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  1. Oh wow, is it a month since the last post? Not good, but finally I found some time for painting. I bought these 2nd hand, partially painted minis for a good price. Started working on them last month, got drowned by real life issues and finished them today. Bases later, who knows when.
  2. well, the "face" is hidden quite deep under the hood :) no real WIP thus far. I have a topic in the WIP section of the forum, search for Swampstalkers there. Plenty of pics of different units in different stages of preparation and painting, including bases. If you want a more detailed description of how I do those bases, I'll try to make some kind of step-by-step with pics and explanation when I have another unit ready.
  3. I painted some minis from the Kill Team: Rogue Trader box. They are originally a nurglish warband called the Gellerpox Infected, but I will use them in my Swampstalkers army for Kings of War. The second line in the big unit is made of Titan Forge ogre pirates mixed with parts of the Reaper's Crab Man (SKU:44110). They are all now Butchers, and they also have the dedicated hero for them (Fleshripper, one with the cleaver ). Smaller guys are Horrors, wizards in my army.
  4. And they're done! My Riftweavers look like this: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91171-darkspawn-cultist-and-minion-sku03438/ Original Riftweavers are just 5 Horrors on one base. Speaking of Horrors, they are here, along with Butchers and Butcher's hero: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91175-kill-team-gellerpox-infected/ Original Butchers: So, I now have 3000 points of a fully painted army! And still so many to paint, lol :) Keep your fingers crossed, some flying models are coming t
  5. Darkspawn Cultist and Minion (SKU:03438) with Siren Miniatures model in the back as a part of my Kings of War army.
  6. Mud: Vegetation: Just a coat of gloss varnish on mud required to call them done.
  7. Actually, I like how they look together on one base with their sizes so different, so they will be Riftweavers, a special kind of monster unit (few human sized minis on one 50mm base). But, I do want some Horrors too, so minis originally meant as Riftweavers are now officially promoted to be Horrors
  8. Quick paintjob today on 2 Reaper minis, 1 hour in total maybe. Darkspawn cultist and minion. I wanted the cultist to be one of the hero/mage types in my army. Finally decided they both (because why not) will be Horrors, so I painted accordingly to my first horror - brown/orange robes, reddish organic parts. Base colours. Bit sloppy in places and I didn't even bother to paint blades, as they are metal minis and have proper colour Heavy black wash Highlights: orange and bone for clothes, bone for skin, silver for metal. Done. Family p
  9. Bit smoother, though hopefully still gruesome
  10. Hmm.. will need some glazes to smooth out rougher spots
  11. Finally moving on with butchers! Base colours and wash for now. Highlights nad details ahead
  12. Mantic has not released The Dream Hunter and Reaper Souldrinker for Nightstalkers. Here's my take on them: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90937-nurgle-heroes/
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