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  1. That's how the shelf of shame gets started! Or in my case box of shame. Once you have one of these you're a real hobbyist! 😄
  2. I have to jump on the bandwagon, that freehand rose is amazing, and love the before figure too, always nice to see how soemone progresses as they gain experience.
  3. I actually did not use any washes. I base coated it in dark green, then built up the layers using a wet brush technique (kind of like dry brush but with more paint in the brush and you don't let it dry before layering) so the layers blend into each other. Although a wash may have helped bring out the deep folds better the way this cloak is sculpted. Might be worth getting several with cloaks sculpted like this to try out different techniques.
  4. Great chibi! And I agree with @KruleBear, the hat and hair are outstanding!
  5. Thanks! I do need to get better at cloaks, I may buy another one of these just to practice "cloaking."
  6. Painted this guy up as a gift for a friend at work; she's playing her first D&D campaign as a ranger and has never owned a mini, thought this would be a nice gift. The mini was a delight to paint, the sculpt is really well done. The face is very expressive and even the eyes were easy to paint (or am I getting better after more than 40 years of doing this?). As always CC is welcome!
  7. These are really great! I need to do a weird Xmas vignette now! Get these and the creepy santas from Wargames Foundry.
  8. Very nice job on your first minis! Welcome to the forum and the hobby! As far a picking out the highlights after a wash, I prefer a wet brush rather than a dry brush, basically a similar technique but the brush is just slightly wetter.
  9. Nice body of work; I especially like the transition from smoke to skin on the female genie.
  10. Great scale work, the belly scales are really nice. Welcome to the forum!
  11. I like the work on the bow, very original.
  12. Been there done that, US Navy for 22 years. Mostly Atlantic-Med cruises on the USS Saratoga and USS Forrestal (9 months was the longest). But if I do decide to do a pleasure cruise it would have to be the Viking River cruise that goes along the Danube and Rhine rivers. Or a super luxury Pacific one on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth (lotto win necessary for that one 😄).
  13. Sandy Claws has nothing on these guys!
  14. Good job. Definitely better now than before. Pencil in the design first, if you can't get it to where you like it you can erase the pencil. You can use this from the November 1989 White Dwarf mag! Make it really old school!
  15. Nice job on that one! i just got the thing in the fog and the moon beasts. Fun figures!
  16. Nice, love how you made the pie filling bubble over down the sides of the pan, great detail!
  17. Definitely metal. Hard plastic would be #2, and I have done some Bones, and prefer the Bones USA
  18. Looks great! Nice transitions in the red cloth, that's hard to pull off.
  19. Great job and I know the feeling!
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