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  1. Excellent, nicely done on the osl. I like the basic gruntishness with the paint scheme.
  2. I agree with @Grand Slam, love the color scheme!
  3. Great job on that boat! Love that the knight is wearing what looks like pirate boots! Would that make him a robber baron? 😁
  4. Very nice job! I checked out the WIP, the greyscale process is interesting, I may try that out.
  5. I'm still trying to decide which color scheme to use, but I am curious about the colors you used on the belly scales on the red head.
  6. fun grouping, love the boulderkins' glowing eyes!
  7. Love the mandrill faces, draws your eye immediately! Great work!
  8. Fantastic beard and great job on that staff!
  9. Fantastic paint job! Definitely going to reference this when my 30th anniversary dragon comes in!
  10. Great colors, very alien tropical!
  11. Eeeeewwww! That's meant as a compliment 😄
  12. She turned out beautifully. Love the weathering you did on the base, I definitely need to get mine done!
  13. Welcome to the forum! Great job on that one, the glued wings make it look impressive. I would suggest photographing against a blank wall/background so we can see the figure better.
  14. Good stuff! Your O-Sayumi kimono pattern looks fantastic!
  15. Excellent job on her! I like the setting too, great job!
  16. Totally agree! You really brought this one to life!
  17. Totally amazing. The NMM looks excellent to me.
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