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  1. Baruk Kazad! Hi,I would like to share with you the last work in progress about Dwarf Army of the Depths.It is about a new member of the unit (hammer one hand and wild boar shield) and a modification of other (the first video).You can follow the work in progress in this link:kickstarter.com/projects/brind…ref=4csbcd&token=023150baDont forget click "Notify me" to keep an eye out about campaign progress and dont miss important offers.Notify meTake a look and enjoy.Thank you very much,Cheers
  2. Hi everyone!,Now you can take a look the next kickstarter campaign that we are working in. We have widened choices including a dwarf unit and all Dwarf Lords of the Depths as stretchgoals unlocked.Dont forget put your mail and click "Notify me" to keep an eye out about campaign progress and dont miss important offers.Thank you!!Preview. Work in progress <removed commerce link>I show you the drummer of unit.
  3. We started our campaign kickstarter yesterday. We wait you take a look and enjoy this miniatures! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brindelwaldminis/dwarf-lords-of-the-depths?ref=bggforums&fbclid=IwAR1JGJV1HZHoDNP2vj4BFisJezk5uqSxZ5Geie31oGSWACCFc8rj12WPneI
  4. Hi everyone, we have already a launch date for our kickstarter campaign, it will be next friday 29 th May at 19.00h CEST.It´s important to be alert for the beginning (friday) or saturday to benefit from the start offer. Regards
  5. Hi everyone, today I introduce you two others members of Lord-Dwarves of the Depths. On this occasion it´s about a female dwarf and other of the warriors company.I´m organicing the kickstarter pledges in order to choose options of all types.Kickstarter promotion web will be ready shortly.RegardsStrenght and Honor Baruk Kazad!! Today I want to show you the promotion picture of kickstarter Dwarf Lords of the Depths. https://www.kickstarter.com/…/br…/dwarf-lords-of-the-depths… As you can watch it is about eight dwarves miniatures and one wizard whose
  6. Hi everyone,Firstly I´m pleasured to take part of this forumm . My name is Alvaro Gonzalez and Im a spanish miniatures sculptor, for last year I have been sculpting some miniatures and the time has come to pre lunch my first kickstarter campaign that I will launch in two weeks around.This deal with 32mm scale (23mm tall to eyesline) resin fantasy miniatures for wargames, collectors and painting. It will be a small project of 9 dwarves miniatures.It would be great having the support of this community for carrying on my brand.You can keep posted about news in our facebook , I will post news ever
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