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    Kratos (Quint Warrior) 02907




    I ordered the Quint Warrior from my FLGS for my first game ever... the campaign concluded before it showed up.


    I liked the figure, but I didn't like the oversized weapons.  What to do?

    Someone painted him as Kratos, God of War. I liked the paint job, but the weapons didn't fit... so...

    First, I carefully bent and rotated his arms forward and weapons more vertical.

    I removed Quint's weapons, including drilling out the haft, and opened the grip a little.

    I grabbed scimitars out of two Weapons Pack 1, and shortened them about ¼”.


    For the chains, I wanted finer chain than the weapon packs, so I soldered and superglued craft necklace.  What a pain. Never again. 

    This video gave me a different way to make chain… better result on a different project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLICWoLpDE4

    The flames are water effects latex built up and painted in small layers.

    The base is polymer clay. 


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