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  1. Ugh, the tide has really turned on all these ship puns, but I’m buoyed by the knowledge that we can keep this thread anchored in reality!
  2. I had a dream last night I was unboxing my Bones 5 rewards...alas I awoke to the reality of nothing yet...
  3. If you could provide a link that would be awesome! I bought some 3” and 4” washers from Amazon, but they’re really beefy i mean, they work, but they’re kind of pricey and overall the weight makes it not the most practical. I’ve looked at my local hardware stores, as well as Home Depot and Lowe’s without success. I’ve considered getting some sheet metal and having someone cut me some circles but I wouldn’t know where to start with that either!
  4. Miniature storage isn’t cheap, but it’s necessary, especially if you paint your minis. I bought a plastic drawer tower, superglued magnetic sheets into the drawer’s bottoms, then superglued steel washers to the bottoms of my minis. The drawer tower I bought recently has 8 drawers and each drawer is 12” wide by 14” long by 3” deep - enough for 168 1” based minis per drawer or 1,344 1” based minis per tower. The tower was ~$70, the magnetic sheets ~$30, ~$20 worth of super glue, and 1,400 1” steel washers came to ~$150. Total cost ~$300 with some time and labor. Comparative
  5. Whew, I gotta stop reading the KS comments. The utter helplessness of people being unable to make purchases correctly is mind boggling. It’s like people have never used the internet to purchase items before! I wouldn’t have what it takes to work Reaper’s customer service that’s for sure!
  6. I’m ready for April! I inventoried all my minis in an Excel spreadsheet (1095), magnetized them, and stored them in stackable containers to free up space. Also nearly done painting my pile of shame (only have ~50 remaining). Very excited to see my collection nearly double in a month or two!
  7. I have the Falling Star (bought the unpainted version on sale for $90) and I’m really looking forward to a side by side comparison of the two in a few months!
  8. Just my lil ol’ opinion, but I feel like Reaper has been MORE than accommodating. We’ve had months and months to finalize things. If you can’t figure out your finances and make a decision after several months time that’s a personal problem, not Reaper’s! Their customer service has been impeccable.
  9. Wow, just noticed the painted version of Krateryx in the Pledge Manager and holy crap is that a sweet paint job! https://images.reapermini.com/static/pledgemanager/25_672f6522-9d7c-4297-ae7c-4fa14fe995d8.jpg
  10. Oh that’s fantastic! I have Ashardalon so that really helps put them in perspective. Now I’m excited again, since I have a medium, large, and huge of every chromatic and metallic dragon but am lacking the gargantuan sizes!
  11. I’m a little bummed: I thought the dragons were going to be gargantuan sized. But it looks like according to the descriptions on a couple of them they are on 3” bases, which would classify them as huge. Ah well, I got one of each and they still look great!
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