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  1. I have two, one I started during Christmas break that I never was able to get into, and then the mini I've been painting recently. Uh... my average midwestern town is super boring... Uh... my average midwestern state is pretty boring... Uh... Lemme do a quick Google search... We somehow have more shoreline than Florida, which doesn't seem possible, but that's what Dr. Google says. So that's something.
  2. Other than getting up early for church on Sunday, every day is the same. Before I had the morning shift on Tuesdays, sometimes I'd sleep in then, but not anymore.
  3. Geese. Despite generally being demons, we share a mutual distaste of each other and thus leave one another alone.
  4. I didn't see it rise, so I will assume not. And I unfortunately do not know why....
  5. Well, to each his own, I suppose... And those traits do play well to the auctioning arena. Good on you! You weirdo.
  6. Ho. Ly. Smokes. Auctions are terrifying places! The masses of people, the fierce competition biting like piranhas to snag whatever garbage has caught their eye, the constant, unintelligible droning of the auctioneer,.. *Shudder* Not to mention that if you reach up to adjust your cap, gesticulate, or do anything at all with your hands, they take that as a bid! I nearly spent $30 on some kitchen stuff I didn't need because the sun was in my eyes! (Thankfully, the aforementioned piranhas took care of that.) All the same, I snagged an Xbox One and fi
  7. How did you know? Who told you!? Oh wait, you didn't ask that because it actually is unreasonably hot here, you asked because... Nevermind. Salad!
  8. Snakes are basically worms, aren't they?
  9. Or, for the teenage boys, a single bite's worth of food.
  10. I did not, though I've been finding myself craving doughnuts recently... As for favorite, I like basically all of the cream-filled variety, particularly topped with frosting and chopped peanuts... And no, doughnuts do not need a day, because every day is doughnut day.
  11. Same answer to both questions. Excitedly shouting "WEREWOLVES!!!" at the top of my lungs.
  12. I'm right with y'all there. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to hit 95 Fahrenheit/35 Celsius up here. What's even worse is that tomorrow I'm working in a kitchen that is normally sweltering hot. In front of what is effectively a large pizza oven that can turn raw dough into burnt crisp in under two minutes. In freaking 95 degree weather. God have mercy on us.
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