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  1. Female full body cyborg (I'm thinking something like Rika from the Aeon 14 books. Interchangable limbs/weapon attachments would be cool if possible.
  2. Australian here, my figures arrived yesterday. Didn't get an email beforehand.
  3. "It looks like Godzilla, but due to international copyright laws, it isn't." "Still, we should run like it's Godzilla." "Though it isn't."
  4. Also keep in mind that 14/6 is a public holiday in most Australian states (except WA, I think), so they won't be shipping until at least the 15th.
  5. I will back this if it gets to Amazons.
  6. Make female bikers too! And also street racing types as well as the Harley types. (And I know it'd be a smaller scale than you normally make, but I'd like to see ones that work in Gaslands)
  7. - 70s/80s Japanese girl gangs (sukeban). Here's an introductory article: https://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/28261/1/remembering-japans-badass-70s-schoolgirl-gangs - People in various martial arts uniforms (karate, kung fu, kendo, etc)
  8. Nice! (Although, as my friend pointed out, the one thing the We Will Roc You mini needs is a rider who looks like Freddie Mercury)
  9. I'm going on a trip to Japan in late October/early November, so now is really not a good time for me, as most of my spare money is going toward that. Presumably the Kickstarter will be over by the time I get back, but will I still be able to put in an order?
  10. So, launch day has come and I can't spot anything on the Kickstarter site. Has it been delayed?
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