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  1. $351 to go. And the next 12 backers get the bear cub minis as a bonus.
  2. Now I want to use chibi figures in a Warhammer game, just to see what reactions I get from other players. Best case scenario, chibi figures I can use as female Space Marines...
  3. I'm really hoping this won't end until at least, say, a week after GenCon. I'm going there for the first (and likely only) time and am currently saving up money for that, but once I get back to Australia I'll have some money in my bank account (leave payments from work - I've already set aside my trip money).
  4. I thought I saw Reaper Miniatures Paint & Take listed in events. Or is someone else running that?
  5. Another thought on this... since you have the Pathfinder license, how about some minis of the Pathfinder gods?
  6. Another one... female griffon rider, based on Calafia
  7. Child Priestess, a la Jaela Daran from Eberron Little girls weilding big weapons (preferably with lots of spikes!) Also, armed goddesses, especially Artemis and Athena.
  8. I heard one theory that the way this started was that someone was looking up 40k material at the PETA office, got caught, and had to think of a justification.
  9. A fellow player yesterday was complaining about not being able to find a wooly mammoth mini, so I'll suggest that for him.
  10. Well, not in the gaming material, although the fluff mentions the Selene Order, an organisation of all-female assassins. But yeah, you can stack your force to be all-female.
  11. Well, Anima Tactics could definitely give it a run for its money.
  12. I'm looking for female modern or sci-fi miniatures that aren't scantily clad, and preferably look like serious military. Any recommendations?
  13. My apologies, but there's 100 results in our figure finder for "Human Female Sword". What exactly distinguishes the swordmage from the 100 models that already have the same keywords? I was thinking of the Swordmage class from D&D4 (Forgotten Realms Players Guide). Light armor and weilds magic using her sword as an implement.
  14. Sure, that's the technical definition... it's just that "heroine" tends to be used to mean the "damsel in distress" stereotype. So I personally prefer to use "hero" for female characters as well as male ones.
  15. Pedant time. First, you misspelled "female". More importantly (well, to me)... in my mind a heroine is not the same thing as a female hero. A heroine is a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by the (male) hero. A female hero is someone who gets to act heroically herself.
  16. Some mecha that DON'T look like they're from Battletech. Being an anime fan, I personally find BTech mecha look really ugly and clunky, and would really rather see mecha that look like they're from Gundam or something rather than BT.
  17. Just out of curiosity, when's the compiled list from the last thread gonna be posted?
  18. Since the new BBC Robin Hood show just aired down here, I have to say... Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
  19. Female cavalry. I've complained before about how it's impossible to get female cavalry minis, and apart from a few hero-types (Jehanne, Senet, Devonna, Isarah) the situation hasn't changed.
  20. Okay, so something like this? Callindra [180] Bowsister x4 [124] Olivia (Bless x2, Bandage x2) [90] Kassandra (Improved Protection) [98] Shadowsister x3 [117] Marda [37] Bladesister x4 [104]
  21. 750 pt Bladesisters army - any thoughts on this? Callindra [180] Bowsister x4 [124] Kassandra (LMA) [93] Olivia (Hold, Bless x2) [95] Shadowsister x3 [117] Marda [37] Bladesister x4 [104]
  22. Wuxia heroes (male and female) - preferably in "wire-fu" poses
  23. To go with the Vikings, is there any hope of a Valkyrie model? Or even a troop of them? /~ Da-dada-DAA-daa, Da-dada-DAA-daa, Da-dada-DAA ~/
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