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  1. Hoshiku & Rothan find themselves wending their way to a relatively quiet area of town that becomes more peaceful as they go, despite the presence of ample numbers of people around and about. The stalls and various businesses become less and less frequent. Never mind any of that, though; Rothan is eagerly gawping at everything and taking it all in, marveling at the architecture, the banners advertising various things, the exotic (to him anyway) items on display, how interesting he finds human women's fashion sense in this land, among other things. All the while keeping up a gleeful running commentary delivered in a high speed patter that does attract a bit of attention, though not near as much as Sinri does. The clockwork wolf, simply by walking down the street, attracts its share of wide eyed staring and gasps from passersby. They seem to be too wary to approach it, however. Hoshiku doesn't attract near as much attention as Sinri does, in fact, for once! All of a sudden, you find yourself before an unassuming little building that, had you not been told of its existence, you may have easily bypassed in your travels. It is well worn, melds with its surroundings nicely, and the only way you can tell it is a temple at all is by the customary well and washing station out front for all comers to purify themselves with before entering. An older man in humble garb softly approaches the two of you, bowing and scraping as he addresses you: "Welcome, welcome friends! Come make yourself at home in the eyes of the Lady North Star!" Tchono and Brasdir, along with Ishihito, have a somewhat different experience. The Temple of Shizuru is hard to miss, with the imposing red pillars of its torii gate drawing the eye in short order, its huge guardian statues frowning down upon all who approach. The temple itself is huge and sprawling, covering a healthy portion of real estate, and is rather more grandiose than what Hoshiku and Rothan are encountering on the other side of town. Upon entering, after pausing for the customary water purification, a tall man who carries himself like a swordsman, a red hilted katana jutting from his sash and a high ponytail sweeping from the back of his head, in an ornate red & gold kimono, strides over to you all. Tchono instantly can tell that the man is sizing them up on the way over, his eyes lingering on Tchono a bit longer than the other two. He executes a deep, formal bow before speaking. "Well, Lanlyss-san, it's been a while since you were last here. I gather you have business with the Sun Maiden for once?" His voice is clear and ringing, with a distinct Tien-Hwan (AKA Korean) accent as he addresses the three of you. You think you detect a hint of bantering sarcasm in his voice as he speaks. "And who are these two fine gentlemen with you?" Tchono sees the man's eyes flit quickly and unobtrusively to the hilts in his sash and a hint of a smile crosses his face as he inclines his head respectfully your way.
  2. UGH. So sorry for not posting in a minute, y'all. Life got in the way for a while, including holidays being intense at work until recently. I'm firing it back up with hooks to pull y'all where you need to go as of now.
  3. Brasdir gives Hoshiku the address of the temple in question, followed by the following to Tchono: "I can send a runner to him if you like, so we may arrange for him to meet us at the Temple of Tsukiyo later today, if you so desire? Kanaka-san, would you be interested in accompanying us to that temple as well? You may find it interesting, relaxing even. What say you?"
  4. (I know, right? Happens to us all, I think) Tchono has heard stories of some of the people who live at this temple, notably "Star Shield". Apparently he is a Paladin of a mysterious deity called "Princess Luna" who rules over the land of "Equestria" he claims to hail from. He is popular with the common folk of the city since he is always spending time helping them out, healing them, and treating them kindly. You've even heard a tale of how, at an outdoor Kabuki performance that was attacked by Oni, he slew the leader of that mob of creatures--an Ogre Mage,word has it--with a single mighty blow of the war hammer he totes! Which earned him the sobriquet "The Hammer of Wrath" among the common folk, who even are going as far as to insist he was "Sent from Heaven to bring down justice to the wicked"! Of all notions! Apparently he is a most friendly and approachable fellow, never mind his insistence that he is actually a pony stuck in a human form...! Another notable name is Amarna Sonitri, a warpriest of Tsukiyo, the Moon Prince. She is famous for her stern, tsundere demeanor and apparently her prowess with the long spear is as impressive as her prowess at arbitration, which is to say formidable in both cases. Word has it that that spear of hers was fast enough to take down a Spirit Naga (whatever that is--it sounds rather nasty to you) before the thing knew what hit it. She also is a firmly lawful and honorable sort who brooks no misbehavior in general, though word has it she is also friendly enough once you get past that aspect of her. Those are the first two names that come to mind at the moment.
  5. Much as I love my Badger Patriot 105? I'm encountering an issue where as soon as I press down the trigger, I get paint as well as air spraying, as opposed to just air and then paint coming out when I actually pull the trigger back. Do I need to adjust the needle some or...? Fellow Badger Patriot owners, help?
  6. "Hoshiku-san, when you and young Whitestone-san, here, go to the Temple of Desna, inquiring about a gentleman name of Brother Shibata would be the way to go. He and my employer are well acquainted. I'm certain once he finds out your affiliation that he will be quite willing to assist you. "Good point, Tchono-san. We can arrange for that with ease. The folk who inhabit that temple are especially interesting, and of an especially heroic bent, you may have heard by now." It does occur to Tchono at this point that he's heard rumblings about this very thing, about how certain individuals at that temple in particular have been involved in a variety of events that have helped the city in the recent past. (A Local Knowledge roll would give more details than this)
  7. "That we can arrange, good Tchono-san. Though we must be careful to not insult his prowess as Samurai, after all," Brasdir replies. "Since he is a contemporary of Kurata-sama, I'm certain we can arrange something through the Machi-Bugyo. The temple of Shizuru & Tsukiyo that is not far from here is a good neutral ground for meetings, it bears mentioning. "Now as far as the financial compensation," he continues in response to Hoshiku, not showing any signs of offense being taken at Hoshiku's directness "I'm certain that my employer will be glad to cover expenses insofar as lodging here goes, should you choose to stay here. Oba-san shall have nothing to worry about financially, suffice to say. Especially since two of you don't eat anything," he says with a slight chuckle. "That will be simply for room and board, and food. Otherwise, my employer shall pay 1000 gold a head to cover other expenses, weekly." Rothan's eyes get big at the mention of that price and his mouth forms a O of surprise. "Should there be any other expenses incurred, we shall deal with them as they come.Any further questions?"
  8. Brasdir shoots a sly smile back at Hoshiku as he takes in what he's just heard. (A Sense Motive roll of 25 on his end) "Why not set yourself up as an itinerant preacher, as Desna is a popular deity here. Preachers can be as devious and observant as they are well spoken, after all," he begins. "Further? If you can outdo the Ninja that the Higashiyama doubtless have on the job, would that not be a feather in your cap? Word has it that their Ninja are some of the best in Kasai--and then there's their executioner squad, the Devil Masks. Allegedly they are like smoke on the wind. Making them look bad would be more than delightful for you, now, wouldn't it?" "As for you, good Tchono-san? Samurai are fearless, I see no reason why he would have issue with meeting you, honorable as you present yourself as. An extra blade to defend him is an asset as well. Though I have to admit that for at least this aspect of the mission? #6 may not be the right tool for the job as of now. No disrespect to you, good sir," he says to the massive construct, who simply bows his hooded head in reply. "Young Whitestone-san, here? I'm certain your talents can be applied to more than just repairing things, yes?" "Aye, that they can. I'm good at making diversions if need be!" Rothan's face lights up in a wicked grin. He seems to have gotten over the notion of having to take his shoes off before entering the room, which he seemed baffled at initially. "Good Kanaka-san? That little friend of yours may come in handy to assist in spying, as well as you in general observing and being as sage as your order is known to be. The balance of Draconic and conventional ki requires intense discipline, after all. Monks are always good to have around, in general, I find." "Oh, and Hoshiku," Rothan interjects " visiting that temple could be interesting. It's always interesting to see how different peoples worship the same gods, eh?"
  9. @Arkady, forgive me seeming a bit dense, here, but; what exactly does Hoshiku mean when he asks what's in it for the rogue? Does he mean financially, in terms of temporal power? For some reason I find myself puzzled at what you're getting at and I don't know why. Please clarify?
  10. "These things will all come in handy, to be sure," Brasdir replies, smoothly and calmly. Then he flags down Oba-san. "Might we have a back room, dear? We've things to discuss for our ears only," he tells her quietly, in a voice meant only for you and her to hear. She immediately nods and escorts you all to the room in question, giving #6 a wide berth still as she does so. The moment you all are settled, he excuses himself to the entrance of the room. Brush in hand, he works a tiny bit of magic some of you feel the slight ripple of, then he returns to you. "Now, to business. It is good that we have an abundance of magic and stealth on hand, for they will come in handy right now. It's reached the ears of many in town that there is a certain samurai, name of Nagano Shiro-san, who has been speaking up about the Higashiyama Clan in a most unflattering manner. His words may come in handy upon a time, and word has it that the Higashiyama are keen to make an example of he who speaks out against them. "For the time being, I will have certain of you keep an eye on him and keep track of any suspicious characters who may be doing the same on behalf of the Higashiyama. So that you know, there are two others I have on duty as well who have served me nicely in keeping me updated, but as they have lives of their own, they are not always able to assist. This is where you good fellows come in. I am hoping that you all will able to help out here with this mission, for I suspect that should Nagano-san fall into their hands, they will silence him in a sufficiently...spectacular manner that people will be cowed into silence. If we keep him alive and safe, there is more chance he will be able to hearten the people with his presence and his rhetoric. Apparently he is friendly with Kurata-sama, and I believe that the Machi-Bugyo will be most interested in keeping him among us. Thankfully for us, he is a staunch fellow who has proven immune to corruption and graft thus far in the time he's been in his position. Just as thankfully, I think even the Higashiyama will think twice before attempting anything...foolish where he is concerned."
  11. "I'm glad you asked, good Kanaka-san," Brasdir responds smoothly. "There will be situations where my employer will need good folk to do things for him that will be unwise for him to be directly associated with. This is where you and the others shall come in. "Good Hoshiku-san? As you are apparently a shapeshifter and good at matters of espionage, you shall come in most handy, especially where the Machi-Bugyo is concerned. In fact, I already have it in mind to ask him about having him be aware of your particular skill set, and seeing to it that you are used for matters of delicacy and gathering of information. Should you ever be caught, I believe that Kurata-sama will be invested in having you on hand to go where he and his men cannot. "Kanaka-san, Tchono-san, #6? When muscle is required, you three shall be invaluable, along with any other skills you have along the way. Have you anything else to bring to the table? "Whitestone-san, I'm told that you have a deep understanding of magic and machines. and how to apply this knowledge where needed. as this impressive work is evidence of," he ends as he gestures to Sinri sitting obediently nearby. "In fact, it's reached my ear already that your skills may be called in to use rather quickly."
  12. Apologies for the delay in reply, fellows--work was a bear this week. I was weary and the inspiration wasn't flowing. I'll be getting back on this in the next day or two, tops, and hey, Merry Christmas to you all!
  13. Hoshiku gets a surprised expression back from Rothan as he replies "Huh, really? They're not uncommon back home, wee parlor tricks like that one. This is a big city, people can't possibly be that backward about such things, here, can they?" He seems sincerely bewildered. At Tchono's question, Rothan frowns slightly. "Well...we found him on a battlefield we were exploring, and he was wrecked some bad. From what little I can get out of him about it, he'd been there for a good ten years and he's seen some...stuff," the gnome replies, more subdued. "Took me this side of a month to get him put back together and up and running again. Soon as he started up again, his eyes flashed red and Tanor was too close to him to get away in time. I think it was just a...stress reaction of some kind? I don't know. But it took the rest of the group grabbing his arm and screaming at him to get Big Six to let go. The first thing he said was," Rothan lapses into an unintentionally comedic gnomish interpretation of #6's booming bass voice "'SISTER AUDRA! WHERE IS SHE?' I think it has to do with the girl in the portrait--the one in the locket around his neck." #6, though he is sitting by Rothan. appears not to care that Rothan is telling this story. In fact, if it were not for the fact you know he can move and speak, he may as well be a statue at the moment. "Other than that? Big Six is the picture of self control. Disciplined to a fault, I'd say," Rothan concludes. Oba-san lays down your tea as he says that and gives a startled squeal and jumps when #6 booms out: "SOMETHING YOU COULD LEARN MORE ABOUT, WHITESTONE." At her fright, he bows his hooded head her way. "APOLOGIES, MADAME." Brasdir leans in to help out a bit. "Oba-chan, Number Six here means well. I doubt he meant to frighten you, dear." She gives a nervous nod. "This will take some...getting used to," she replies as she hustles back to the kitchen area. Brasdir then address Tchono's concerns. "Yes, it's an interesting group we've built, isn't it? That I know of there are no others coming to our ranks at this time, and knowing what I know of my employer? This was definitely a show of sorts. If nothing else, he has a flair for the dramatic. Whether it's s show of power or not? I've yet to figure that out, but it certainly had an effect, now, didn't it," Brasdir replies with a twinkle in his eye. "This is one of the reasons I enjoy my job--there's rarely a dull moment!"
  14. When you all convene at the ryokan, Brasdir is as good as his word, hopping out of the rickshaw first. He swiftly enters, and after a minute or so pokes his head out and gestures for you all to come in. He goes to the rickshaw and hands what must be a sizable amount of money to the runner, if the expression of surprise on his face is any indication. He then enters along with you all. Oba-san indeed takes one look at #6 and her jaw drops as she looks up...and up at him, and it occurs to you all how very tiny she looks in front of him. A moment later, she reels it in and greets him with a cordial bow. "Brasdir-san, you're right! I don't think those thugs will want to tangle with this one! Ohhhhhh, you're so cute!!!" She directs the last at Rothan, who appears to take it in stride; clearly, granny ladies squealing over him is a common thing. "Um, Oba-san? I'm 15 years old, I'm too old to be cute," he mumbles, slightly mollified. Almost instantly he brightens up and waves his right hand over his left hand again. As you notice the odd golden ring on his left hand, more of the small tan discs materialize out of thin air for him to effortlessly catch. "Would you like a chocolate chip cookie, Oba-san?" After a moment of surprise where she murmurs "Mahou!" ("Magic!") to herself, she graciously takes one and nibbles it. Immediately she blinks and says "I think we need tea to go with these. I'll be right back and please, make yourselves comfortable!"
  15. Brasdir joins Hoshiku and Ishihito in the rickshaw as Rothan walks over to it still mounted on Sinri. "Rest assured, Kurata-san is well aware of these two arriving here in Kasai. He received a letter in advance from Tepland-sam via my employer to that end. It would only be fair of Tepland-san and my employer to do such for a man of his standing," he elaborates as the rickshaw driver vigorously starts charging down the street. Sinri follows suit with a clatter of steel paws on the streets of Kasai, Rothan whooping with joy. He attracts a good amount of attention from both that and Sinri's metallic racket from passersby, who stare in awe, and letting out frequent exclamations of surprise as he canters by. #6 simply looks down at Tchono, shrugs, and falls into step next to him. The crowd at the docks relaxes visibly as soon as he takes his leave along with you. Like Rothan, he attracts a good amount of attention alongside you as he clanks by, towering over even Tchono. Most people, however, are obviously intimidated by his hulking size and forbidding demeanor. The locket clinks softly against his breastplate with each step in time with his cadenced military stride. Assuming you purchase a live pig, as soon as you finish paying for it he promptly snaps its neck with a swift and precise wrench, then lugs it over his wide shoulders to the ryokan.
  16. Brasdir looks over at the argument brewing and frowns in a disapproving manner. "Hmm, good point. A moment." He strides over to the two men and proceeds to start playing translator. Rothan listens in keenly as #6 stands at attention, still. Hoshiku's suspicions about how the dock-master may feel about #6 are confirmed as the man's suspicions about #6 being some strange new variety of Oni give way to misgivings about what kind of weapon is about to be unleashed upon the people of Kasai. The airship's captain is offended at this implication and insists that "Master Tepland sent these two with the best of intentions. He's a known and established quantity in Taldor, and he's better than that!" (Two Diplomacy rolls of 16 and 28 later) Brasdir manages to smooth the waters after a slightly rocky start, calming down both men enough to get them to see sense, even if both are still slightly ruffled. "All right, fine. This Tepland-san, whoever he is? It's on his head if that thing goes on the rampage," the dock-master finally sputters. "If you're really Hwang-dono's man, I'll take your word for it--this time. The police chief might not be as reasonable as I'm being right now, rest assured," he huffs. The airship captain and Brasdir exchange a few more words you don't understand, then the captain goes back up the gangplank to his ship. A few moments later, the gangplank rattles back into the ship. "Someone's a smooth talker, there," Rothan comments, an impressed expression on his face. "Those blokes were about ready to start taking each other apart! Would've livened up the day some, eh?" At this, #6 looks down at Rothan and booms out: "EITHER THAT OR YOU'D BLOW SOMETHING UP." "Oi, oi, excuse me! Who put you back together and got you back up and running again when we found you on that battlefield? Yer lookin' at him, remember?" Rothan puts a hand on his hip as he throws attitude back at #6. Modesty is obviously not a strong suit with Western folk! The hulking Warforged simply shrugs in response. "Further, how did he thank us? By nearly choking our wizard to death straight away," Rothan adds, addressing the rest of you. "Not that Tanor doesn't have it coming sometimes, mind you." Brasdir rejoins the group by now and addresses you all: "If you don't mind, since good Tchono-san has offered to vacate the rickshaw, might I join those of you in it while we get these two situated at Baba's? I'll go in first to prepare Oba-chan for what's about to come," he says with the familiar sly grin returning to his face.
  17. Hoshiku gets the distinct impression Brasdir is shooting him side eye before he politely says "I don't believe our gnomish friend, here, is quite ready for those dishes just yet. Whitestone-san, let us just say that those are extremely particular local delicacies that are...not for everyone," "Hah! I can eat haggis all day, how can those dishes be any worse than that," Rothan shoots back with a devil may care grin, probably to Hoshiku's delight. (How is Ishihito handling Hoshiku's promptly attempting to haze the foreigner?) Tchono, unfortunately, is unable to dig up anything much about Warforged from his memory other than they are a Western innovation--living constructs, of all things! Meanwhile, Brasdir looks at you and says "I see you retained your rickshaw driver. Might I join you in it so that we may take these folks to where they need to be?" In the background a spirited discussion is underway between the dockmaster and the ship's captain, which appears to be hampered by a profound language barrier. As in neither speaks the other's language well enough to make anything clear. Both parties are already growing irritated with this state of affairs.
  18. Hoshiku: The scales are a distinctly metallic bronze color, you notice. From what little you know of Western dragons, that is a good thing; you've read that metallic dragons are generally benevolent while chromatic dragons are quite the opposite. The Spellcraft roll reveals that there were two spells cast in rapid succession, Tongues, and then Permanency. OOC note, I looked it up and found it silly that Tongues is only allowed in RAW (Rules As Written) as a self only effect to be made permanent, so I fudged it here for storytelling purposes. So Brasdir is fairly high up the food chain as his kind go. Tchono: #6 simply booms out "NO THANK YOU," and Rothan gladly accepts an apple from you. "His kind don't eat, by the by. Which reminds me, the food on that airship was RUBBISH!" He sends the last bit over his shoulder irately. "Where can a lad like myself get something good to eat in these parts? I want to eat all the things!" Westerners are decidedly more direct than Minkaian folks, for sure, it appears! OOC Note: Give me an appropriate Knowledge roll or an Intelligence check if worse comes to worse to see if you remember anything relevant you may have learned in the past in regards to Warforged. At Hoshiku speaking Sylvan, Rothan's face lights up in delight and he eagerly replies back in the same tongue: "Gladly, and you speak really well, friend Hoshiku. And you follow Desna?? You can't be all bad if you follow her!" Ishihito's polite and formal greeting is responded to in kind by both newcomers as they bow to you in return. #6 seems to be adapting on the fly pretty quickly to this notion, you notice. The massive warrior, up close, seems only slightly less intimidating for it. Up close and personal, the rest of you notice what Tchono has about his armor and it seems just as puzzling to you as it did to him initially. Tree roots...?!
  19. It occurs to Hoshiku that the wee fellow on the wolf construct's back is a Gnome; they tend to be thinner and a bit more proportional than Halflings, based on your past readings. Though every bit as boisterous and outgoing, if a bit more hyperactive and chatty. Overall, good and friendly folks in general. (An additional Perception roll will confirm the color of the scales you glimpse on Brasdir's temples) Ishihiro receives another sly smile before Brasdir leads you all to meet the newcomers. "Martial arts has never been my forte, Little Brother. Sorcery is more what I'm about." Brasdir leads you towards the two strangers and hails them in a language none of you recognize, which the gnome responds to cheerfully. As you get closer, the rest of you (other than Hoshiku) notice he is not a child, but rather a very short and slender youth with oddly exaggerated features—prominent nose and cheekbones, pointed ears. He returns the deep bow given him by Brasdir from his saddle. The towering warrior returns the bow as well, in a manner that implies he is unaccustomed to such actions. After a brief, animated discussion carried by the gnome, Brasdir indicates the rest of you as he says something else. Both Ishihito and Hoshiku sense a strong ripple of magic radiating from him. He makes a series of quick gestures, drawing characters in the air with a writing brush he produces from seemingly nowhere, murmuring softly. After a few moments of this, he finishes the spell and continues in Minkaian. “There! That ought to help. Please introduce yourselves to your companions, friends from Taldor!” “Aye, don’t mind if I do! Rothan Whitestone, Artificer of Taldor, at your service, friends! This here is Sinri—I built him myself,” the gnomish youth proudly declares, patting the wolf’s neck. He is all of a sudden speaking perfect Minkaian, with a curious, lilting accent that is totally new to your ears, but yet appealing. His big green eyes are alight with joy and enthusiasm, a huge smile seemingly permanently attached to his face ear to ear. He gets a closer look at you all and his eyebrows arch almost comically. "Och, I thought we'd be the odd ones out, here. Good to see I was wrong about that." The way he chuckles when he finishes that sentence indicates no malice on his end, only amusement. "Never have seen a fox walking on two legs before!" The towering warrior sweeps his gaze over you all—he still hasn’t doffed his hood yet—and booms out in a thundering, deep metallic voice: “SENTIENT NUMBER SIX, 49TH HEAVY INFANTRY COLUMN OF AVISTAN, TALDOR DIVISION, AT YOUR SERVICE, SIRS.” He follows this up with a brisk salute to you all, then returns to his silent demeanor. At the sound of his voice the crowd backs away nervously, and Brasdir turns to address them. “Worry not, friends, he is with me. No harm shall come to you.” It only appears to calm them slightly as they still cast wary glances at Sentient 6. Rothan casts a look up at #6, sighs, and says to you all: “You’ll have to excuse Big Six, he still thinks he’s in the bloody military. Also, he’s not much on conversation—it’s not you, it’s him, trust me.”
  20. To Ishihiro's question, Brasdir simply gives a sly smile and says "Let us just say we've something in common, Little Brother," as he tilts his conical straw hat back far enough to reveal a handsome, smooth skinned face. A face framed by small dragon-like horns and small patches of scaled hide where they sprout from his temples. "We've dragon blood in us, you see. A glorious thing it is, isn't it?" As he says this, his eyes give a brief flash of green light, punctuated by a sly smile. A burst of chatter nearby gets your attention as the crowd gets excited--the airship has docked! It is a huge vessel that an up close and personal view reveals as nearly intimidating as it looms over the dock. Its design is clunky and angular, somewhat displeasing to the Minkaian sense of aesthetics and form. (OOC: This is going to be lengthy!) After it hisses and rumbles to a stop dockside, a huge reinforced steel gangplank shoots out with a loud rattling to meet the dock with a boom. The crowd’s anticipation ratchets up several notches. Then a collective gasp of awe erupts from them as what initially appears to be a small boy mounted on a mechanical wolf the size of a pony comes clattering across the gangplank. The wolf is a truly amazing sight, with eye crystals glowing bright white as it smoothly trots to the dock proper. Its rider is colorfully dressed, with platinum blond hair flowing out from underneath a big, fancy hat. He also sports an assortment of pouches hanging from a utility belt around his waist, a leather satchel bag at his side, and a sizable wrench-like tool slung across his back like a weapon. He is eagerly looking all around, beaming as the wolf makes the crossing, clearly having the time of his life. After waving his right hand over his left hand a moment, a pile of small, circular objects fall into his hands out of thin air. Shouting to the crowd in a clear, high pitched voice that carries well enough for you to tell you can’t understand what he’s saying, he joyfully starts tossing the objects at them. They respond with a rousing cheer, catching the objects with delight, and as he begins munching on the last one with obvious relish, they start doing the same. You distinctly hear someone saying “I don’t know what this is, but it’s delicious,” as the wolf rider clatters onto the dock proper, chuckling as he grins broadly. Then another gasp of awe from the crowd arises as heavy, clanking footsteps draw everybody’s attention to the next individual crossing the gangplank. It becomes immediately obvious that perhaps this is the reason the gangplank is as heavy and reinforced as it is. The second newcomer towers at an imposing seven feet tall, at least three feet wide at the chest and shoulders, with massive limbs, and he projects an intimidating demeanor. Overall, he looks big and strong enough to dead lift Kasai’s current Yokozuna (sumo wrestling grand champion)! He is wearing a dark blue cloak with a shoulder cape, hood up over his helm (you can see the lower part of his menpo—armor mask--projecting out from under it). On a well worn leather baldric at his left hip hangs a huge straight bladed sword with a cruciform hilt and cross-piece, on his right hip a leather satchel bag. An especially large rectangular shield is slung over his left shoulder. The morning sunlight catches the glint of a large, machined brass locket hanging around his bull neck. Unlike the first newcomer, he does not acknowledge the crowd, who have fallen into a state of quiet, nervous muttering among themselves. He simply strides to the dock, alongside the wolf and stands at attention wordlessly. Tchono, being a warrior, immediately notices the following details (no roll necessary): --You know military when you see it, and this one is as military as it gets with his posture and gait --His armor is an unfamiliar design that is clunky and heavy looking by Tian Xia standards. It mostly is of heavy steel plates welded and bolted together, rather less appealing than a proper suit of O-Yoroi. However, you've never seen armor with what appears to be an intricate network of...tree roots between the plates as opposed to chain mail or leather. Odd! Brasdir is initially amused at the sight of the first newcomer, smiling and nodding approvingly. “Hm, it’s not often we see his kind here in Kasai! And that wolf is amazing work—I must ask him more about it when the chance befalls me.” At the sight of the huge newcomer, he falls silent and says something to himself in another language in a hushed and impressed tone of voice. (“Elena a brith!”*) In Minkaian, he adds: “That...is something you don’t see every day! Tepland-san must hold my employer in high esteem indeed if he’s sending a Warforged to assist us! Either that or the favor he owes my employer is that profound. Time for me to go do my job; follow me, please.” * Hoshiku recognizes the language as Elvish, and Brasdir is muttering "Stars and stones," to himself in an impressed manner.
  21. Ichiban rapidly returns, assuring Ishihito that what appeared to be thugs initially are no more than a nervous teenage couple who appear to be intensely curious about Brasdir's appearance--he relays that words were heard to the effect of "Is he a foreigner? No Minkaian has hair like that!" in a hushed tone of awe--but are concerned with approaching him to ask, as it might be deemed rude to be so forward. The group is also a subject of discussion with them, but again, they seem more concerned with being rude to you three more than anything else. In other words, they're no threat. The fact that Brasdir seems almost elaborately unconcerned with them is a factor as well. Brasdir, however, does notice Ichiban and gives a smile and an amused chuckle. "He's adorable--I take it he's your familiar, Little Brother," he asks Ishihito. "Corvinus here thinks he is, anyway." The raven quorks and gives Brasdir a Look, as if he wasn't supposed to say that, lending the bird a remarkably human likeness for a moment. "Apparently, you three have had a busy morning already?"
  22. As you approach the tall man in the purple kimono and the conical straw hat (OOC: that is directed at the other two, not Tchono), Hoshiku notices a large raven flapping down to his shoulder from nearby, to settle in comfortably. It appears to nudge his ear beneath the hat and you notice his head leaning down towards it for a few moments. He then casually turns to face you three as you approach, and his handsome features, what you can discern under the hat's brim anyway, form into a welcoming smile. "Ah, Tchono-san-tachi, good morning!" His voice is a familiar warm baritone that rings and carries clearly to you; this one is accustomed to public speaking, you can tell. It sounds rather like the voice that came from the raven's beak, in fact. "Little brother, Fox-san, welcome!" Hoshiku being obviously Kitsune doesn't' seem to faze him in the least. "I'm glad to see you made it. How has your morning been, thus far? My name is called Brasdir Lanlyss, and I am here representing a most esteemed gentleman who is seeking assistance in his current endeavors. More I cannot say for now, not in public anyway." The raven cocks its head and croaks at you, then pipes up in a voice far more appropriate for a corvid (AKA hoarse and scratchy): "It's been a busy day, caww cawww!"
  23. The crowd is all about the approaching airship, more than you three, you rapidly deduce. The tall man in the purple kimono stands out in the crowd, and you notice that the layabouts are giving him a wide berth--there's something about him that must be making them nervous. He is standing by himself, minding his business, but every now and then, you'll notice one of the aforementioned layabouts looking quickly at him and then just as quickly look away, clearly hoping not to be noticed by him. The air is charged with excitement either way, even with this aside. Even the dockmaster is not chasing away the crowd, for obvious reasons being that this doesn't happen all the time, cosmopolitan though Kasai is.
  24. (Assuming Tchono bellows down a rickshaw outside the ryokan) The man pulling the rickshaw is a strapping young fellow who actually jumps a little at Tchono's summons, then stops by your position with a somewhat baffled look on his face at the sight of such an odd looking crew. "Um, good morning, fellows! Where to?" *insert RP here to move things along, but feel free to add comments as you so desire* Your rickshaw driver has to occasionally holler at people to get out of the way, but he makes good time to the docks. It doesn't take long for Tchono to make out Brasdir's tall figure nearby a docking station--you have a similar situation in that you stand out in a crowd due to being much taller than average. He is standing calmly by as in the near distance an amazing sight is drawing close; a huge vessel slowly gliding through the air in the direction of the station in question. It is a completely different style of ship than you've ever seen before, bigger and obviously heavier than a Minkaian ship of any style; even a Minkaian war ship looks small and frail next to this behemoth. Yet it glides through the air slowly and deliberately, making good time from the look of it. Brasdir is standing by, watching raptly as the ship slowly glides closer and closer, and you also notice a group of ne'er do well types, the usual riffraff hanging about the docks, gathering to see what the fuss is all about as well.
  25. The thugs are putting up a spirited resistance, if the sounds of blows and cursing from both them and the police chief's men are any indicator. One thing that carries clearly to your ears is words to the effect of "You brought this on yourselves, deal with it!" They are finally bundled out of the ryokan, allowing you all a chance to leave as well now that they are out of the way. Kurata watches for a few moments to make certain all is well, then turns to face you all. "The streets are getting busy out there; you might want to flag down a jinriksha to make better time, I suggest."
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