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  1. Not pleased with this one at all, but finished with Garrick the Bold (or Sir Justin Forscale). His coloring was picked by friends to honor Clan Gordon and Clan Keith. Unfortunately he  is kind of sloppy. His swords looks lumpy and the cloth area on his armor looks spotty in some spaces. Perhaps I need a better paint brush for those kinds of areas. He's only my third mini, but by far my least liked. Will get better with more experience I'm sure.



  2. @Corsair, thank you for the tips! I'll swing by my FLGS next time I get a chance and see what they have. I didn't realize that's what they all were called, thought it was just the name of our local shop haha. @Glitterwolf thanks for the WIP tip. I took some pictures as I was going to see how it looked in each stage, didn't realize there was a forum section for that. Will check it out next time. It was fun painting, some was a little frustrating, but mostly it was nice just to relax and focus on that for a few hours and pick how I wanted it to look as it went on. @Iridil
  3. @Pineapple thank you! I bought five minis to give a go with, mostly medieval fantasy types, but I loved this one so much it had to be my first. Thinking of getting the rest of the dinosaur type minis when I'm done with the minis I have now.
  4. @Inarah, thank you for your kind words and the tip for picture taking. Next time I'll give that a try.
  5. This is my first mini painting, just finished it tonight. I have a lot to learn, especially the correct way to dry brush. But I followed a Reaper paint kit on the steps for their minis and this is what I came up with. Once I get the hang of the minis themselves I'd like to learn to make custom bases, this one just looks awful as is. For some reason I can't get the picture to show the color true either, it's a much more grayish blue than this bright color that is shown. All in all, I'm pleased with its turn out.
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