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  1. Nameless

    Suggest me some minis

    Try searching through Reaper online store for "insect". Some interesting results there.
  2. and there I am singing Metallica again… MASTER, MASTER! :)
  3. Nameless

    Steve Jackson Games - Ogrethulhu

    I am NOT letting that thing into my mouth...
  4. Nameless

    Cat Critter Group picture

    In the Court of the Kitty King, MEOW! Lovely group which reminds me that Darksword should think of a skirmish game for their animal kingdom :)
  5. Nameless

    Mortificator and Cop

    No lightbox at all. Mini and camera on a kitchen table. Chair with a black t-shirt on as a background
  6. Nameless

    Mortificator and Cop

    Thank you!
  7. Nameless

    Mortificator and Cop

    Trying to get back into a good painting rhytm. Spent a weekend with these two oldschool minis. Not even sure where I got them from... They were primed black and had some stuff glued on their bases already so they looked like good candidates for some quick and fun painting. Here they are. The first one is Brotherhood Mortificator from Warzone game (Target Games). The other one is Cop with a Light Assault Gun (eM4 Miniatures). Not the best neighbourhood, if your police needs a LAG
  8. Nameless


    Well, why would a frog walk around on two legs and carry a sword and crown? I guess that's where the "man" part of frogman comes in Shall we do the goatman now?
  9. Nameless


    The promised Frogman It's from Aradia Miniatures and as a Toad King it was supposed to have a crown on its head. Well, let's just say I'm a bit clumsy, so no crown on my copy… Or there was a revolution in the Kingdom of Frogs… You will notice I have not attached the back view. From that perspective it is pretty obvious that it's Mr. Frog, not Mrs. Frog, so the pic would be against the board rules. Follow the facebook link in my signature and find it, if you are brave enough And, a family pic of the beastmen guardians as of now.
  10. Nameless

    Sculptor Sandra Garrity posted about IP infringment on Facebook

    Yeah, that giant is probably the only model from their range I'd like to paint. But, €80... Some day, maybe, in the future.
  11. Nameless


    Thanks! Wolfman took me over two years from start to finish. This afternoon I've searched through my unpainted minis, found a frogman, assembled it, primed it and painted it. Few hours vs two years Will try to post pics tomorrow.
  12. Nameless


    So, yeah, after 2 years, I'm back with my wolfman. The deadline for the beastmen project (2021) is still feasible, but I might need to cut number of models to three… Anyway, this one is from Rackham Miniatures, it's called Wolfen Prowler I believe. It's also the first mini I finished since October 2017. Oh well, I better start looking for the third beastman
  13. Nameless

    Kings of War

    No sparring partners here, at least for now... It kinda makes it easier to resist :) But, that new goblin warband for Vanguard... Maybe I'll start with that, when it's available.
  14. Nameless

    Kings of War

    Thank you! Now, let's try to resist the urge to get that mega-deal set....
  15. Nameless

    Kings of War

    thanks so much for the detailed reply, Manvsmini! So helpful, and I'll be over the moon if you could get me a pic of unpainted minis. I don't mind similar poses, I remember my units of 40 same goblins ;) How about quality of casts on orcs?