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  1. Anyone have a clue how many bases in what size to buy if you're getting almost every thing?
  2. Oh, cool. I really appreciate the explanation, now I know how that works! So sweaty hands won't necessarily rub off all the paint. Oh, and no, my birds saliva is way less harmful than ours. I was thinking of a big cake lid dome too, my wife went straight to separate fancy closing lid table but then how will I decorate a clear dining table XD I'm going to have to look up what you mean by grip for painting though
  3. That's a very sensible and good idea, thank you, I didn't think of that either
  4. Heh, I don't know how other craft paints hold up either. But that was easier to google, thank you. Lots of much older answers on that, nothing yet on miniatures. Looks like generally people don't worry too much about acrylics around birds and can use them to paint cages. Hopefully someone can provide more input on the risks of birds licking miniatures already painted. It seems unlikely but you never know, maybe other folk have pets and minis, or maybe I'll be the best painter ever and I'll paint a miniature flower and my birds won't know the difference :P
  5. Hullo. Sorry if my questions are stupid and my google fu has just failed me. I'm a complete beginner here, never done anything like this before, but going hard into bones 5 for table top play with family. I was looking into the paints and learning to paint kit that comes with it only. So, question: Does anyone have ideas on the safety of these paints and plastics around small pet birds? Are the paints "sweet tasting at all? Maybe by extrapolating the info from the idea of safety vs if you've had a baby chew on your painted dragon wing? The birds are not chewers, more
  6. Speaking of bases, has anyone done the maths on how many and what size bases to buy if you're getting, um, say, all of the stuff in the kickstarter?
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