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  1. Looks very good! Did you paint or stain the inner balsa walls?
  2. Thank you all for looking! I get to work on the actual piece soon. You know, I really like putting cardstock buildings together and they actually are more durable than I thought they would be, but my real problem with them is that they take up just as much room as a full piece of terrain. Well, that is unless it folds up, which all the good looking stuff I've found does not do. If it's going to take as much room in my travel box then I want to take an actual building. I'll use the cardstock to fill a village until I get all the buildings built, though. Now, if only I could make some cardstock buildings that fold AND look great... Fitting a whole village in a folder would be sweet.
  3. Thanks! I design and "skin" all the pieces separately in Coreldraw.
  4. After being inspired by a bit of terrain at http://www.terragenesis.co.uk, I decided to try out my own version of the design. I changed it up to match a Moorish look for use in Warlord. I've been working on a cardstock version to get a better plan before jumping into a full fledge terrain piece. Bellow is the fruit of my labor so far. What do you think? Would anyone be interested in the cardstock version?
  5. And I'll reiterate: such big news with no images? Blasphemy!!! Pics...please, sir'a.. Also, I never saw an answer to my earlier question: are these renditions of existing sculpts or totally new work?
  6. These do look great, Rastl! The second pic needs a mini peeking around the corner.
  7. Oh my, yes... how this thread has grown. I have to add: how can Reaper in their right mind release such a groundbreaking announcement and not have any sample pictures to go with it!?!? I didn't mean for that to sound like I'm angry. It was more in jest than anything else. It's just frustrating to wait an unknown amount of time for an example of the quality we might be seeing. I really think it is much too soon to say this is the death of the miniature painting hobby. Truly, will a new line of prepaints make you quit what you love doing? Judging from the wonderful pictures you can find in this very forum, they haven't yet. This isn't the first line produced and surely it won't be the last. No matter what, people will still do what they love. Like kristof65 said, even if in the far, far future companies stop producing metal figures, there will always be garage/home made ones. For a point that was brought up and I feel runs parallel to this fear: I'm an artist who fancies herself as a miniature sculptor. I would love to one day to make a living off of my sculpting, though am I going to quit sculpting because 3d printing is on the horizon? Absolutely not! I know it's there and I know it's just going to improve in time, possibly taking most sculpting jobs. Even if that happens, I will still be sculpting my little people... and I'll probably have one of those garages making you metal figures you can paint. Now, how about some more words from Reaper on this? Please?
  8. I guess I could also ask a few more questions... Will these be new sculpts or plastic versions of preexisting sculpts? The "..and a catalog of 1000's of metal models to design Legendary Encounters" part almost sounds like it'll be plastic versions of our old favorites. What can I say, I'm excited. As much as I love painting my metal, I must say that something like this will probably be a big hit with a lot of gamers.
  9. This is an interesting turn of events... Reaper will make prepainted plastics. Any chance we will get to see a preview? I'm sure the quality will knock most things out of the water, but I want to see first. ;) Edit: I guess I could add a link to the announcement, in case anyone missed it http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...mp;#entry374366
  10. I think these look very good, Nabasadanoir. They are done in a stylized look that might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it. Though, like Crusoe said, as is I'm not sure if I like the knight's eyes so simple. I would really love to see painted examples, which would put the eyes into better prospective for me. I do not agree on the head/neck being off. I think that's all a part of the exaggerated style which leans on the serious comic/cartoon side. I find it fun and full of character. I applaud your work!
  11. Good luck on your painting group! If I still lived in AR, I would make a trip there to join you.
  12. I started to do something similar, but around 350 pts and with two troops each. I did at least two troops because I wanted to showcase the "random" initiative. So far, everyone has really loved it. I also have a higher 500ish pt expanded list for each army for those who would like to get into magic and SA. I tried teaching SA in a the smaller demo, but that seem too convoluted for a fresh beginner.
  13. I understand wings don't absolutely equal flight, though if people see the dragon with wings I bet most of them would expect it to fly. It's funny, because I never draw my dragons without wings I feel like I'm playing in a new field. Never fear, I'll try on some smaller wings on this fella and see how he turns out. I definitely see Payanak himself to be intelligent; I mean, he's their figure of a god in a way. But do you see the Reptus having smaller, "normal" dragons join their fights? If so, would those be intelligent much like the Reptus themselves or more beasts of burden like the krunger? Or do you only see a dragon possibility being only Payanak? Darkknight107: I think a chameleon-like SA would be very interesting, though do you think it would lean them too much to the lizardman side?
  14. I'm glad he's getting a good reaction; thanks! I'll work on adding more length to him and maaaaaybe one with wings, but I'm with Outkast: unless the flyers are fixed in the future, I just couldn't live with this walking 3" only. Has everyone pretty much accepted that Reptus are related to dragons? Like someone said before, it would be nice to get an official nod to it because it fits the fluff so well. So, let's say they are and we eventually get a big ol' dragon like this in our line. Would this dragon be a beast or would it be intelligent? I'm asking as both fluff and SA wise. Just curious how others think of the possibility...
  15. I too am of the group that thinks Reptus should eventually get a dragon. This thread inspired me to do a little sketch (seen bellow). Yes, it's very rough.. but using existing Reptus features (as well as slight oriental flavor). I'll probably expand on it as time permits. Let me know what you think... maybe we can design as a group. :) I didn't add wings, because I agree with shakhak and others... give me some good SA over flying any day (especially an innate spell or strikethrough/blowthrough). That's not to say I wouldn't love some flying options in other units. And YES to regeneration; it so fits!
  16. Thank you CB and QS. Those are more of the clarifications I needed. Though, I still feel that these are interpretations in spirit of the game, since the rules do not specifically state certain things (such as the multi-track situtaion, it doesn't state this is only in 3+ player games). I would like to get an official word on it, since I was approached with some of these questions and I do not want to give incorrect answers or houserules. And, like I said in my first post, I always thought it was a given that you do NOT get points for killing your own models. I do remember the rulebook saying you can loot your own fallen models, but you get the loot points for that action? I can see looting your own models to prevent the other sides from getting those points, but for your side to actually gain a benefit from it... is that right? I would have thought those loot points would just be null and void.
  17. Thanks for the reply, Qwyksilver, but it doesn't touch on my question here. Those are the general rules, and I understand them. My question is about who gets the points when a side kills his/her own models. Yes, by #1 it says add up all enemy's dead, but what about the part on the table for multi-tracks models? It says divide the tracks between what sides dealt damage. With the assumption of a side cannot get points for his/her own casualties, then are those points for damage just lost? Also, it begs the question of does your enemy actually get points for your single track models just because they are dead, no matter who killed them, if they do not get the points on multi-track models when they did not do the damage?
  18. I was thinking of playing some bounty point games, but I am unclear on the rules. I'm considering it's a given that you do not get the points for killing off your own models (either by accident or suicide tactics), but does your opponent get the points in these situations? He/she did not actually kill the models in question, so is it fair that they automatically get the bounty points on those? The bounty point table in the book just states you automatically get point cost for any enemy casualty, so it reads like this is the case. If so, then the splitting of the multi-track models' points between the sides that dealt the damage seems useless (unless it is supposed to only be used in games with 3+ sides). Any clarification, please?
  19. Thanks for the Razig tactics, drjsallison. I'll be sure to use those in my next game. ;) End of the day WIP for my cardstock pagoda:
  20. Awesome totems, guys! Thanks for posting those. Here's my WIP cardstock one: Still, anyone have any good tactics against Razig's crew?
  21. Well, I suppose it's about time I chimed in. I've played only two games with my Reptus; vs. Darkspawn and vs. Razig. I won the Darkspawn game, but that was more due to numbers. It was only a 500pt game and I duly outnumbered him. Razig, that's another case... I was almost wiped clean and decided to give up with only two figs on the board left. He had one captain and a whole other troop left. Anyone else go against these guys yet? I'm not really sure the best tatics there. I do have a few questions... for the totem, what does everyone see in their head (or made, even)? Is it a pagoda MADE out of jade or is it a pagoda protecting a jade figure/egg/something? I know it's not a big deal, but I'm curious. I would like to start designing mine to use. Also, would anyone be interested in a printable, cardstock version of a totem to use in their own army? I've recently downloaded some cardstock terrain and it got me thinking that it would be the quickest and easiest way to make one. If I go about making one, I would be happy to share it (if that's not stepping on Reaper's toes, that is).
  22. Thanks for reminding me, Dane.... I got an order in not too long ago and it had paint samples too. That was such a wonderful surprise, thanks Reaper! A free sample of MSP is like gold to me...well, close enough. I wish I knew which colors they were though I might be using a lot of one soon.
  23. Thank you all for taking a look and leaving feedback. It helps a lot. After posting this, I was talking with Castlebuilder in the betachat and he also said more windows at the bottom level. I originally want to put more windows, but stopped because I was afraid there would be TOO many windows. Heh, should have gone with it, I guess. I did add more to the lower half last night, so I'll post those shots later today. Lawgiver: I'm not worrying too much on scale just yet; more on design. Raslt: No plans yet... this building came about after I saw a pic of what I think is a resin terrain piece that's no longer for sale (or not selling yet, hard to tell from the site). I really liked the look of it and thought I could build off of the design.
  24. Well, I haven't hammered out the exact purpose of the building, other than to fill the gaming board into a city. I'm open to interpretations.
  25. Here's a digital mock-up of a house I'll be building for Warlord games. I wanted to get some feedback to see if I could improve on the design before I jump into the actual work. A few specifics: Are there enough windows? Could I place the windows better? Any and all ideas are welcome!
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