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  1. I finished Bebop and while I was not expecting much I was not disappointed. I really like the casting and I felt they were faithful when it mattered (perhaps too faithful) and went a bit out of left field on other points. I am very curious where season 2 goes. I am half into Arcane and it is a grandslam of storytelling and animation. Dare I say everything about it is perfect. I suspect if I was a LoL player I woukd pick up on the Easter eggs
  2. I finally went to an actual theatre and saw Nobody also and was very pleased (considering the alternative option was Mortal Kombat). It was fun mindless violence.
  3. Honestly things are pretty bad here. Our county is apparently #5 in highest positivity rate in the U.S.. for the first time businesses are closed due to outbreaks. When we do go out we do drive up service. Everything has shut down again. I was able to game every other week with a group of friends but after one got sick we stopped. The gamestore I was playing at closed back up for safety. Things at home are tense, add in the stress of taking care of a 14 month old with the fear of her getting sick combined with never having a break from your spouse (we seem to be constantly getting frustrated with one another) and my emotional state is FUBAR. I lost track of days and did not even know this upcoming week was Thanksgiving.
  4. Lore bars all the way. The ability to pick spells from other classes let's you cherry pick the best spells for combat or utility. Not sure how your party functions, but I stopped giving out bardic inspiration because the players never use it so having it work for Cutting Words is great. Also my last Bard was built purely as a gimic to utilize CW, hell I named my Drow Bard Kanye so I could say "You homie, I will let you finish this attack, but I want you to know (insert PC's name) had the best turn ever...oh and -6 to your attack."
  5. Was in a Chopsaki mood so I watched a bunch of Martial Arts movies on Netflix. IP Man 3: if you ever wanted to see the force sensitive martial artist from Rogue One vs Mike Tyson, you got your wish. All 4 movies in the series are really fun and have some great fights. Debt Collectors: Been watching the Scott Atkins interview series with martial artists so I wanted to see home act...it was OK. Headshot: Amnesiac fights the gang that put him in the hospital to save the nurse who helped him heal. It stars the main actor from the Raid movies. THE RAID MOVIES!!!
  6. I started watching it when. It was on TV and So glad Netflix picked it up. It is apparently based on a novel series which I want to read. It has a satisfying ending and the Landscape porn is worth watching for.
  7. So while playing with Baby I watched I Frankenstein. It was good popcorn fun bad and was written by one of the Underworld guys. Last night watched Tread about the 2004 Colorado Bulldozer spree.
  8. Started watching Cursed with the wife. It is nothing spectacular, but nice fantasy with a depiction of Merlin straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  9. Why do I feel like they will go on Aliexpress and just get cheap dice sets and repackage them?
  10. Finished this season of Legends of Tomorrow. It was almost as weak as the original season, but was still enjoyable. I never knew I wanted a fight scene set to The Thong Song until I got it.
  11. Watched Uncut Gems this week and again I am reminded Sandler is to Movies what Orange Cassidy is you wrestling. You think he just does the stupid stuff.but reminds you he CAN act. Very good movie.
  12. After having to slit it up into two viewings( infant daughters and 4 hr movies don't mix) I finished The Irishman. It was good, but forgettable. Still trying to deal with this life as a parent thing, but movies are just not do able right now.
  13. My wife got me hooked on Married at First Sight on Hulu and Netflix. It is pure trash TV, but it sucks you in. The premise is exactly what you think. I started Stargirl. It is a CW DC show and unlike every other DC show ( except Legends) is very light hearted and fun It also has the better of the two Wilson brothers.
  14. I started Altered Carbon, becuase I read Dichan Lackman is in it and has a topless sword fighting scene. Previously my wife had watched it and said it did not make sense. She was so wrong ( don't tell her I said that). I am loving it. It is very Cyberpunk, Infinity the game aestetic.
  15. Wife took our baby to her mom's tonight so I had the house to myself. Frank Castle ( my dog) and I watched Rambo Last Blood. It was predictable, terrible CGI blood, and had so many plot holes, but I got to see John Rambo kill drug cartel guys so no complaints.
  16. Just watched Angel has Fallen and Extraction. Both are big dumb solid action flicks with lots of guns and dead bodies. Angel is the third of the Fallen movies and is the weakest. Extraction is a direct to Netflix movie directed by the stunt coordinator for the Avengers movies.and produced by the Russo brothers. I sum it up as Thor Channels his inter John Wick.
  17. Finished Letter to the King. It was fun. The wife got me into Tiger King and it is batbroccoli insane. I also started season 3 of Ozark.
  18. Thanks for the confirmation. I watched the first episode and was luke warm, but will continue to watch as background noise as I play with baby. I started Breeders on Hulu with the wife. A British parenting comedy with Martin Freeman. As a new parent the jokes really land. 4 episodes have been released so far. I finished Preacher today. It was fine but made me realize why I dislike everything Garth Enis had written save for his Punisher run.
  19. With the new baby at home and taking care of her 16 hrs a day this was going to be my much needed getaway. I mean I understand but it looks like 2020 will be my first conless year. I hope the con can financially recover as I imagine they break even every year and this could kill them.
  20. This past September my wife and I welcomed a beautiful amazing daughter into the world. Getting her made and born could fill the script of a lifetime movie and is the stuff of nightmares. The one take away is she is healthy. I am a stay at home dad in a wierd situation in that the wife works from home so she sees our daughter more than most working parents. I supplement the income with painting and investment interest. We are not poor, but not exactly rich either. I hate that I am not the breadwinner, but from this situation it turns out I am not bad at being a dad. I get to spend the whole day playing with my daughter, but she is constantly attached to me, it is emotionally draining and those two hours she sleeps during the day ( in half an hour increments). I am exhausted jelly. It annoys my wife I am not doing housework. That stuff does not even enter my mind. Does it make sense that I am physically drained from being responsible for this tiny human. Because my daughter spends so much time with me ( I put her to bed at 9pm and and pass her off to her mom at 2:30m) I am able to calm her down more proficient than her mom. My wife feels like a failure because our daughter responds better to me (no post partum). She claims I get to have all the fun with our daughter. Being constantly stressed that you might drop your daughter, or that you might hold her wrong, or worried that any number of accidental things you could do could affect her for life is NOT fun. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and for any future congratulations. I am already stockpiling minis for her and dice.
  21. Evilhalfling, am I correct in understanding a major character died in book 4 that did not die in season 4? If so I was quite happy about this change.
  22. Currently watching Reprisal on Hulu. It plays like the Fargo series as if directed by Quinten Tarentino.
  23. So Reaper lost me as a customer for a good chunk of last year becuase I could care less about Bones Black, not everything revolves around your interests. Also I did not intend for that to sound harsh....internet!
  24. To be fair, she is the legit actress in that group with a real on screen experience.
  25. Critical Role is Porn for D&D players. It is nothing like real RPGs with professional actors, situations that don't exist ( a group meeting weekly...really) and over the top elements ( I am looking at you housewife and pizza boy). Much like porn it has its fanatics, but at the end of the day would you rather watch or do it?
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