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  1. If you're getting LTPK now, I assume you're somewhere at the beginning of your journey through the wonderful world of miniatures In that case, you should be all excited about all the new things in painting that are still ahead!
  2. gone? quick forum search... Stormwing, like Gauth, is not currently available in our online store. As I understand current plans, we are not intending to reproduce the original version of Gauth in Bones, and if we were going to introduce that model into Bones, it would be via a new, updated sculpt*. Many of our larger metal dragons were cancelled from production this year, and there are no plans to return them to production in metal at this time, and plans to adapt ones to Bones that are not already complete or in-process are varied. Some will not be a part of Bones IV, Some will be, and others will be but as new sculpts. why oh why have I not bought Gauth earlier? Stupid Nameless my thoughts exactly
  3. Thanks for watching and kind comments!
  4. Thank you all for comments! That's a bit odd, because I posted the same pics here and there... does Reaper forum changes size of uploaded pics automatically if a forum uploader is used?
  5. Still have my doubts about the OSL, but thanks!
  6. Fire & Water, Life & Death, Yin & Yang.... call them what you will
  7. Finished! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72481-nightfinder/ Thanks for watching
  8. Here's my take on the great Pathfinder dragon. Lovely sculpt indeed. I tried a night scene with some lava as a light source. Not sure if it came through, but at least it explains big difference between front and back view Without further ado, I give you the Nightfinder Edit: bigger pic
  9. RG Latorre is probably my fav sculptor. Good job on Santa!
  10. 1. I think I asked Reaperkit the same question while using a voucher long time ago, and the reply was 'no' for some reason I can't remember now. I also can't find the PM so don't have any proof to back up my words, lol. Sorry, I might not be too helpful Anyway, things may have changed, so why don't ask him? 2. I'm all for busts, but as Reaper does not make too many of these, this would basically be another non-reaper category. As for me, I have two dragons for two categories. Now, can I finish a diorama with two female giants in a day or two? I've started painting the first giant yesterday
  11. I might actually throw in some blue tones, who knows Not in the same way as on the gravedigger, don't think it would work with what has already been painted. Thanks for the tip anyway, MM! In the meantime, some more progress.
  12. I got this base as a gift and it already came with these scratches and cracks. I had thought how I could use them to my advantage and it somehow all came together with this night scene. The idea was lava as the only light source, so all the cracks should be lava crevices... again, not sure if I managed to transfer my idea while painting it...
  13. some progress and better pics not sure if it looks like a night scene, but I like it anyway
  14. geez, Nakatan, you're making my eyes fall out of sockets....you need to come to Hussar again and bring this one with you
  15. Trying to paint a night scene using the Pathfinder dragon. Tail, left leg and right wing are finished. Or close to that.
  16. Sure thing CAH, why not all you need to do is to post your entry in the gallery thread
  17. he's missing from all the other pics... I'm sure he was fine.... lovely textures on the spider!
  18. Go for it, Xherman! For the contest, I mean, not France ;) @dsmiles - I read this as "Yeah, I'm gonna paint something!"
  19. No more than 4 images per entry please. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  20. Can we start? Can we start? Yes, we can! The first post in this thread has been edited to include full rules of the Valentine's Day Painting Contest! Get your brushes and paints ready If you have any questions about the rules or contest in general, ask here.
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