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  1. I know the pain... That's why I try not to buy new minis anymore Ok, going back to my wolfman now...
  2. TGP, I know there's no such thing as too many minis, but it seems to me you might have too many boxes ;)
  3. Yeah, this model will fit your Lost World
  4. thanks! yeah, me too. if I don't paint faster, the estimated completion date will be 2021
  5. My first mini painted in 2017. Actually, it's another long time WIP of mine, I'm happy to see it finished. The snakeman is from Mierce Miniatures and it surely has a weird name, Sss'ths'pfff or something like that (seriously though, it's Vilthiss, Champion of Khthon). Yes, I know it has no proper base, but that's beacause it will be (hopefully) part of a bigger project under the working title of Beastmen of Dark Forest. ​Oh, if the forum made the pic too small, try my FB page (link in the signature), like and share ;)
  6. Hmm... Throw it in if you have it finished by the deadline. We might not have a lot of entries
  7. I do understand this part. But what about our own sculpts? This cute Reaper dragon needs a friend.... I will accept own sculpts if Reaper models are in majority in your entry. Big Reaper dragon + sculpted small dragon/human is ok.
  8. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Ghost/sku-down/77095#detail/IG_2955_1 Dragon mother protecting eggs Unicorn and foal Dog/man/woman crying by the grave. Well, a dog would not be crying. Any 2 minis holding their hands Mini admiring its own reflection (mirror/water) There are different kinds of love, I guess
  9. My last mini of 2016 Painted for a Reaper contest on Facebook in one evening (last one before the deadline). Shortcuts are visible and obvious, but hey, it's another painted mini! I even got some likes/votes, so maybe it's not that bad
  10. Just wanted to make sure my memory isn't playing tricks on me
  11. Not the first undead pirate you've painted, is it?
  12. Me wants some drunk gobbos too! Seriously though, those must be very small. It makes the paintjob even more impressive
  13. That's the only KD mini I've painted Lovely sculpt and you did a great job. Again
  14. @GCB 1. No limits here. Single mini, diorama, even an army of lovers is ok. 2. Simple mods like weapon swap are ok. Minis need to be clearly recognisable as Reaper products.
  15. TGP, you can find the link in the first post of this thread
  16. Just wanted to remind you that we have like 5 weeks till the deadline
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