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  1. How about some free audio books? http://librivox.org/ http://www.podiobooks.com/index.php
  2. A fan site is on its way. I am working as I can. Perhaps the best recommendation is to sit down and test out the armies you are interested in, using any minis you already have (as in, from any company, style, etc). Use blue-tack to put temporary bases on them, print of the data cards and find an opponent. The first hand experience will really illustrate what others have been describing; the armies are designed to allow flexibility no mater which one you chose. When I first got into Warlord, I used the same "which army is a good beginner" idea. When I didn't see a clear answer, I just picked one that I liked the most visually (Reptus FTW!). I was able to adapt them to my playing style very easily, and as I watched other armies play, I could tell I pretty much could do that with any of those as well. Or at least, I could pick up any of the armies and be able to have a good time. That's truly what matters, no?
  3. That's exactly what I'm wondering too. Or what about that store clerk? Or the Scotsman carrying a bow and arrow? Pretty dang specific for not having a good story to go along with it.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you got into such a wreck, but it sounds like you truly did luck out. Thank goodness for that!
  5. It's about time this gets done. I am Legend (as the movie) has been in works for years, with so many script rewrites that I can't even remember. I know I read a few of the rejects online, though it's been a long time. Even longer for the book... I seem to remember the story taking place in a sub-burb though, not NY. Am I right? Gotta jazz it up for the big screen I guess. I hate vampires though....so silly. When I read the book, I just mentally replaced all references to vampire-like acts with zombies. Worked much better for me that way. Also, whenever I hear Jon Coulton's Re:Your Brains I can't help but think of this novel.
  6. Hey, nice pics there, Giddoen! I always love seeing ingame shots. I also wanted to make sure you aren't trying to submit your LSR through the Reaper Games site. That's just for battle reports. You'll want to go to http://www.reapermini.com/bl/ and login to submit an LSR.
  7. Welcome to the game, Hausdorff space! This is a sort of glass half full/half empty sort of question, I'm afraid. It all depends upon the viewpoint of whoever answers. And then, those answers may vary due to location, since some places only follow one mini game or whatever is popular there (which leads a lot of people to misinterpret that any other game is stale or dead because they don't see it played at their FLGS). Warlord is still alive and well, with players from all over still battling it out. It's growing even now and will continue so into the future. Support from Reaper is strong, especially with the added RAGE Chronicles earlier this year. I would agree with orcsoul that it's even starting to take a slow upswing lately, as a lot of new players to Warlord have been posting questions in the forums here. Well, model count can greatly change from faction to faction and content all depends on your playing style/what models you like. The range of 20 - 40 models sounds about right for 1000 to 1501 point army lists in most of the factions. You can get a 500 point force from most factions for about $50 - $60. So, you are looking at about $100 - $150 for 1000 to 1501. Of course, this is all a generalization since it truly counts on what models you like and want to use (as your bigger, tougher models will have a higher POINT cost and the more you use of those, the smaller the total model count in your force). As already said, those starters have been discontinued for now. I think that's mainly because the data card changes earlier this year disrupted the point cost that they equaled out to (they were advertised as about 750 points in each box yet no longer added up to that after the changes). I'm sure Reaper plans to release something like those starters again, but there's no official word on when that will be just yet. Sorry, I haven't played Confrontation either so I can't really answer this one. I would recommend taking a look at this thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27496 Though not complete, it might help get an idea of each faction.
  8. Funny and slightly informative article over at cracked.com (probably NSFW): http://www.cracked.com/article_15643_5-sci...lly-happen.html
  9. I know everyone is very busy with a million things(trust me, the number one reason why warlordgamer.com is still a WIP), but I wanted to bump this to see if there is any new progress to report on the map? Thanks again!
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just bought mine three weeks ago at the regular price. Oh bloody something. Maybe it's just a local thing... not regionally recognized as a slashed price. *lip quiver* I held out so long without buying one but finally caved in when my old dremel called it quits when I needed it most. Fooy.
  11. I'm actually amazed at how many people have answered with some sort of cooking activity. I do not like to cook much... takes too much time and effort. What I like to do.. Any artsy influenced acts (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc) though I haven't done anything seriously in years Make props, terrain and various other oddities like this: Watch'a the movies. I like a good horror movie, comedy, action, sci fi... you name it. I REALLY love apocalyptic settings and zombies, though I've been a huge zombie fan since a toddler (zombies have become such the "in" thing lately, but I'm not really complaining). As soon as I started to walk, I learned how to put Night of the Living Dead and Thriller in the VCR. I kid you not. Listen to music, though my taste falls over too much to list it here. I love to play music as well. It's sad that I don't get the chance to play much anymore. I've trained in years on the trombone (thank you school) and a wheeeeee bit on the guitar (teaching myself). Play video games! One of my other geeky loves... I have been obsessed with games since I was a kid with the Commodore 64. The Sega Genesis was my second love (anyone else remember Sega Channel? I had artwork featured there! I still use the keychain I got in my prize package). Then PC gaming... and now I have fallen to the console again with the PS2 that I bought years back. At the time, I only bought it because The X Files game was coming out exclusively to the PS2. (I am a huge X Phile) Once I actually played the game, I felt I wasted money, but at least I had better game choices to follow my purchase. Guitar Hero would be one of the best. I'm so geared up for Guitar Hero III and Rock Band! Though, next I'll be saving for an Xbox360, I think. @Mad Jack: Man, I've been a Rocky fan since 3rd grade! I have this most embarrassing video of my family and me performing our own RHPS. I was Frank, my mom Magenta, my bro Riff Raff, a friend Columbia, my aunt Janet and my cousin Brad. God, I was in 7th grade at the time... but we had so much fun lip syncing to the VHS playing in our livingroom and just being goofy. The family that RHPS's together, stays together. Hhrrmm... that didn't come out right. We actually had to put that VHS on lay away back then because the dang thing was something like $80! It was the special anniversary version (15th I think?) and we wanted it so bad, we didn't care how much it was. I look at the DVD prices these days and just cringe. Oh well, I still have that well loved VHS in my movie rack.
  12. I love seeing details like these: http://www.pinktentacle.com/2007/10/japanese-manhole-covers/ I don't know how common these are... maybe only in special areas, but I can really appreciate the craftsmanship. So much better seeing that under your feet than a bland unknown brandname.
  13. I won't bore everyone and go into the history of the Jack-o-lantern. (No need to seep my geek) Instead, I will counter the link with this one: http://www.villafanestudios.com/pumpkins.htm This guy is a member of a sculpture forum I frequent. He does some awesome pumpkins, though not in the traditional sense. Last year he was tagged to be on David Letterman, but that fell through (too bad, though he did a likeness of David for the event that turned out pretty good).
  14. Oh, hey, come by the paint and take/paint contest area if you make it to Rock Con. I'll be working there probably all weekend (don't think I'll be able to make time for a Warlord demo since I've already offered to help both days). You'll know me by my Reaper t-shirt and I'm going to make a little BL badge too.
  15. Everyone's already done such a wonderful job at answering your questions already that I won't even touch on them. But I do have a suggestion.. Reaper has a PDF of Quick Start rules that I would recommend downloading. You can find it here. This will work to get a basic feel for the game before you buy the rulebook. A couple of things to note though: You will notice that the data card example looks different in this PDF vs. what you see in RAGE Cron.; don't worry, this is what they use to look like. That recent update changed the look of the data cards, but these descriptions are still useful in understanding what everything means. I would just recommend to have a newer data card version on hand while you read over this PDF. The other thing would be that the support bonus which is covered in the Close Combat section is now capped at +3.
  16. Thanks everyone! This one was actually a lot easier to cut out than the Warlord sign, since the letters are so blocky. Painting that red and white is what took so long... I used black foamboard so it took a lot of coats to get a solid color. Argh, I see I forgot the © and ­™. I'll have to fix that. I did think about doing that, but thought the cut out would have a more interesting appeal and it would break up all the black.
  17. Ok, it's 2 am and I just finished this sign... perhaps I should sleep. I'm not sure if I like this one as much as the Warlord sign I made... I think it's because there is too much black. Of course, it gets the message across and that's what counts. Measures about 23" long and almost 9.5" tall.
  18. I might be running a Warlord demo, but I've been waiting on getting word back from the paint and take coordinator to see when I will be busy with helping on the paint contest. I hope I hear back soon... running out of time to ask for space.
  19. Haaaaaaaaappy birthday, Erin! Many, many well wishes from me to you.
  20. I agree... there's something about this that I'm just drawn too. Those colors just pop so nicely.
  21. I get a hint of Buddy Christ from Dogma in this little guy... Perhaps he's a Buddy Death? Buddy Reaper? It's the "Miniatures Wow!" campaign!
  22. Looks like I should be going and offering a BL hand. Maybe I'll be seeing you two there?
  23. And another wish for a Happy Birthday!
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