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  1. @Dr Bob No offense intended Dear Sir, Was going for a cheap chuckle R.I.P to your dearly departed pet.
  2. Hey Gang, Just wondering if anyone out there in Reaperland can recommend a good magnifier for painting minis. I prefer the wearable units If that helps..Thanks Guys! Your Truly, Blind..and still drunk..Warduke
  3. Sweet! Great paint slingin' on the lovely ladies
  4. Thanks Dan, and yes, seems like a great place to be thus far
  5. @Loim @Glitterwolf Thank you kind folks! I'll be on the lookout for rogue glitter, just in case...
  6. @Corsair @BadgersinMeadows Many thanks roomies!
  7. @Chaoswolf Thanks Chaoswolf! I am currently living the dream (kinda..) out on Long Island NY. And yes, I agree on the having fun stuff. Whenever I get frustrated I just take a break and remember I'm doing this for kicks. I look forward getting to know you a little bit better as well. Cheers!
  8. Love it! Had my eye on those..
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