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  1. Thorny Devils rule. Lemme know when you complete that one!
  2. I suppose the closest I've come to that is with my Owlbear. One of my minis I'm currently painting has a falcon, but I haven't gotten that far on 'im.
  3. I've only ever painted these warriors and these pyromaniacs, but those warriors totally my fave. This one in particular.
  4. I believe about two. A cloth mask my sister gave me, and a long-since forgotten paintball mask somewhere in the deep darkness of the basement. And I can steal as many surgical masks as I please from my job, so I guess that racks the count up to... Infinity.
  5. Thanks a million, Supervike!
  6. The small town feeling. My city really isn't very tiny, but it has that magical, small-towny feeling for some reason. I really love that.
  7. Brilliant, I'll give that a shot!
  8. Not quite identical, but rather similar. Got a bunch of these lying around, but if they don't work I'll try out the one you listed above!
  9. @Dan S Hey thanks! I was just thinking about how much it's improved since those kobolds myself, actually... Wait a sec, do you mean just normal, fine-tip Sharpies and the like? Or are we talking special markers designed for minis? 'Cause if you mean just plain old Sharpies... Hoooooly cow. My life just got a whole lot easier.
  10. I detest vacuuming. But I really love sweeping. It's somehow really stress relieving for me.
  11. Absolutely. Planning on leeching off of other people's foolishness in buying severely overpriced fireworks, enjoying some family's company, and eating way more food than I should. Love this holiday.
  12. Many thanks, @Corsair! That means a lot!
  13. Holy cow, those are all really neat. You wouldn't happen to remember what company it's from, would you? EDIT: Nevermind, forgot to look at the tags. Whoops!
  14. Here's the outdoor photo, as promised. The owlbear by itself didn't seem right, so I pitted it up against an orc I previously painted.
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