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  1. I also agree that backside pictures would be great. There have been more than a few surprises for me since I do not have a store in town that actually carries minis ("oh my... I didn't know THAT was on there"). I do understand the time it would take, so it's just a mighty wish. Though, if Reaper wanted to pay me to sit around taking pictures of minis, I would gladly do so for cheap. ;)
  2. Happy happy birthday, Terri! ... along with some happy happy, joy joy. "happy" is an odd looking word.
  3. I'm still working on it... and it's pretty much JUST me, so the writing is going very slow. If you would like to contribute, please PM me. I have a short "About Warlord" section done, but it probably could be expanded upon (and written better ;) ). I've started a couple of faction summaries, but need help with play styles and tactics on all of them. Really, if anyone has the time and would like to fill out a part of the site, just let me know. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I do have a collection of quite a few scenarios in a Word document (40 pages), though you might have seen them already. It's full of all the scenarios I could find on the forums and reapergames.com. If you want, I can send it to you...just shoot me a PM.
  5. Ok, seeing as how we got some land dragon riders and some raptors, I again am hoping to hve this picture considered for either. On that note, I hope the raptors are reptus raptors and not dinosaur raptors. That is, maybe some similar traits, but not actual dinosaurs. I don't know how I missed this post...twice! Thank you very much for remembering (and liking!) my sketch, Stubbdog. I had tweaked it a bit to reflect some of the comments on that old post but never finished it. I'll work on it a bit tonight and hopefully get it done (& share when I do). This is what I use: It's a paper model I made. If anyone is interested, as soon as I make a good jade dragon to fit inside it I'll offer it free to download for totem use. Eventually, it'll be up on warlordgamer.com (once the site goes live).
  6. Well, the version before the 6-2-07 update seemed to work just fine in Open Office. At least, that's what I was told. I use Excel, myself.
  7. I forgot to post feedback on this spreadsheet... it's great! Thank you for taking the time on this. I really hope more people download it because it truly is a helpful tool. I understand that not everyone has Excel, so I thought I would throw this link out here: http://www.openoffice.org/index.html Open Office is a FREE open-source set of programs that equals to Microsoft Office in a lot of ways. There is a free spreadsheet program in it that will work just as well as Excel. So, if being Excel-less is the only reason you have not tried this tool...well... now you have no excuse. :)
  8. Just to let you know, an official utility is actually in the works already. It's a whole new army utility, so it's nothing that is out at the moment or anything that Gus has made previously. I only have partial hands in it, so I don't feel like I can say everything. Once again, this is not meant to stop you from making anything you want to do. This is just a heads up.
  9. My goodness, I totally missed this thread. A belated thank you to all!
  10. The only thing so far that strikes me as sad is River Trolls are now adepts and not solos. *sigh* We only get one initiative for a whole troop of trolls AND they have to move together. Foo. But, that's just my initial reaction. I need to see how it all fits into place with everything else... otherwise, I'm overjoyed on new Reptuses. EDIT: Of course, the first thing I view is the data cards and didn't see the SA Outrider description. SO, my only sadness is now retracted. Thank you for your time.
  11. Well... all I can say is definitely keep an eye open for the near future.
  12. There you are, Eb! :) Those additions would be very appreciated. I so wanna know if I'm guessing correctly when it comes to "mook."
  13. I would love to get some battle reports. I already have one that Kengar sent with a scenario, so it's a good start. :) Sure! It would be an honor to have some of your great comics on the site, Spike! I'll add your site to the small, but growing links I'm collecting. In fact, if anyone has any Warlord or related painting sites you would like me to add, just let me know.
  14. That sounds really neat, Anthony. I would love to see it and if you wouldn't mind, add it to the fan creation section. Thanks Spike!
  15. They do look nice, but I'm with Ironworker on the tops. Maybe make some sort of cap with electronic goobins.
  16. Absolutely! I really want to build a large scenario section, as that's one of the things I searched for when I got into Warlord.
  17. Thanks for all the support, everyone! The site is linked to the url, but I still wouldn't call it "officially" launched. Keep an eye on us, please! I'll definitely make an announcement of when it's completely up. Pretty much anything at the moment. There is no game plan on how to fill up the sections, because there are just a couple of us that are "behind the scenes" so to speak. That's really not enough to assign jobs just yet. Still looking for a few more to add to the "staff," if you will... so anyone drop me a line. I've been hanging out in the unOfficial Reaper chat on irc.sorcery.net almost nightly, so drop in if you want to chat about it. Wow, thank you very much Ron!
  18. Well, really... as soon as we get some good, solid content to put up. :) We'll have the actual site on the domain in the next few days, but there still won't be anything up just yet. No prob! I won't hold ya to it. ;) Anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated, though.
  19. Yay, a bookmark already! :) I should probably also note that any sections listed on the test site do not have written content yet. I really don't think I can fill all the sections by myself in a reasonable amount of time. So, if anyone would like to submit writeups for those, please let me know. I'm always willing to scrap my WIP writeups for finished ones any day.
  20. Thanks you two! I really can't wait to get this up either... I think the net is long overdue for a Warlord fansite. :)
  21. I have undergone the initial steps to setting up a fan site for Warlord. The url will be http://www.warlordgamer.com (which I have already purchased, it's just not linked yet). I have a design done, a test of which can be seen here. The site isn't live yet, but we'll have webspace acquired soon. Though, before we can go fully operational we need material. So, I'm reaching out to the Warlord community for any article and/or tutorial donations. You will be created, of course, and you will still keep ownership of any material submitted. Please, reply or PM me if you would like to help. Even if you can't write an article or tutorial, just let us know what you would love to see on the site. Opinions and suggestions will always be welcome! Thanks, Lauryn
  22. Wow, this thread is getting juicy! I must say, the energy from this beginning got my excitement back up for Warlord (not that it was gone, just had busy times, ya know ). When I first got into the game a while back, I actually started a Warlord site that would have stuff like this . I too thought this sort of info would really help grab some newbies, as well as make their intro into Warlord much easier. So, to make a long story short, I pulled out my old site designs and started working on it this weekend. I'll make a new thread to show what I have at the moment (and not to go too off topic here), but it's pretty content-free. It's just shiny without the substance. Maybe we can all collaborate? Edit: Oh my, where are my manners... Welcome and thanks for the energy stormseeker!
  23. I see what you mean... those do pose a problem. Have you thought about clipping the extra parts around the windows/doors? I take it they are flat on the reverse side. Sure they might stick out more than you would like, but it's an idea. Actually, the part around the doors, especially that green one, don't look so bad. Maybe just clip the bottom half so it is flat to the "ground" and leave the rest as a sort of door trim. Another idea is to use thin cardboard to poke the windows and doors through, then cut that so it looks like trim. The only alternative I can come up with would be make the doors out of thin cardboard and use 3d fabric paint to make the rivets (or if you have a very small hole punch, use that). For windows, I would use "granny grating" (plastic canvas) as seen bellow. It's not as fancy, but it gets the job done and can be glued directly to the surface. I hope this helps. Edit: Oh, I forgot to say... be sure to share the finished terrain. That looks like it'll be great!
  24. I would love to help if I could, but I'm not sure what you are looking for. Can you post pictures of the piece and possibly of the windows too? I'm sure that'll get some ideas going from someone.
  25. That's what I was starting to do, but with the Village Works stuff... much harder to get them to fit in each other when it's not your own design. I was definitely going to keep that idea in mind if I designed any more cardstock terrain, but I just love building actual pieces. It's a curse and a blessing at the same time. If I make a nice piece, I want to take it to games to show it off... but then the risk of damage from lugging the piece around is pretty high. It's such a conundrum. This was my first design to wean myself from physical pieces to cardstock, but I think the want to make a little building is too great. Neat, I'll try to get the PDF together soon. I don't have any instructions made up, so I'll have to do that first. I think it's pretty straight forward, especially if you have made other cardstock stuff before, but I want to make sure all bases are covered. Thanks for the interest.
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