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  1. I'll score the base with an Exacto in a checkerboard pattern then glue the figure to it then paint. Once the figure is done I'll paint the base with a 50/50 mix of water and white glue, then pour sand over it. Once the glue mix is dry I'll shake off the extra sand, paint it in the color I want and add any extras when the paint is dry. If I want to add a rock(s) I'll glue that to the base before the sand. It sounds like a fragile mix but when the clear coat is done (one coat of semi gloss hard coat and one coat of Dullcoat) it's pretty solid. I have a leaf cutter I found on Etsy that I used for the middle figure.




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  2. OK, my very first post, figured this would be a good topic for it.


    Started D&D minis back in the late 70s, but first minis would be Airfix soldiers, mostly Napoleonics, I liked the bright uniforms. This photo is Ral Partha minis and one very early Citadel crusader, done between 1979 and 1980. I was lucky falling in with a bunch of D&Ders who were experienced at painting, learned all the shading techniques and drybrushing and washes I had no clue about when doing the Airfix soldiers although I was pretty good at detailing. There are al done with Humbrol, Testor and Tamiya enamels.



    Then I joined the Navy. This one is my return to painting after a 25 year absence. Did it with those crappy acrylics from Michael's they were cheap, but still got a decent result I think.



    These are some of my latest, from Wargames Foundry and an older Bretonnian I picked up a while back that's been lingering in a drawer (will be posting my new Reaper minis as soon as I get them painted). Using a mix of paints from Reaper and Wargames Foundry, love the triad paint set concept, makes shading so much easier.


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