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  1. Great color choices, love that you went green rather than blue or aqua for the skin tones, makes her a bit more exotic.
  2. I'm with Glitterwolf, gotta have a connection to the figure. But I try my best even if it's not there but I tend to get overly critical with figures I can't connect to and overdo them.
  3. Well bravo again, sounds like I'll have to eventually invest in an airbrush and learn how to use it. The effect is really great.
  4. Check out Wargames Foundry, they have an ACW paint set that looks like it would make a good base set for the uniforms.
  5. I've been eyeballing this figure and the limited palette challenge sounds like a fun way to do it. Very nice job!
  6. That is a great dragon. Love the crystals too, they look like they're glowing! Love to know how you did that effect.
  7. Totally poisonous looking! Makes me remember the ones my grandfather told us to avoid when mushroom hunting in Switzerland. And knowing they're unique makes them even better!
  8. Fantastic paint job and the hobbit house is really great. I suggest adding a haystack for the pitchforker to poke at.
  9. Your Bones bin may be shameful but these are definitely not! The dragon came out beautifully! I need to do the dragon in my bin of shame. Actually more like boxes of shame strewn about.
  10. Great paint job! Totally fun concept too, I may have to get these.
  11. The weathered wood looks awesome, love the dried out barnacles too.
  12. I was thinking the saber-toothed squirrel from Ice Age.
  13. I'll score the base with an Exacto in a checkerboard pattern then glue the figure to it then paint. Once the figure is done I'll paint the base with a 50/50 mix of water and white glue, then pour sand over it. Once the glue mix is dry I'll shake off the extra sand, paint it in the color I want and add any extras when the paint is dry. If I want to add a rock(s) I'll glue that to the base before the sand. It sounds like a fragile mix but when the clear coat is done (one coat of semi gloss hard coat and one coat of Dullcoat) it's pretty solid. I have a leaf cutter I found on Etsy that I used for the middle figure.
  14. Wargames Foundry has Scrooge specific figures, look under their Christmas line.
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