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  1. My first group of Marines I created with Raging Heroes models,Space Wolf,Marines and Incursors parts. I was going for a Buzz Lightyear with NERF blaster motif. I tried to make these models as "playable" as possible. Without actually knowing what that might entail. Pointers welcome and appreciated.
  2. Hello Brother Jim, I apologize for the extremely late reply. The tiny Dragon is from the 21 Pilots , Scaled and Icy collection box. My second favorite music band in the world.
  3. Wyrd Malifaux 2nd edition Oxfordian Mages.Inspired by M.T.G.
  4. REAPER 03867 Aletheia Edair Deulist plastic version REAPER 03866 Bryn Half Elf
  5. An ongoing collection of Reaper miniatures that I have brought to completion. REAPER 77623 Avatar of Courage REAPER 77489 Bregan Valkyrie
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