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  1. We started our campaign kickstarter yesterday. We wait you take a look and enjoy this miniatures! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brindelwaldminis/dwarf-lords-of-the-depths?ref=bggforums&fbclid=IwAR1JGJV1HZHoDNP2vj4BFisJezk5uqSxZ5Geie31oGSWACCFc8rj12WPneI
  2. Hi everyone, we have already a launch date for our kickstarter campaign, it will be next friday 29 th May at 19.00h CEST.It´s important to be alert for the beginning (friday) or saturday to benefit from the start offer. Regards
  3. Hi everyone, today I introduce you two others members of Lord-Dwarves of the Depths. On this occasion it´s about a female dwarf and other of the warriors company.I´m organicing the kickstarter pledges in order to choose options of all types.Kickstarter promotion web will be ready shortly.RegardsStrenght and Honor Baruk Kazad!! Today I want to show you the promotion picture of kickstarter Dwarf Lords of the Depths. https://www.kickstarter.com/…/br…/dwarf-lords-of-the-depths… As you can watch it is about eight dwarves miniatures and one wizard whose will be casted in plastic resin of high quality that even doesnt need priming. I would like to include some more miniture that I am working in. I plan to launch on kickstarter within ten days around, according to promotion runs. Follow us and share! Not to miss good offers! Regards Strenght and Honor!!
  4. Hi everyone,Firstly I´m pleasured to take part of this forumm . My name is Alvaro Gonzalez and Im a spanish miniatures sculptor, for last year I have been sculpting some miniatures and the time has come to pre lunch my first kickstarter campaign that I will launch in two weeks around.This deal with 32mm scale (23mm tall to eyesline) resin fantasy miniatures for wargames, collectors and painting. It will be a small project of 9 dwarves miniatures.It would be great having the support of this community for carrying on my brand.You can keep posted about news in our facebook , I will post news every week.https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Games-Toys/Brindelwald...instagram.com/brindelwaldminiatures/I show you a small sample. Thank you.
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