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  1. There's already enough sameness in Warlord. How about more interesting mounts for Bladesister cavalry? Unicorns would be pretty safe, but how about tigers or ostriches? Maybe some other mythical mount would fit in with the proposed Bladesister fluff? (Edit: llamas! ) Having gone through incredibly frustrating attempts to find female cavalry miniatures of any sort, I say thee nay. Some kind of exotic mount would be good for a hero of some sort, but my priority is just plain horses with female riders. Oh, and I especially don't want a whole unit of unicorn-riders. Just feels a little... childish or something. One paladin or spellcaster-type, maybe.
  2. Just noticed that the Minis We'd Like to See thread in Reaper General mentions taking Warlord requests to these boards, so I decided to start this thread up. My requests to start off with... - Female Crusader Grunts - Bladesister Cavalry w/Swords - Bladesister Heavy Cavalry w/lances
  3. - Valkyries on flying horses - Athena - Artemis - Ancient Greek-style Amazons
  4. Couple of Warlord requests: Bladesister cavalry w/swords Bladesister heavy cavalry w/lances
  5. Are there still spots available in this? I'm interested.
  6. Just got the Nefsokar book... Now not only does Sokar have beer, we also have the BAR OF SOKAR. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  7. Mounted Amazon archers and lancers. According to Greek mythology, the Amazons were famous for archery and horseriding, so the Khamsin list would be pretty much perfect as an Amazon army for Warlord. So you could probably even just do female versions of the Khamsin Mounted Archer, Lancer and Raider minis.
  8. Oh, you mean... Catgirls? The world needs more catgirl miniatures.
  9. Was going through some of my old stuff recently and found this. Thought it might be amusing to people here, and if there are any Warlord players who want to do a version, I'd love to see it. Irregular Knight Armies Compulsive, explosive, aggressive people who probably ate too much sugar-loaded breakfast cereal as children. Advice: Seek professional help soonest. Alternate type: Wimpy closet barbarian. Wears pocket protector, hip-slung calculator and thick glasses. Has Boris Vallejo posters in bedroom. Expresses twisted unsatisfied adolescent urges of various types through his forces. Advice: Past life therapy might help, apart from that you're on your own. Pike Armies Romantic intellectuals. The kind of people who know pi to the 14th digit but also like to watch those sappy MGM movies from the 1930s. These people chose their armies based on pure emotion but put a lot of thought into how they can actualy make these armies effective ("Maybe if I intersperse the Warband with the Bows and the Pikes on Tuesdays in an echelon formation with Light Horse screening and Psiloi on the flanks..."). Advice: Give up and get a real army. Roman armies Compulsive administrative types who get deeply emotionally wounded if their armies are not EXACTLY lined up right. These sad individuals are deeply troubled, having blown out over 70% of their brain cells trying to read primary authors in the original Latin. The Late Imperial Roman subtype is particularly well represented in federal prisons. Advice: Wait for the next DBM supplement and the Romans will get even better. Light Horse armies Fun-loving, totally irrational people. These are the kind of folks who tend to buy red sportscars and move to California when tey turn 40. Watch out for those using Irregular Knights (X), though, this is almost always indicative of deep self-hatred. Cavalry armies These people just can't make up their minds. Cavalry units are the closest thing to vanilla troops in the game and the players are similarly boring and colorles. Advice: Get a life. Bow armies Passive aggressive people - "We don't HAVE to be in contact, I can shoot you and you can't do anything about it". These are the kind of people who like to put that one unit in ambush and screw up all your carefully made plans and then sit there smugly smiling for the next three hours. Advice: Don't play against people substantially biger or better armed than you. Regular Knight armies These people are not too bright, but identify strongly with causes such as truth, justice and the American way (like Superman or a D&D Paladin). Advice: Stick with your army, it's easy to use. Elephant and other weird armies Misfits and class clowns. These people show up with Mound Builder or Siamese just to see what reaction they can get from other people. It goes without saying that these people are deeply sick. Advice: Heavy-duty couch time is needed. Warband armies Substantially intellectually challenged people who haven't read the rules. These people make your average Regular Knights player look like Stephen Hawking by comparison. Hellooooo??? Don't you know warband SUCK? Advice: Try checkers. Alternate type: Repressed suicidal. Vicariously lives out self-destructive (Thanatos) impulses through the game. Advice: Keep playing the game no matter what...
  10. Khamsin 750 and 1000 point lists for critique: 750 PTS Troop 1: Ah'Radivh (uning Senet miniature) Atifa [bandage x2, Bless x2, Hold] Khamsin Lancer x1 Mounted Archers x5 Troop 2: Mi-Sher Dervishes x5 Total: 745 pts 1000 PTS Troop 1: Ah'Radivh w/Lesser magic weapon (using Senet miniature) Atifa [bandage x2, Bless x2, Hold] Khamsin Lancer x1 Mounted Archers x6 Troop 2: Mi-Sher Dervishes x5 Troop 3: Khathan w/Lesser Magic armor TOTAL: 999 pts
  11. My colour schemes: Crusaders: Yellow and blue for most, maroon for the battle nuns Elves: Autumn colors - brown/yellow/red Bladesisters: Black, silver and red Nefsokar: Red and tan/sand-color
  12. A good rule of thumb is 1000 points = 20 models. You can stray from that a bit, and make up for the short fall in tactics and heavy hitters, but if you start to get too far down the model count it'll cost you. In general, too much equipment kills you, and Warlords are kind of pricey for what you get. Consider dropping Jehanne for Danel, and no equipment, and use the difference (150+ points) on another troop of soldiers. PS Well, in a force over 1000 points, a warlord's compulsory... Other than that, I guess I'm just a little too attracted to the cool models that I'd like to have, rather than the meat-and-potatoes stuff, huh? (Which is a problem for me when I play things like Magic, too...)
  13. Just got the Crusader book today. Here's a 1250-point list I've worked up... how can I improve it? Troop 1 Lady Jehanne (GMA, LMW) Lady Devona (LMA, Familiar, Fireball x2, Dispel, Ice Shards x2, Slow) Lions Lancers x4 Troop 2 Sister Majeda Battle Nuns x5 Templar Knights x4 Troop 3 Celestial Lion
  14. Female Crusader grunts. There's a fair number of Crusader Leader/Hero women, but all the grunts (apart from the battle nuns) are guys.
  15. Maybe Reaper should do a scenario putting him up against four Reptus brothers...
  16. Pet spelling peeve: Cavalry: Mounted troops Calvary: The hill on which Jesus was crucified
  17. Just as an aside, while we're on the Celestial Lion, I wonder if there's gonna be a surge in pupularity/sales for that since the Narnia movie's just come out? (go on, try and tell me it wasn't inspired by Aslan)
  18. Your forgetting that her squire is carrying a third sword for her. I'm thinking that Lady K is the Imelda Marcos of swords....... Castlebuilder Nah, she's just employing the D&D 3.5 "golf bag theory", where you have a silver weapon, a cold iron weapon, and an adamantine weapon to deal with the vulnerabilities of different kinds of beasties...
  19. Anyone using Dervishes? If so, how do they perform?
  20. Okay, I've actually gotten around to making an army list. Is it any good? NICOLE OF THE BLADE (Improved Protection, Lesser Magic Weapon) [90+20+15 = 125] Loreille Silverrain (Lesser Accuracy Upgrade) [226+40 = 266] Blade Sisters x5 [28x5 = 140] Vale Archers x3 [44x5 = 132] ARTIEMIS THE HUNTRESS [26] Mercenary Spearman x3 [19x3 = 57] Total Points: 746
  21. I have previously requested making an all-bladesister army as an option for the Mercenary faction book, and may as well repeat that suggestion here. I'd like to see Amazons as well... "jungle" type amazons would be okay, but it would be even better to have the Amazons as they were depicted in Greek Mythology, expert riders and archers. Back when I did historical wargaming (DBA/DBM), light cavalry armies were popular among the people who played, but I haven't seen them much in fantasy games. And a horse-archer army could be a lot of fun.
  22. I've mentioned it in another thread, but I'll add my voice to those lobbying for the option of an all-Bladesisters army. It'd probably be better to include the rules in the Mercenary faction book, though, rather than going the 40K route of seperate faction books for red marines, blue marines, pink-and-purple-polka-dotted marines, etc, though...
  23. "Wot we do now'days is, we throw 'er in the lake, an' if she drowns she's innocent, an' if she floats she's a witch, and we chop off 'er 'ead wif an axe."
  24. Just chiming in here to say that I would really appreciate the ability to upgrade a Captain to a Warlord, for a different reason. I'm interested in running an all-Bladesister army, with Nicole in command. Most of it would be easy - the Bladesister stats are for the veteran soldiers, other mercenary troop stats and female figures for grunts (I presume the Bladesisters, despite the name, would have archers, spearwomen and other kinds of troops in their company rather than having it be a one-trick pony - and that Nicole would know more than enough strategy to realise that a one-trick-pony force is a VERY BAD IDEA), perhaps use some of the generic stat blocks for lesser officers/NCOs... but I REALLY want to keep Nicole as C-in-C of the Bladesisters, and therefore to have her as a Warlord. Hey, as a matter of fact... would it be possible to put an all-Bladesisters army as an option when the Mercenary faction book comes out? And while we're on the subject, how about doing a mounted Nicole figure, and other female cavalry? (I'm not sure if you remember my bemoaning of the lack of female mounted warrior figures back in the Minis You'd Like to See thread, but I figure it won't hurt to repeat myself here)
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