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  1. Okay, I'm gonna be showing some of the people at my club the Warlord game sometime soon, and thinking of using 20mm bases for (human-sized) figs to make it easier for the others to use models that are based for a certain other popular fantasy wargame (guess which one?). If I do change the base size, will any other rules need to be modified?
  2. Happy Australia day here, too. Unfortunately, Alicia Molik has lost her match in the tennis, but hopefully Lleyton Hewitt will give us something to cheer about.
  3. Yeh, I was on Sunday arvo for a short while. In fact, this very question (re: female cavalry) came up when I was going through some gear being sold by a dude from Adelaide ("Game Phase", or something - the one near the foot of the stairs). Yeah, that may well have been me. Incidentally, another female mounted mini I would like to see is a Valkyrie on a flying horse, as they were said to ride in Norse mythology.
  4. Yeah...and I thought GW was expensive... Arcanacon is a Melbourne RPG/wargaming convention - www.arcanacon.org . It happened Thursday to Sunday. Apparently this year it broke the record for the biggest 40K tournament ever held in the Southern hemisphere. I won one of the best player awards for D&D, and am still trying to figure out what I did to earn it. The other big Melbourne con is Conquest, held over Easter - www.conquest.asn.au They're one of the Unicorn Clan families in Legend of the 5 Rings. Apparently, AEG has now caught on to what the word "Otaku" refers to in most of geekdom and changed it to "Utaku".
  5. If you're in Melbourne (woohoo!) Mind Games City still has the Rackham knights above (I think). If not, MilSims in Moorabbin. There are also a couple of mounted celtic-style females put out by Celtos, although getting these here might be a little harder (ordering from overseas might even be cheaper...). Tommy. Yeah, I've seen the Rackham one in Mind Games, but it costs over FIFTY *BLEEP*ING DOLLARS (although I'm desperate enough to still be considering it, when I can muster the spare funds). Plus, I'd like to see some proper plate armor on female knights. A lance wouldn't go astray, either, especially considering I'm wanting to use them as Bretonnians (my idea is for an army VERY loosely based on/inspired by the historical Elanor of Aquitaine's female crusaders). BTW, Tommy (and other Aussies), were you at Arcanacon over the weekend?
  6. Newbie here... and I have just three words for what I want to see... MOUNTED FEMALE KNIGHT!!! I am desperate to find a figure of this - the only one I know of was GW's Repanse de Lyonesse, which is no longer in production. I would gladly buy several models from whichever company is willing to bring one out. Some other female mounted figures wouldn't go astray, either. Oh, BTW, are there any minis of the Otaku/Utaku Battle Maidens for L5R?
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