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  1. 9 hours ago, bearsman6 said:

    So, as a KS newbie looking to spend several hundred on this pledge manager, what can I expect for shipping costs? Guss I'm trying to budget better.


    I'm definitely in for Core, 2 expansions, and at least 3 add-ons. Just wondering if any vets have insight, because the stuff at the bottom of the KS page just confused me lol

    Where do you live?


    EDIT: nvm - looks like others answered it? But living in the US vs. elsewhere will definitely have an impact on total shipping (including VAT for Europe, etc.)

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  2. I’ve been on the fence about buying a ghost pirate ship. I bought the regular one, and I also have the Wizkids Falling Star pirate ship, so I don’t really need a third one. And I’m not likely to play in the dark so the glow feature isn’t all that useful for me. But I thought maybe airbrushing acrylic inks on it could really make it look cool. Has anyone put together the ghost ship yet? And if so, what are thoughts on it?

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  3. 15 hours ago, K2h2m3 said:

    Has anyone received replacements for missing or damaged items yet? I'm wondering if I need to send another email out.

    I received the wrong order. Yesterday got word from Reaper my replacement shipment has been marked for postage. So they’re working on it. I’d give them at least another week or two. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Neatpete said:

    That’s freaking rad!

    can you please share the tea light you got? Those things can be so hot or miss quality wise.

    Edit: link not working. Got them off of Amazon. They’re called “10Pcs Mini Submersible LED Lights with Remote Control Tea Lights Small Underwater Lights Battery Powered Flameless LED Accent Light for Party Event Vase Fishtank Hot Tub” by Luxjet

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  5. Ok, inventoried all the loose packaging. Will go through the boxed sets tomorrow. Definitely an order mix-up. I've already emailed [email protected] so now I wait. In the meantime, if anyone is curious...


    What I ordered but did NOT receive was:

    Power Up: Dragonslayers x1

    Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1

    Mounted Wraiths x2

    Extra Walls of Stone x1

    Extra Walls of Thorns x1

    Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1

    Power Up: Beastmen Option x1

    Fire Giant Hellbringer x1

    Goroloth x1

    Storm Giant x1

    Arakoth the Ancient x1

    Elemental Scions x1

    Kaiju Chaos x1

    Henchmen and Hirelings x1

    Base Boss 1" Round RPG Bases x1

    Base Boss 2" Round RPG Base x1

    Base Boss 3" Round RPG Base x2

    New MSP Paint Colors x1

    MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1


    What I did NOT order but received was:

    Chronoscope Expansion x1

    Extra Catfolk x1

    Extra Overgourd x1

    Extra Halloween x1

    Option Runewight x1

    Mouslings x1

    Extra the Living Dead x1

    Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1(missing one figure)

    Sophie’s Lucky Dice x1

    Aganzarax x1

    Extra Petey the Pizza Dungeon Mascot x1

    Spiders of Emrith Kul x1

    Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1

    Yokai x1

    Shadows of Ravenhome x1

    Rocky Brush Holder x1

    Extra Pirate Maiden Figurehead x1

    Extra Hippocampus Figurehead x1

    1” Round RPG Bases (50 count)

    2” Round RPG Bases (25 count, but 1 is damaged)



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  6. 2 hours ago, TGP said:

    B A L L I S T A !!


    Actually it is a bolt thrower not a ballista. Ballistae hurl spherical ammunition, hence the name (Ballista).


    Material Notes: This model is the squashy bendy grey bones material. Sadly, this makes it hard? to assemble. It is not completely put together. It may need to be trimmed in places.  The tabs are very very shallow, the box frame area is out of square, this may need pinning. 


    Ya’ll have fun figuring out the name-numbers of the figures I used to show the scale. (One of them is Rictur…he built my wet palette)




    Sorry gotta correct you on that: ballistae can hurl either stones or bolts, so this mini is still correctly named. And the ball in ballista doesn’t derive from the English word but from the Greek βαλλίστρα (ballistra) and that from βάλλω (ballō), which means "throw"


    Sauce: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballista

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  7. I don’t know if this is a good spot for this question, but I’m trying to ensure I have the right supplies ready to tackle the plastic mountain when it comes, which brings me to varnish.


    I like matte varnish for the most part. I used to use Testor’s dullcote, which was awesome, if expensive. But I can’t find that anymore. Then I switched the Vallejo matte spray varnish, which also works very well. But that’s awfully pricey and frequently out of stock. I’ve used non-mini specific matte spray varnishes in the past with mixed success: some were fine, others made my Reaper Bones minis permanently tacky. 

    Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap spray matte varnishes that’ll work with Reaper Bones minis? Thanks in advance!

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  8. On 3/14/2021 at 11:00 AM, Chris Palmer said:


    I have been able to find 3" and even 4" metal fender washers.  So they are out there if you should want them.


    If you could provide a link that would be awesome! I bought some 3” and 4” washers from Amazon, but they’re really beefy i mean, they work, but they’re kind of pricey and overall the weight makes it not the most practical. 

    I’ve looked at my local hardware stores, as well as Home Depot and Lowe’s without success. I’ve considered getting some sheet metal and having someone cut me some circles but I wouldn’t know where to start with that either!

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  9. Miniature storage isn’t cheap, but it’s necessary, especially if you paint your minis. I bought a plastic drawer tower, superglued magnetic sheets into the drawer’s bottoms, then superglued steel washers to the bottoms of my minis. The drawer tower I bought recently has 8 drawers and each drawer is 12” wide by 14” long by 3” deep - enough for 168 1” based minis per drawer or 1,344 1” based minis per tower. 

    The tower was ~$70, the magnetic sheets ~$30, ~$20 worth of super glue, and 1,400 1” steel washers came to ~$150. Total cost ~$300 with some time and labor.


    Comparatively, buying Feldherr foam miniature storage cases to house a comparable amount of minis would run you ~$650-700. And unlike foam trays, magnetic storage won’t rub the paint off because the minis don’t come in contact with anything. 



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