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  1. Fantastic job, the eyes and the crystals turned out really nice!
  2. Great color choices, a nice addition to the shifting sands!
  3. Fantastic! The dragon came out great and love the pattern on it!
  4. Excellent, the color choice is nice and the gradiation came out great!
  5. Looks fantastic, that is an axe that has seen some heavy use!
  6. Blue tack! What a great idea! I've been trying with blue painters tape and making a mess of it!
  7. Fantastic job, love the history behind it too.
  8. Very nice palette, although you are right, the armor on her lower half is puzzling. The scalloped shapes are most likely her sleeves. That was a popular fashion back in the 14th century.
  9. Nice job! I usually hit mine with a coat of Krylon semi gloss which is very durable then do a coat of Testors matte (formerly known as Dullcote). I get a nice finish that way and they are very solid for tabletop.
  10. Very nice and thanks for all the notes on how to achieve the look you achieved. The grass is really excellent, I'll have to check on those products.
  11. Nice, makes the armor pop. I just bought some of the colored metallics myself, can't wait to try them out.
  12. Nice, good job on your first basing attempt. Took me a while before I attempted any kind of basing.
  13. The green cloak with the white and pink outfit looks great!
  14. I like it, the silver gives the fabric a nice silk look.
  15. Thanks! I thought adding fall foliage to the base would fit the figure nicely.
  16. Finally finished my first two Reaper minis; Caerindra Thistlemoor, Fighter - 07012 and Lodoni, Female Rogue - 03266. Both fun paint jobs, a lot of detail on Caerindra. Tried out my new Dragon Gold and Dwarven Gold on Lodoni, found them to be very rich colors, maybe use a wash to tone them down a bit; great for treasure hoards though. I think I could have done better on the tabard she's wearing, but didn't have enough brush control for detail that fine. She had a weird mold defect on her face so turned that into a scar. Caerindra's shield has the coat of arms of Feusiberg, a Swiss town; have a great web site with all the Swiss cantonal, commune (county) and city/village coats of arms here. Enjoy! As always, CC and tips very welcome!
  17. Very nice! Reminiscent of a certain king... Coconuts anyone?
  18. Great job on her, the jewel came out super nice. Mine's in progress. Placing an order today to get the new wizard in this line.
  19. She looks fantastic. Looks like a fun one to paint!
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