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  1. Excellent! Gotta join @Glitterwolf, in saying it, the foliage looks incredible. The highlighting is also spectacular.
  2. Literally all of the Midwest is known for corn. I can attest to the truth of that statement.
  3. Not going to Reapercon this year. This month I'm most looking forward to all my theatre stuff starting up again. Boy have I missed it.
  4. Happy yester-birthday! Sorry I'm late! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Here's to many more to come!
  5. I once nearly fell asleep at a stock car race. Otherwise, I don't really fall asleep in unusual places.
  6. No coffee, next to no sleep, no change in life for the past five months.... I'm allowed to be an idiot.
  7. Not really, but just this morning in fact a dream I had a while ago was referenced in another dream. In the first dream which happened a few days ago, I had asked for a Friday off. This morning, I dreamed that I had this Friday off, because I had asked for it in the first dream. That was weird. Especially since today is Friday.
  8. I'd like to be a heck of a lot wiser. Too many stupid decisions, too many stupid ideas, too much not-knowingness.
  9. So I bought an Army Painter hobby knife, because I needed one and it was on sale (and I can never resist a good sale), and it has me terrified. I used it today to shave away some mold lines, and holy cow! That thing cuts through plastic like butter! But then again, what did I expect it to do?
  10. Having spent a lot of time at an Asian grocery store, I'm seeing a lot of familiar boxes here. Nice!
  11. Well, lucky you! Enjoy your vacation day, @TaleSpinner! If it happened to me, I'd probably just be lazy and do a whole lot of nothing all day. I'd probably do some painting, some gaming, sleeeeeeeeeeep....
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