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  1. It's a plastic Warhammer miniature, and it was primed 2 weeks ago, and it actually looks really clean and even. So I gather I don't have much to worry about? Thanks all of you for the input!
  2. I just got a miniature from eBay that the seller tells me was primed two weeks ago--does this merit stripping and reapplying primer? It will be a little bit before I get to this one since I have two other projects ahead of it. I suspect I ought to, but second opinions always help. Thanks in advance, y'all!
  3. Thanks to all of you for the great ideas and input! I think I need to post on here more often, now. :)
  4. Hello, all! I have several 3-D printed miniatures and I'm curious about one thing; do they require scrubbing and cleaning like conventional miniatures do before building, priming, and panting? Or can I simply build. prime, and paint right away? Any and all advice appreciated, and thank you!
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