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  1. Great group, love the work on the scales!
  2. great job on the gruesome!
  3. @R2ED 6 out of 10 still a passing grade in my book. I don't do commissions either but I have painted minis for other people for fun. It is nice to share the hobby with other people.
  4. Great job on that one; I thought immediately of the old Ivanhoe comic when I saw him (just dated myself 😄)
  5. I think it looks great. I also want to know what she thinks of it!
  6. Great stuff and I did look up Adam Kraft, first image that popped up was that self portrait. Definitely see the potential inspiration!
  7. Great job, and I agree with @Glitterwolf, the armor is excellent! I would give the gem a coat of gloss varnish to bring it out more (unless that's just the photo).
  8. These are totally fun and as always great scene-setting!
  9. Great work, your mail came out fantastic!
  10. Great work and I can't wait to see the movie!
  11. Great work and love the departure from the standard Cthulhu green paint job!
  12. Great piece, love the weathering and the basing!
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