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  1. Good stuff! Your O-Sayumi kimono pattern looks fantastic!
  2. Totally agree! You really brought this one to life!
  3. She looks fantastic! Great job on the modification. Out of curiosity, where did you get the Egyptian terrain pieces? I'm putting together terrain for Call of Cthulhu and would love more Egypt-themed items.
  4. Great job on that mini. I need to get started on my Dickensians and Servants of the Engine (man did I lay out a lot of cash on that game!). I love the detail in these minis.
  5. Totally awesome seeing your very first minis @Mad Jack; love that they still have the original paint jobs too! I've lost all my original minis with the early paint jobs (maybe unconsciously on purpose? 😄). I had a very similar shadow box that fell apart eventually. I should get another one, it's a great way to display minis.
  6. Thanks everyone! Another year older and behind on my box of shame!
  7. Hakir is the main reason I did my first ever pledge. Can't wait for that terrain and the gods and mummies look like loads of fun to paint. Other than that the anniversary dragon really got my attention. I may add the owlbear set during the pledge manager phase unless something else catches my eye.
  8. Great pirate! The eye looks like scarring from canon misfire or some such. Excellent job!
  9. Those are most definitely plaguebearers! Great gruesome job!
  10. Great stuff! The choice of blue for the ventral mouth really makes it stand out as extra creepy.
  11. It seemed like forever! 😄 I had to go back and do corrections too when I lost control of the brush due to the shakes
  12. Miskatonic University, 1924. Dr. August Bentworth, professor of Medieval Studies, is strolling to his office on the gravel path behind the university's library, his footsteps making a reassuring crunching sound in the twilight. He has a strange faraway look in his eyes as he clutches an ancient leather bound tome under his arm, the leather looking strangely organic. Too organic, one might say... This mini was loads of fun to paint and I tried a couple new things as well. I did a search for tweed suit to see patterns and this one was the first one to come up. I decided to give the freehand a shot; that took me some time! I had to split that over two days, jacket first then the pants (holy cow I got shaky doing that!). Ran into one issue doing the right pant leg, I wound up doing a spiral rather than circles! 😄 Turned out OK though, can't really tell unless you look very closely. Next new item was doing age spots on his head and hands. Pretty pleased with this one, good freehand exercise. As always love to see what everyone thinks and CC is always welcome!
  13. If you like those, Wargames Foundry has them as a boxed set. They do some ex-Citadel/GW sets still. As far as this KS goes, I had fun. It was my first and when I saw the Hakir set I knew I was in. Had to have that terrain! And the 30th dragon! Been wanting to paint a dragon for some time now (last one I did was a Ral Partha one back in 1978) and I may add the owlbear set during the manager phase. Thanks for the photos @Chaoswolf, that cemented me getting the Hakir set!
  14. Just checked in on the KS, so glad the tombs are unlocked! The pics look great, can't wait to get those. Going to have to peruse photos of Egyptian tombs for inspiration. Definitely getting the 30th dragon!
  15. Yes, I concur with @Magnus Brickson; thanks for the confirmations. BTW, anyone know how big Chaarondar the Cruel is?
  16. Nice work on that mini. The lips look fine to me; if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have guessed there were none.
  17. Great pirate! Even if he is kind of yucky...
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