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  1. Quick pics after highlighting with different colours (to make even more colour schemes, lol) On to the details now...
  2. Back to work Dark wash unified the look. It's time for some highlights now. And the next model for my armour - yet another version of the Great Unclean One, it will substitute a titan called Terror. I bought it with base colours on, so can't take credits for that. I had some wash left after painting smaller minis so I used it on this giant's one leg and took the pic.
  3. Painting time! Yay! You've seen earlier that some of my demons were primed brown, some white and some were not primed at all. Old plans, never put into practice. Now I've started with two spray paints from DIY store, olive green and light flesh and primed the unprimed models. I used zenithal priming for brown minis, and finally painted white ones with Raw Sienna. I don't want them to look like a rank'n'file army with uniforms, but hope they will look as a unit after I mix them on bases. Nurglings in the back were painted in different colours too. Details: silver/gold for metal, orange for horns/claws, red for wounds, purple for tongues/guts, yellow for eyes. Time for some washes and then highlights!
  4. Oh, me too, believe me! Isn't the PMC set to 75% now? Anyway, I'm not a tournament player, and even if I would be, there are no official Mantic events here This the second unit, Swamp Fangs ("Needlefangs" originally) made of Nurglings. I can field them as a horde or 2 regiments. There should be 3 swarms on each base, and as you can see, this time I have a full model count and there is even free space for some individual nurglings to be placed (which I will do).
  5. I'll be documenting progress in building my first KoW army here, if anyone's interested https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89715-swampstalkers-army/
  6. I had this wish to go back to mass fantasy wargaming after not playing for many, many years. Middlelife crisis, I suppose. Warhammer was dead, Age of Sigmar did not appeal to me, so I decided to try Kings of War. Mantic Games released the 3rd edition in October 2019 and after reading positive reviews and watching few battle reports on YT I thought I'd go with their game. It is mass fantasy, doesn't require a lot of free time as games are quite fast, and it is played with units rather than individual models, so one can make nice scenic bases with models fixed permanently. It all sounds promising. I had a lot of GW Nurgle models and decided to use them to build a Nightstalkers army, which is a demonic, nightmarish army with lots of monsters. Had to buy some more miniatures and want to get even more but I have enough to start building an army. Hoping for a good progres, but no specific goals were specified. So, the first unit in my Swampstalkers army (as I've named it) are Swamp Worms (original name: Blood Worms). I'm using GW plaguebearers. Now, for those not familiar with the game: units may be taken in four different sizes (troop, regiment, horde, legion). Every level has its own base size and number of models. In this case, I can use Swamp Worms as a regiment (base is 100x80mm and should have 15-20 models on it), horde (base is 200x80mm and should have 30-40 models on it) and/or legion (base is 200x120mm and should have 45-60 models on it). After some planning I decided to use two 100x80 bases and two 100x40 bases, which allows me to field 1 horde of Swamp Worms, 1 legion + 1 regiment, or 3 regiments. Sounds complicated but it really isn't As you can see, I failed to fit 15 plagubearers on the regiment base and I won't make it even after taking them of their individual bases. Oh well, previous editions allowed for lower number of models and in Poland (50%+1) is commonly used as a minimal number of models (in accordance with the 2nd edition), so 12 should be enough. Infantry regiment in theory should have 20 models, so the minimal number would be 10+1=11. I always knew math would come in handy one day Keep your fingers crossed, I do need some motivation
  7. Personally I love the bone colour, it's very natural looking to me. I'd add some more highlights, though, all over the base - bones, stones, rock. Selected spots like edges, highest points, cracks etc. Also, with minis placed on the base I don't think that bones would steal too much attention.
  8. Thank you! As always, you are all too kind :)
  9. Lovely work, this magical fairytaily mood you created works perfectly on this model and base. But, what are the true colours in it? There is a difference between each pic here, and to add to the confusion there's an additional photo in the contest thread with totally different scheme (blue-violet, not pinkish red as here).
  10. Promised pics of the finished model in the Show Off section if anyone's interested: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89654-ziba-efreeti/
  11. Chronology: Some time ago, probably after painting Reaper's giant eagle (wing span of 200mm!) as a phoenix, I'd said: no more fire and flames! Never! Earlier this year (February?) I bought some paints from Reaper and got this free Efreeti model. Later, I packed all my hobby stuff due to renovations we've had here. Finally, in December, I decided to paint something. Managed to find Ziba, few brushes and paints (red, yellow and white) and just started painting. Fire demon, red/yellow paints at hand… Yeah, rules and promises are made to be broken. Here it is, Ziba, painted with 6 paints (black, blackened brown and violet liner added at later stages). Fiery 2020, everybody! EDIT: can't find the model in the online store, was it a limited mini?
  12. Calling her finished after the evening painting session, so yeah, I guess I could enter the contest. Hope my camera still works, not sure I'll be able to make good photos with my smartphone. Last few pics, no new paints. Oh, sorry, got some black for the base Back side - clothes and blades in progress Base in progress Thanks for watching and cheering, stay tuned for final pics
  13. Corrected the armour here and there and started painting clothes. No new paints, guess she will be fiery from toes to horns.
  14. So far I've been using 4 paints on this model: white, yellow, red and violet. Bronze NMM required introduction of the 5th : dark brown. I really need to find more paints at home, lol Armour in progress.
  15. 2019 is almost over, will I be able to finish on time? Hair corrected, fiery blades in progress
  16. Oh my, I'd got myself a 3rd edition rulebook and started building an army for KoW… Hope to play at least once, lol
  17. Glad I'm not the only one concerned with quality, I thought I might be oversensitive. @DoS - maybe if you clipped everything around the feet and cloth, and then cut whatever is left under the model? Some more progress. I like the skin, even on these poor cellphone pics, though I will probably repaint her hair.
  18. Oh well, I found a mini... and some paints... and a brush... Trying to recall how to paint a miniature and possibly have some fun along the way. Don't have much experience with Bones, got myself some from the 1st KS, painted few of them, and now got this efreeti in black bones. Better casting quality, still not a fan of the material though. Some of these mould lines were in nasty places and I had some difficulties to remove them without damaging other parts. Gaps were filled with superglue, sprinkled with some soda bicarbonate and smoothened. Used only red, yellow and white for skin thus far. Will probably get some purple in the darkest shadows. Keep your fingers crossed, I'd like to finish this model by the end of December
  19. not really :( but I will surely hop to the show off section as soon as I paint anything!
  20. thank you! my wish for the next year is some free time for painting!
  21. Try searching through Reaper online store for "insect". Some interesting results there.
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