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  1. Seems the fly-by-night file host has "exceeded his/her limit." Pretty sad when it's a file host...you would think they had that worked out long ago. I took down the PDF file for now, but the website version is still available. If anyone would like PDF version, give me a PM.
  2. Well, I made a 1:1 proton pack replica (yes, from Ghostbusters) last halloween with it. The pack was completely made out of foamboard, and I never had to replace the blade. I don't know if I actually ever have... can't remember doing it yet. Which, by the way, it takes standard razor blades. I bought two packs along with it, thinking the board would eat through them like it does Xacto blades... haven't even had to open them! Here's a link to make your own rabbet cutter. This also helps explain what it does... But since the one on Dick Blick is so cheap and easy to use, making a cutter seems like such a hassle.
  3. No, it makes the "notch" option. It'll cut a 3/16" wide strip off the edge off a piece of foamboard, but still leave the paper backing on one side. You then line that up with a non-notched piece and it makes a nice 90 degree corner. It's hard to explain without trying it out yourself. Even the description on Dick Blick left me wondering until I got the order in. Take a look. There is an Xacto cutter that will do the 45 degree cut, as seen here. I bought this one as well, but it wasn't as easy as the Rabbet Cutter by any means. Nah, just don't want to be sued. ;) The patching plaster I used was a bit toxic... even the fumes weren't good to breathe. I don't follow the warnings (as you can see in the pics, no gloves even) but I dare not imply any one else should shurg them off. Glad you liked it! Thanks for looking!
  4. ixminis: It can be if you don't glue it down. ;) I really debated leaving it removable, but decided to glue mine down in the end. Alright, here's the tutorial for all to see and use: http://home.centurytel.net/chesme/farmtut.htm Since this is a website version, printing from this might not be to scale. PDF version is available on request... just send me a PM.
  5. Thanks both of you for comments! Rastl: I'll eventually get around to lightning those highlights on the window screens. ; ) Lithian: Believe it or not, the tiles were really quick and easy this time. I tried something a bit different, instead of cutting out each and every tile (which I did on the previous building I made). It was one of the faster steps in the process... so fast I forgot to take pictures of me doing it.
  6. Looks good! Thanks for posting it! Now, I just have to get started on mine...
  7. Here's the farmhouse I said I would post, so long ago. I'm now finishing up the tutorial to show how to make it, along with blue prints. Tutorial is after the pictures in this post, if anyone is interested. Crits and comments welcome! And here's the tutorial for all to see and use: http://home.centurytel.net/chesme/farmtut.htm Since this is a website version, printing from this might not be to scale. PDF version is available on request... just send me a PM.
  8. Happy Whootin' Birthday, Bryan! Hope it was a good one. Again, sorry about the mix up on email addresses, heh. - Lauryn
  9. I'm glad this piece has gotten positive reactions. Thanks, everyone! Madcobaia is right... the lattice is plastic canvas, commonly used by crafters and knitters (as such, terrain makers have come to call it "granny grating"). Cheap and very effective. I have a new farmhouse about half way finished, this time with step by step pictures and measured blue prints(if anyone needs them). I would have finished it long ago but ran out of black poster board... and was too lazy to go out for more. Thank you, also, on the input of craft sticks vs. scored look. Unfortunately, I've already used the scored look on my farmhouse, but will probably move back to craft stick doors again on the next piece. I think either way look nice, though.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the kind words! I'll be sure to do more WIP shots on the next one. By the time I was halfway through painting this one I thought to myself, "Oh crap, I didn't get any shots while I was making it!". And thank you, Redhandstudios, for the compliment. I actually always thought I was horrible at architecture for terrain. Maybe I just learned to fake it better now.
  11. Thanks! Er... knew I forgot something. Well, there's not much to it. It's just foam board, craft sticks & cardboard covered in patching plaster (for texture) with a little "granny grating" for the window accent. I tried two different methods for doors, to see which I liked best. The bottom front door is made from craft sticks, while the top and back doors are actually scored into the foam board. I'm still not sure which I like best, though. Unfortunately, I do not have any WIP shots to give an example of how it's constructed. I kind of just jumped into this without a great deal of planning in details... just an overall idea is what started it. I'm going to be making a farm house in this style next. If anyone is interested, I'll keep a step by step log as I go along (pictures and all).
  12. So, I'm trying to create some nice Taltos style buildings for my upcoming Warlord demos. The following is what I've "sketched" so far. The original plans were for it to be a small inn, though I'm not so sure it would pass as that now. I think I'll stick with this "Moorish inspired" look... but what do you think? Does it match Taltos? (minis added for size, of course)
  13. Looks great, Freefall! Diggin' that shield. -Ches
  14. I really love that worn leather look on the boots!! Great job!
  15. I must say, good job Vil-hatarn and thank you! You have a very clean, steady painting hand. I love the colors, though I don't think these pictures do them justice. The metals are great, too. Oh and can't forget the good base either. ;) Good show Vil-hatarn!
  16. I'm so glad you liked it, dude. I'm also glad to hear he might be used in a game. Before I picked a mini to do, I checked up on ya. I saw that you painted a lot for gaming, so I wanted to do a monster you might be able to use. I'm happy it worked out. Thanks everyone for the kind words! This is only ..er..technically my second mini I've painted. I've started a few, but never completed them. Sometimes I worry about my focus... lol.
  17. I got the pm today that dude's mini arrived safe and sound. So, it's time for my first post. I didn't get the chance to do any highlighting, so be kind, please.
  18. Mine is all packaged up and ready for the mail tomorrow... I can't say it's as finished as I would like it to be, but it'll have to do. I took pictures yet my memory card reader decided to die on me right when I really needed it. I'll find out how they look when I buy a new one in the next day or so. Question.. can we post pictures (without giving away who gets it) before the mini is received or should we wait?
  19. Sorry if this has been mentioned before... I couldn't find it in the search.. Has anyone tried the new Krylon primer called H2O? Apparently it's waterbased and is supposed to be okay to use indoors (reduced odor), as well as have easy cleanup with soap and water. I'm just wondering if the texture or abilities have changed... any ideas? Here's a link about it for anyone interested: http://www.krylon.com/main/product_templat...product_details
  20. I finally pick a good mini...get it through mailorder... and now it's too cold/wet to prime! ARGH! I'm so excited to start painting, but the weather refuses to work with me. I'll never get use to these northern winters/should be springs. - Ches
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