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  1. It looks like an excellent addition!
  2. After blitzing through five other minis for a D&D style Nativity scene, I decided to take the to put more detail into this one. Then decided to try and free hand a luck rune onto his cloak...
  3. Out of curiosity, how well can Reaper paints survive when getting shipped in colder temperatures? I'm thinking of placing a big order or two before Christmas and we've been hitting about 20 farenheit by the time I get home to collect the package. Would that be fine, or better to arrange a different destination?
  4. Painted this up for the my game tomorrow. Going to be up to the players if he's on their side or not... Good sculpt, fun but easy to paint. Only real headache is the bit right between where the wings joins the shoulders is a bit narrow for me to reach well.
  5. How do you do the wet cloth effect?
  6. He's both big and not that big at the same time. If he was standing up straight he'd be taller than average, but he's got a more hunched over and forward profile that makes him a bit shorter. I have him lined up here against the Warlord Rautharos, Alastriel, and Kyrie for height comparison, then side on to Kyrie. ( Kyrie is not actually a vampire, just a really early paint job.)
  7. I couldn't help but pick him as a freebie, since he fits well for a dungeon my players are about to run. While the original design was for a half stone giant, for the world I run he's become a demi-God, their equivalent of Hercules.
  8. Quick question as I plot out more encounters for my hapless party of adventurers. Does anyone know the size of the Bones Hydra compared to its Warlord equivalent? The Warlord is listed 3" tall and 7" long so if the Bones is the same size or bigger, great. Otherwise I need to order the metal one. But if there's one thing I've learned from setting up Rauthuros its that one may not quite match the other, so I figured I'd ask first. Appreciate the assistance!
  9. Ahhh, then I wonder if the brush size might not be playing a part as well? I had switched to a finer tip and it may not have been carrying enough. I appreciate the info and I'll look into the primers for my next round!
  10. I've recently started painting some of the Bones I've been collecting and I've been running into an odd issue. Every so often the Reaper paints just don't seem to hold to the Bones minis. As an example, I've included a shot of the Lich I was working on for my game. I was using Dragon Blue from the Bones paint line for the tattered part of his outfit, but it seemed to just be sliding off, to the point where the plastic is still visible through the paint as outlined below. I had a similar problem with using Wilderness Green on his skirt, but when I switched to Forest Green it took like a duck to water. I only seem to have this problem with the Bones minis and Reaper's paints. 1) I did wash the mini and let it dry before painting. 2) Paints were well shook before use 3) I'm not using a wet pallet; instead I'm doing bits at a time onto cardboard if that's affecting anything. 4) The Reaper paints all go on wonderfully when I use them on Wizkids miniatures 5) The Bones minis never seem to have any problems with Army Paints or Citadel Paints Is this a me thing? And if so, what should I be doing differently?
  11. Thanks to you both! I have the Ma'Al Drakkar sitting on a to do list. (Well, more occupying a large section of floor at the moment) But thinking its more a work up to project at the moment. Still want to give them something suitably large to fight against.
  12. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the size comparison would be between this and the Gargantuan Red that's out from Wizkids? Working towards the models for the end of a campaign and need their draconic overlord, assuming he doesn't end up going the full Ma'al Drakar route...
  13. Thanks! I'll see what's in the toolbox and experiment from there.
  14. Currently working on a Vysa for my D&D game, and I've run into a bit of a problem. The tab on the bottom of the model is a bit longer than the slot in the base itself. As a result, the character currently looks like she's trying to surf into battle... Any suggestions on correcting? Only been doing this for a month or so at this point, so not sure what's going to do the least damage.
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