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  1. All of them? I got this cool OOP temple from the Sentry Box in Calgary. It's made out of cement or something. I'm going to paint it to match my Spartans. I followed the free Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy video for them. Embarassingly, I have GW Arnor figures that have been sitting there for years. I'm going to finish them, one day. Same with the Indomitus boxed set. I lost interest in it when the FLGS decided they would be closed on my day off. I'm waiting for Armies on Parade to finish it. I just basecoated my Tzeentch boxed set, and that is what I'm planning on pain
  2. I was kind of hoping today would be the day I was raptured, but alas, it was not to be.
  3. I'm painting some extremely bright pink and blue horrors from GW, and I have a scheme for the pink one. It looks like cotton candy pink. I thought it would be fun to paint the counterpart bubble gum ice cream blue, or cotton candy blue. Does anyone have a Reaper or Citadel paint idea that would work for this? Thanks!
  4. I have a problem with peeling stickers off of everything. There are no labels on the shampoo or cream rinse in the shower and the one on the anchovy paste recently disappeared as a result of fiddling fingers. If it can peel off, it's gone. I plan on writing "toothpaste" on that one and putting the tube in the shower. The QR code is probably not there anymore after I find it.
  5. I was finally able to do my Medical First Responder recert this weekend. I was like a year behind on it. GTK: You can totally give artificial respirations to someone while wearing a covid mask. It felt so good to see my friends again and get back in the saddle. I stayed in the city with some relatives all weekend. I cleaned the litterbox and put out lots of food and water and lifted the toilet lid for Milo. I was like, "He's a cat, he'll be fine." I have now entered into a symbiotic relationship with my cat. It's like having a cat barnacle.
  6. Oh, Mongolian death worm for the win. I tried to live and let live with the little wasp nest above the garage last summer. Nope. Too territorial. I'd like to say I won that battle, but they went to make a nest in the tire swing and the kids found it first. I absolutely adore bees. I think they are fascinating creatures. I keep rescuing them from the pond. If my landlord would let me, I'd put hives in the yard. But my dumb dog eating all the bees would probably necessitate far more epinephrine than it's worth. My house spiders are outside. They're in th
  7. I used herbs for mine. I based it initially in sand and painted it a dark brown so as not to distract from the bright mini. Then I took a mixture of herbs and loose tea and mixed it together. I think I used basil and oregano with a bit of green foam flock mixed in. Super cheap and it smells nice, too.
  8. I watched Soul by Pixar last night. I loved it. It has a therapy cat! How can you not love a movie with a therapy cat?! Not to spoil it at all for you, but it was not the cliche "It's a Wonderful Life" I was expecting.
  9. The Criminal Code of Canada. Man did I hate lugging that thing around to class. I gave it its own bag, which was about as exciting as the material. Actually, some of it was quite interesting, like the laws about human remains and that witchcraft was still in there in 2008. We never studied those parts. I would forget it on the bus at least every two weeks. It got so the lady at the transit office saw me coming and lugged it over.
  10. According to my coworker, rap artists often pull from each other in their lyrics. He's super into music and quite talented; while I am not, it makes for interesting conversation. I have to put a shout-out to all the people on the forum who I've been inspired by, There are a lot of knock-offs at my house.
  11. I watched the live action Mulan. It was a solidly okay movie. Three of five stars. Of course, my favorite part was Bori Khan's minions' costumes.
  12. Actually, the Osprey Games has some too, under their Frostgrave folder. I'm loving the story so far and hope you write a bat rep of your adventures.
  13. I have a Team Canada sweatshirt. I love that thing. It's from when Greece hosted the Olympics. I only ever go to sporting events (that aren't whitewater) because I'm working first aid at them. I have to stay until the bitter, bitter end. Usually I'm helping put chairs away. It's not all bad. One year I got like twenty free lucky steamed buns at Chinese New Year. I was like Oprah at work the next day: you get a bun, and you get a bun... It could be worse. It could've been a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.
  14. I love when the truckers get the address wrong at work and send the parcels to the wash bay. We have three different buildings, only one is labelled "Office". The couriers, bless their hearts, brave the poop-storm coming out of the back of the trailers to drop off the payroll lady's new sheets.
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