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  1. The creaking of the arms as i bent them in was nerve wracking, i was convinced one was going to pop off. He is a hefty sculpt.
  2. the flocking! duh. that's what is missing on my guys...
  3. nice work on the fur... and the smirk is great.
  4. Absolutely adorable. I know you were going for ferocious, but those big paws, i just wanna snuggle.
  5. Kratos (Quint Warrior) 02907 I ordered the Quint Warrior from my FLGS for my first game ever... the campaign concluded before it showed up. I liked the figure, but I didn't like the oversized weapons. What to do? Someone painted him as Kratos, God of War. I liked the paint job, but the weapons didn't fit... so... First, I carefully bent and rotated his arms forward and weapons more vertical. I removed Quint's weapons, including drilling out the haft, and opened the grip a little. I grabbed scimitars out of two Weapons Pack 1, and shortened them about ¼”. For the chains, I wanted finer chain than the weapon packs, so I soldered and superglued craft necklace. What a pain. Never again. This video gave me a different way to make chain… better result on a different project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLICWoLpDE4 The flames are water effects latex built up and painted in small layers. The base is polymer clay.
  6. was the scythe bent or did it come out okay?
  7. hgh praise from glitterwolf :)
  8. I love the chains. They feel like they are flowing out of him
  9. as i am getting ready to post my Quint, i am amazed at how good your face looks. much cleaner than mine. and, yeah, bold colors look good.
  10. First post. Hellboy (Wizard of Oz Lion) 50312. Of course it's Hellboy, down to the shaved horns! The tentacles are from plastic Goloroth shark thing (77343) and Desert thing (91008) around the leg Base is Tamiya brick wall and Fimo polymer clay
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