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  1. Beowulfthehunter

    What's on TV?

    Waiting to binge it with the wife, but she is dragging her feet and trying to rush a pregnant woman is dangerous. Is it better than season 2?
  2. Beowulfthehunter

    Tomb guardians LOST DWARVEN MINES tiles 6/11

    Eh, I think I will pass, th bad vibes I am getting from this company are increasing.
  3. Beowulfthehunter

    Ral Partha Northern Female Barbarian

    Looks great. What is your Chainmail and Flesh recipe?
  4. Beowulfthehunter

    What are the "Required Viewing" Fantasy Movies?

    So this is gonna sound wierd, but bear with me...The Fast and Furious movies (from 5 on). Batcrap over the top action that sounds like it was concieved by a Ritalin sniffing 12 year old. The characters fall into fantasy archetype tropes and they function like an adventuring party.
  5. Beowulfthehunter

    Maledrakh's Chronopia Elven Adamantite Golem

    I loved Chronopia. Warzone was the game that got me into miniature wargames. You did great work, I love seeing figs from my past.
  6. And subscribed...I though the pace of speech was fine. Having met you last year at Adepticon, I felt it was representative of how you speak. Looking forward to more.
  7. Beowulfthehunter

    Reaper at Origins 2019?

    If that is the case I can't blame them. Having to lug all your crap from one side of the country to the other and having to deal with the restriction of the convention organizers for a small profit when you can stay home and make all your rules.
  8. Beowulfthehunter

    Amazonians by Tomb Guardians Miniatures

    Eh, more Zbrush designed minis. I will pass.
  9. Beowulfthehunter

    5e spell vs physical dice contest

    Not to be one of those guys, but Mage hand only has a weight limit of 5 lbs.
  10. Beowulfthehunter

    What's on TV?

    Disappointing, they introduced some ne characters with a poor payoff. Character motivations/actions made little sense. The show felt hateful towards the watcher if that makes any sense. We are getting a season 3, which is thankfully only going to be 6 episodes.
  11. Beowulfthehunter

    Happy Birthday Beowulfthehunter

    Thanks guys
  12. Beowulfthehunter

    What's on TV?

    Just finished season 2 of Tin Star. It is about an undercover agent from the UK who comes to the Canadian Territories as a constable. Stars Tim Roth. The acting is good and it feels like Longnire by way of the Cohen Brothers, but it features lots of Landscape porn of the Canadian wilderness.
  13. Beowulfthehunter

    Queen of the Damned: Velrath’s Vampires

    I thought the same thing, but I am a person who gets annoyed easy, nice to know others share my annoyance.
  14. Beowulfthehunter

    Queen of the Damned: Velrath’s Vampires

    After getting a hard sell at Adepticon when I was just interested in buying one fig I was really turned off by working with this company.
  15. Beowulfthehunter

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    Who made the prepaints? The price on them was stupid expensive and just not worth it. There is something about Reaper and Paizo. I mean when was the last time Reaper produced a PF mini. It is a shame, had Reaper made the Starfinder figs I would have bought a ton.