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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/404694339/half-pint-heroines/faqs Thanks for your interest Crow!
  2. HI Folks, Me and Dave from Bronze Age Minis have a current KS dealing with Adventuring Gnomes, Halflings and Dwarves of the female variety. The is also an incredible female version of the "Fellowship of the Ring" Joe From Dragon Bait..
  3. Thanks for the Support Great Egg of Coot. I have Kev Adams working on Looters now.. Joe
  4. Hi Gadgetman, Thank you for your support! Absolutely, but every thing is bite size going forward. coordinating the moulds in England is a process. Not only will I add all the coming soon but there is a lot of art Mike had and that will be released in the future. The Dark Dragon Miniature page on Face book carries the updates. Joe
  5. Hello All, Dark Fable Archive has launched their latest Kickstarter to include a complete range of Pig Orcs by Kev Adams. As some of you know, Mike, my buddy from Dark Fable had recently passed and I am sponsoring the Dark Fable Archive to keep his ranges together in one place. Thanks for looking! Joe Dragon Bait Miniatures... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boxturtlereb/28mm-old-school-pig-orcs-by-the-legendary-kev-adams
  6. Hello all, I personally talked to Joe, a handsome devil who does not smell as odd as people say. If people overseas want the pewter ones just message him on the campaign.They are just heavy to ship and more to make but he will make it happen. Joe's Boston Terrier
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