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  1. Another piece of advice I can give on washes; if you put in too much, you can dry off the wash brush and then use it to suck up the excess wash. I use a size 1 pointy brush with longer hairs so I have more control over it.
  2. Very nice job, love the Greek design around the base edge. I agree they do make a nice figure (ordered one a while back) but yes, they are expensive.
  3. The Mayan color scheme works well on this figure, great job. Regarding the shelf of shame, I have a pre-slotta GW elf I need to strip, what process did you use for yours? I've never stripped a figure before.
  4. The hair color is fantastic. Can't wait for mine to arrive so I can try out this new Bones USA product!
  5. I don't think I'd hire these guys, they look like they'd stab you in the back at the first opportunity! Fantastic paint job!
  6. Outstanding freehand, I need to get a wizard and try that starfield effect.
  7. It's a trap! She looks friendly then whacks the adventurers with the big cuff on her tail then rips them apart with the big foot claws and feasts on their livers! (Man, that was dark ) Maybe I'm missing something in the photos but her skin looks fine to me, a very nice paint job overall.
  8. That is a truly awesome paint job. Your OSL effects are outstanding!
  9. That is a fantastic paint job, the eyes are killer!
  10. I'm going with #2 as well. That unhappy button on his suspender is a great touch!
  11. Great set of figures, love seeing the old Grenadier models coming back.
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