing the shorter time needed for Warlord again, because it's such a huge plus!). Don't get me started on how long each turn took, sheesh. Warlord fits my lifestyle and appeals to me on every level.
  18. Edit: Ack, the quick ork Spike beat me to it. Curse you and your green skin! (No, not really... it just sounded good) There use to be one, dmderek. Unfortunately, it recently was removed due to a vulnerability that the creators of the software/code haven't released a patch for. Kit is working on a remedy though... you can read about it here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29502
  19. These are great points: sets full of non-unique and a mixture of model types. Please stress these points when the boxes are created, I beg. Let's face it, although the older boxes were great deals, having one type of grunt was almost a let down. I was reluctant to buy the Reptus one because it was full of JUST warriors. Of course, I did pick it up since it was such a wonderful buy, but I wasn't happy that I got just one type of grunt(adept). As Vince showed, it isn't hard to design a list that appeals to both beginner and experienced players. The soldier packs take care of the "get a bunch quick" buyer....let the boxes offer variety, please.
  20. *sigh* No one ever has the Pizza Inn chocolate chip pizza recipe. I always get my hopes up.
  21. It just so happens that I made 500 pts lists for all the armies in the Beginner's Guide for warlordgamer.com. I wanted to make lists that allowed at least 2 initiative, magic and ranged (my main focus was to give examples of startup cost/model count of some simple lists). The only list I failed on was Elves, though it's still a WIP so I'll go back and redo that one. Maybe these will help here...though the lists geared more towards the $50-60 price range. I'm sure this gets brought up so much, but it truly would be great to get starter boxes out again. It would get more people inspired to just "jump" right in the game and I would absolutely love to write in the guide: "for an easy start, just buy a box!". Crusaders 499 pts (9 Models) Sir Broderick Justicars x3 Valandil, with 2 Ice Shards & 1 Fireball Sir Conlan, with 2 Cure1 Templar Knights x 3 Darkspawn 500 pts (12 Models) Vysa Broken Fodder x5 Ashakia, with 4 Bolt & 1 Ice Blast Demon Imps x3 Nasith Soultender Dwarves 500 pts (9 Models) Gargram Heavyhand Dwarven Warriors x2 Dwarven Halberdier x2 Freya Ivar Silverfist, with 1 Cure1, 1 Blessing & 1 Hold Dwarven Piercer x2 Elves 493 pts (9 Models) Selwyn Vale Archer x2 Vale Swordsman x2 Arnise Death Seakers x3 Mercanry 492 pts (10 Models) Grundor Hoardtaker Dark Dwarf Warrior Mercenary Axemen x2 Blackreef Pirate x2 Istvan Leisynn, with 2 Fireball, 1 Ice Shards & 1 Schockwave Street Thug Okuran Ronin Necropolis 495 pts (11 Models) Eikar Zombie x2 Skeletal Warrior x3 Lord Kentaur Malek, with 1 Shell of the Coffin, 1 Rigor Mortis & 1 Poison Crimson Knight x2 Wraith Harvester Nefsokar 493 pts (10 Models) Chosen of Sokar Khamsin Herdsman x2 Anubis Guard x2 Khamsin Ranger Ammat Sokar's Disciple, with 1 Draining Touch, 1 Fear & 2 Stun Awakened Mummy x2 Overlords 500 pts (12 Models) Ilks Overlord Warrior x2 Overlord Crossbowmen x2 Overlord Spearman Lorena of the Whip, with 2 Cure1 & 2 Divine Vigor Daughter of the Whip x2 Bondslave x2 Onyx Zephyr Reptus 499 pts (9 Models) Audt Reptus Warrior x2 Reptus Archer x2 Chai Uut T'kay, with 1 Crimson Embrace & 2 Cure1 Reptus Skull Breakers x2 Reven 500 pts (12 Models) Narg Ombur, with 1 Cure1, 1 Aspect of the Hunter & 1 Warcry Bull Orc Berzerker x2 Bull Orc Fighter Orc Warrior Urga Beastman Woodcutter x2 Goblin Skeeter x2 Orc Spearman Edit: Typos... excuse any I didn't catch, please.
  22. I love this list builder too... but I do have one complaint. A lot of the Model Numbers are no longer correct. I like to make up lists and buy those models directly from my list, so I found out quickly that I had to use the data cards for numbers instead. So, I went ahead and fixed all of the model numbers in the file to match what is shown on reapergames.com (including those that have since been released). Well, I fixed all except the Demon Imps from Darkspawn... for some reason the data card search on reapergames.com for that one showed the PACK model number instead of the individual model number. Leave it to the Darkspawn to have the one oddball. ;) Dewen, I can send you the updated file if you would like.
  23. I made a very basic house that I tried to fit within a Warlord theme. You can see it and a tutorial here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...c=22271&hl= It's truly meant to be a beginning point for people new to terrain building.
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