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  1. A bit late in this thread but I find this brush from Princeton helps me to reach hard places like that.
  2. Minis arrived, time to prep and paint!
  3. I know how you feel! I have a huge amount of paint and still want more! I might miss a color!
  4. Really nice! Your shading in the black cloth is excellent, I have difficulties pulling that off.
  5. Very nice! I've been looking at Wargames Foundry's flesh tones set; it's pretty extensive although rather pricey at 80 pounds (no idea how to do the monetary symbol for that). They're also available as triads.
  6. Nice job, good shady looking NPC. Don't buy whatever he's selling!
  7. Fantastic job and that is a fun figure!
  8. Fantastic job Samedi! I need to finish the other two in my pack as well if I can get motivated enough! And I agree, the class by @Geoff Davis was excellent!
  9. Great scene! The paleness on Nanaari really gives her a cave dweller look.
  10. Totally awesome and I agree, those eyes are amazing!
  11. Got mine as well, mulling over several options!
  12. I was thinking that the whole time I was painting him! I have a couple others I was thinking of using for a humorous diorama involving a mummy, just need some Egyptian ruins now.
  13. Funny you should mention him, I've been eyeballing his stuff for Call of Cthulhu!
  14. Decided to get started on my minis for Call of Cthulhu. This is one of Wargames Foundry's "Stouthearted Brits" from their Deepest Africa/Congo line. Working on a mix of investigator types to cover the different countries that crop up in the game. This set looked good for Egypt so went with a sand basing. Totally fun to paint and nice not having tons of detail.
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