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  1. The Apollo 11 spacecraft (Columbia Command Module + Eagle Lunar Module) closely followed by TV's USS Enterprise NCC - 1701 (it doesn't get the A designator until the movies).
  2. It's enough for the pension and the gold-plated medical plan! What was your rating? I started as an AC (Air Traffic Controller) and switched to JO (Journalist) after 13 years.
  3. Yeah I know that feeling! USN 22 years, stood watch plenty times!
  4. I'd guess the Tommy gun makes it too easy!
  5. Can't say as I recall any memorable intro. The first time people see me in my pirate/medieval/steampunk garb is usually memorable.
  6. Yeeeah, not sure I would want to eat anything they cooked up...
  7. Completed this sailor last night. Fun simple paint job. Tried Reaper's Gunmetal Blue 09126 for the first time. I found it a little too blue but did a wash with Reapers Steel Wash 09312, which toned it down nicely. Took me a bit to get the t-shirt right, forgot how hard shadowing white can be!
  8. I had some corduroy but go back a decade to the 70s. Great job on that one!
  9. Just came across Twisted game. And the mostly finished mini behind me.
  10. While he was not a famous historical figure, it would be my Swiss grandfather. My mom and aunt (his daughters) never told us he and his buddies used to run weaponry across the Alps and Lake Geneva to the French Resistance during WWII until well after both he and my Swiss grandmother were gone. Apparently they were chased on several occasions by the Gebirgsjaeger (German alpine troops) on a couple occasions to boot! I would love to hang out at a cafe with a couple beers and find out more.
  11. That's a great idea, makes setting up a village much faster!
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