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  1. Title says it all; do 3-D printed miniatures need a scrubbing with dish soap before you prime them? What I normally do for miniatures in general is to soak them in Simple Green for a few minutes, then give them a good scrub with dish soap before priming; does this apply for 3-D prints as well as conventional miniatures?
  2. I already messaged him some time ago, with no reply so far. Shall I do the same with you so that we can get the ball rolling? I'm fancying running a Pathfinder MK1 game with a maximum of 5 players, here.
  3. I'd like to start running a PbP game on here, and I'm not sure who to contact about this so as to get the ball rolling?
  4. Thanks for the input, fellows, but what percentage of isopropyl is ideal, here? I've used my sonic jewelry cleaner to deep clean my old airbrush in the past, filled with SG, and it seemed to do the job nicely within a couple cleaning cycles, it appeared. Oh, and R2ED, I soaked the bits you mentioned in the airbrush cleaner for a good hour or two and it still didn't appear to make a difference--still only air spraying, even at 30 PSI. I may need to do a deep clean, you think? Or at least try cleaning the needle more thoroughly?
  5. I only have 91% isopropyl on hand, will that do? I also have Vallejo airbrush cleaner, which I'm more inclined to try, as I'm out of Simple Green. Thank you for the advice!
  6. Ugh, I feel dumb...all I had to do was loosen the needle ever so slightly and BOOM, working. *slaps forehead* BUT....it's still spraying only air and the Internet is not being helpful at all. HELP!
  7. For those of y'all who have Badger 105 Patriot airbrushes, maybe you could give me some advice? The trigger is only spraying air and the tiny bit (it's always the tiny bits, now isn't it?) directly behind it is all of a sudden loose and moving freely, and I can't spray paint at all with it. How to fix this, please? I tried loosening and re-seating the needle and it made no difference.
  8. The Vallejo Metal Color paints are superb, and the Vallejo Model Air paints are up there with them. I'm also pretty fond of P3 metallics as well; I've used them since I began painting and still really like them a lot.
  9. Thanks! At first I used Mont Martre crackle paste, but I laid it on too thick and most of it cracked off. So I replaced that with Pro Acryl basing medium (great stuff, highly recommended) along with some cork board rock formations. A couple of miscellaneous bits from the box, a white base coat and a lot of washes and stippling later, boom, done. Thank you!
  10. And just like that, the WIP is done and I'm enormously pleased with it. My first time using oil washes went really well and I'm definitely using these again in the future. The title of the post is the title of the piece, as well.
  11. Prodoss Games, and it's called "Archon". It's a really nice smooth resin casting that needed extremely minimal clean up. Good casting job of an excellent sculpt!
  12. My first time using oil washes, and honestly? I like where it's going. Got to work some more on the base and the sword, which I think I'll do the same way as the armor (burnt steel). I'm pleased with how the armor came out. What do y'all think? Sorry for the crap pictures, my camera is old and doesn't like to focus anymore of late.
  13. Looks to me like you're off to a really good solid start, here--good job!
  14. For my current project, I'm fixing to paint up silver armor that looks as though it's been blackened in a forge or a furnace (or from a really, really terrible fall from Heaven), and while I have an idea what I want to do with it, what would some of y'all here do to simulate that kind of effect? As of now, I'm planning a base coat of Vallejo Burnt Iron, edge highlighting with Vallejo Model Air Silver, then either stippling or dry brushing the heck out of it with both a dark brown and then black. Ideas?
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