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  1. Morning folks,


    I'm looking to pick up a ton of minis for improving my paint game and populating my dungeons and dragons arsenal. I've seen a few of those monthly packed come out and they're a huge amount of value for what you pay in comparison to picking up individual minis. I was wondering if they come out in regular intervals? I see that the January she December packs were posted in the first weeks of their respective months but i don't see one for February yet. Are these packs not a regular thing? Do people did these packs helpful when they want a lot of painting practice ? If I don't have a use for space age minis did reaper have any chance of doing a substitution on those? Or does anyone have a suggestion in how to swap them out in the community for something more fantasy based?I



    Thanks for teaching the tune to read this and help me out,i did this from my phone so I'll need to fix any auto correct issues from my pc later. 


    Thanks again,



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