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  1. Two unlikely allies sojourn through the Northern steppes, spring in full bloom. I posted the wildling a couple of days ago and tried to fix his sleeve and alter the nmm vambrace slightly. He has since made a slightly odd friend.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! 🙂 @ Metalchaos Thanks for the advice on nmm, your editing really does make it look better. That black stripe down the center is something that I would probably try glazing or blending into the highlight to its left. @kazmania7 I agree with the highlights looking strange on his left sleeve. I feel that it would probably benefit from a black glaze, and then brought back up with a few greys and white-greys, as it looks a bit unfinished in this pic. As for his one missing glove, I felt that I would go with the scrounged armor look with his one vambrace and one fur glove, which was actually due to a mistake I made while base coating and not wanting to overapply paint. I appreciate your feedback 🙂 @Krassling I wanted to go for a "magically strengthened" amethyst stone sharpened using flintknapping. I got the idea after reading of the Spanish crystal dagger, but it had been a while since using Vallejo's glorious line of vibrant purples, so I just went with what sounded fun.
  3. This was my second time painting this mini, as I felt that the sculpt deserved better than the shoddy job I gave it a few years back. The nmm attempt on his vambrace definitely leaves something to be desired as wet blending still drives me to the brink of insanity. C&C would be awesome 🙂
  4. The contrast between his dark clothing and bright armor and weapons makes me imagine he just trudged off a longship through the water of Scotland's shores, causing his clothing to be wet, and metals clean. Your NMM is beautiful, the beard is perfect, the horns are cleanly blended, and he looks mean. Great job!
  5. Fantastic NMM, fabric/cloth highlights, and freehanding skills! As for the OSL, You could try brightening the eyeballs up themselves, increasing the red intensity with a brighter red/orange and some yellow at the center. That could make the existing glow around the cheekbones seem a little more natural, but painting in the eyes when the whole figure is already done sounds terrifying, and I already think the OSL looks pretty convincing. Great Job!
  6. Everything about this is beautiful, and exhibits true skill. Your highlights are bold, smooth, and realistic, while not subtracting from the freehand at all. The base, fans, hair, makeup, and kimono are perfect.
  7. Great goblinoid looking orcs! Definitely has a pre Peter Jackson vibe going on with their skin tones, hunched over postures, and light armor. The drum player is definitely my favorite, i love that Scythian style hat he has.
  8. These are awesome, and I love the tight color scheme where each piece of clothing and armor compliments each other. Very smooth highlights and vibrant metallics.
  9. This finally gave me something to use my larger Games Workshop skulls on. I may try to give his hair another highlight of something brighter, as it looks pretty dull at the moment. A fun evil mage that I hope to use as a boss battle one day.
  10. The cold earthy highlights on his spinal carapace, as well as the fiery brown scales look both organic and smooth. The deep set face is menacing, and everything looks vibrant and very well highlighted. Great job!
  11. Your skin tones on all three minis are superb, and your royal purple is both smooth and vibrant. Great rogue and barbarians.
  12. The way you tell a story on their bases makes the figures so much more interesting, and I love the blues you used, it almost glows. Also, the background for the assassin in red and green is legendary.These minis are totally Ma'at.
  13. This is definitely an attractive sculpt, and a wonderful paintjob! My favorite parts are the freehand on his pants, the bamboo on his base, and the prayer beads.
  14. The NMM is indeed superb, and I happen to really like the look of a blue-grey haired dwarf, as he reminds me of my favorite Dwarf , Dwalin. Also, the leather of his shoes is very nicely highlighted. You did one heck of a job!
  15. Sandra Garrity makes some of my favorite Dwarves, and the detail on this one stood out. It doesn't show up much in the picture, but there are some Norse Futhark runes on the blade of the sword in blue that only appear if I rotate the figure 45% left or right. Also, I love dwarves in green.
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