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  1. 3 hours ago, KruleBear said:

    These look awesome. Hope you get the chance to game with them. 


    I did play quite a few times already, I really like the game. And, I might use some of these models for my Nighstalkers army for Kings of War 🙂


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  2. Oh wow, is it  a month since the last post? Not good, but finally I found some time for painting.

    I bought these 2nd hand, partially painted minis for a good price. 



    Started working on them last month, got drowned by real life issues and finished them today. Bases later, who knows when.


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  3. On 4/19/2020 at 9:14 PM, stormbreach said:

    Are those tusks coming from under an empty-looking hood?  Totally gives me the creeps.  Great work.


    well, the "face" is hidden quite deep under the hood :)


    17 hours ago, Iridil said:

    Stunning - really nice creepy maroon - and more of the great swamp bases! Is there a WIP for the bases?

    no real WIP thus far. I have a topic in the WIP section of the forum, search for Swampstalkers there. Plenty of pics of different units in different stages of preparation and painting, including bases. If you want a more detailed description of how I do those bases, I'll try to make some kind of step-by-step with pics and explanation when I have another unit ready.

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  4. And they're done! 


    My Riftweavers look like this: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91171-darkspawn-cultist-and-minion-sku03438/

    Original Riftweavers are just 5 Horrors on one base.




    Speaking of Horrors, they are here, along with Butchers and Butcher's hero: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91175-kill-team-gellerpox-infected/



    Original Butchers: 



    So, I now have 3000 points of a fully painted army! And still so many to paint, lol :) 

    Keep your fingers crossed, some flying models are coming this way!


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  5. Actually, I like how they look together on one base with their sizes so different, so they will be Riftweavers, a special kind of monster unit (few human sized minis on one 50mm base). But, I do want some Horrors too, so minis originally meant as Riftweavers are now officially promoted to be Horrors :blink:





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  6. Quick paintjob today on 2 Reaper minis, 1 hour in total maybe. Darkspawn cultist and minion. I wanted the cultist to be one of the hero/mage types in my army. Finally decided they both (because why not) will be Horrors, so I painted accordingly to my first horror - brown/orange robes, reddish organic parts.


    Base colours. Bit sloppy in places and I didn't even bother to paint blades, as they are metal minis and have proper colour :poke:




    Heavy black wash




    Highlights: orange and bone for clothes, bone for skin, silver for metal. Done. Family pic of horrors to check they look similar enough (as far as colours go). Good enough for me.



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  7. I painted this GW's Lord of Plagues as a hero for my Swampstalkers. He is now the Swamp Drinker, one of the Reapers  (the unit I showed recently).




    And this Morphus from the (unfortunately) defunct Enigma Models was actually painted few years ago. I found him in my display cabinet and though he would make for a nice Swamp Hunter, another hero for my army.  So, here he is, with just a new base ::):



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  8. Butchers are ogre-sized hard hitting monsters. I wanted to use big nurgle  models from GW's Kill Team: Rogue Trader. There are only 4 of them though and I needed at least 6 models for 2 bases. But, there is something maritime about them, with all the tentacles, fish, fishing hooks and harpoons. So, I've taken 3 ogre pirates from Titan Forge, chopped them and Reaper's Crab Man to make more sea(swamp)butchers. Now, I suck a big time when it comes to conversions, I know. Fortunately, while these are not modelling masterpieces, they don't look half as bad as I expected and I do have two butcher bases plus one butcher hero.IMG_20200331_185004.thumb.jpg.a11418c4d20046d1a25001f45e0744d6.jpg

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