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  1. Then it would be a biting zoo. I'd like minnows. If I know that's what's nibbling on me in the forbidden depths, it's great. If I don't, it's horrible girly shrieks. Either way, you'll all get your money's worth.
  2. What about TTcombat's Voice of Dagon? The AGLAOPES are pretty cool, if you want fishier folk.
  3. I agree. I like these better than a lot of what was shown in the kickstarter campaign. The mushroom shield is the best. The turtle is kind of big, but I still want it for Ghost Archipelago. Dracorama would look great in blue as a desert dragon on those cliffs.
  4. Yes. Baz Luhrmann's song "Everybody's Free". According to Wikipedia, it never was an actual speech, but a column written in a newspaper.
  5. Well, if I'm representing local government, by the time we have gotten things sorted out to a plan of action, the kitten will have worn itself out and fallen asleep.
  6. I'm with @Inarah . I like all kinds of aliens, from ET to Star Trek, to Star Wars to Alien and Predator. Do I believe in aliens? Well, Church scripture says God created many Earths and populated them with many peoples, so of course I do!
  7. Meanwhile, in Germany... I once got an email confirming my address from a terrain maker. Just the name, box #, town and PO code. That's really it. Some of the international once can be quite complex.
  8. I have a rural address, so my post box is in the village. I finally convinced the postmaster to quit rolling up my new Stargrave books and stuffing them in the box. Amazon delivers to the post office most of the time, the rare few times they feel they must courier I send the parcels to the office. Hence, on all my international orders I write in big letters: RURAL ADDRESS. DO NOT COURIER. It's not like the house is hard to find, it's just off the highway and a local landmark. If my friends are dropping something off, I have them put it in the pumphouse, as it's heated in the winter. We also have no doorbell. It's a farmhouse, 'cmon! My German shepherd is supposed to let me know when people come in the yard, but I did too good of a job socializing her as a puppy. I have to buy "Beware of dog" signs not because she's mean, but so people know she lives here and watch out for her when driving in the yard.
  9. I bought the GW ghouls to use as zombies. I also have the Mantic ones. They're both decent minis, if a bit small compared to most of Reaper's stuff. Oh well, maybe you shrink when you die. We saw Patiherchef at the Ether Dome in Boston and he's really quite small. I don't have enough bugs either. I'm using spiders. If you wait until Halloween, you can get plenty of cheap spiders. I'd like to use scorpions, but there just aren't enough cheap ones out there for all the different kinds of bug needed. GW 'nids are the easiest answer. The official Aliens minis could be fun, but last time I checked they only had a few sets. I bought Wargames Atlantic giant spiders--decent minis, but a pain in the butt to assemble. Because of their pointy legs I'm building them custom ruined bases from Hirst Arts miscasts. The ghouls are on my painting desk to batch paint next, then a nice unique hero or two and onto the spiders, hopefully. Maybe my Bones 5.5 Arakoth will show up in time to be painted inbetween hordes.
  10. I got my copy of "Last Prospector" from the post office, where I have finally convinced the postmaster to quit bending my books and stuffing them in the box--win! Anyway, here are my initial impressions. (I haven't read the whole thing yet.) This one has flavours of "Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire". Instead of tribes, you get five factions and you gain or lose influence with them based on goals you do or don't do in each of the scenarios. Like the GA tribes, each faction has boons applied to your warband if you reach a certain status with them, but these are static (unlike the tribes which are created by rolling off a chart).You start with scenario one, then players choose what scenario to play next based on faction standing. There are piles of special rules for each scenario. They aren't anything new, but are a creative reworking into something fun and different. I would recommend this book for a gaming group who play together often. Rules are included to easily have four players. This book has a real campaign feeling that is best achieved through dedicated play, and while you could disregard the faction special rules and play the scenarios as one-shots, it would effectively lose half the content. Because of the throwback to "Gods of Fire", I believe that it is possible to play the game as a Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago campaign. I am using the tribal guides as opposed to the stats in the Stargrave rulebook. You could make tribes instead of the five factions, but they wouldn't be too out of place in a fantasy setting, as they repesent gangs, homesteaders and a mining corporations for example. Tiny spoiler: You can use your Green Griffon/Brinewind bar for the first scenario! (Meanwhile, in Sandgrave we have a marketplace with small stalls instead of a giant bar with tables and chairs to make.)
  11. Not my bones, but everything else, yes. I have brush on black for the winter, but I usually buy spray paint and lightly do them outside. The Egyptians tend to be white. Red and metallic I do in brown and sometimes I use a medium grey or tan. I used to do the LoTR minis in black, but I don't paint much of them any more.
  12. Well, we got the Greek and Egyptian sets. The only other mythology I'd really like to see is East Indian, but it's unlikely as many of those gods and heroes are part of Hindu mythology and political correctness would make it difficult.
  13. Every spring Mumsy wages war on the magpies in the yard. They try to build nests; she tears them down. Every day there are at least two new ones for her to find. They build them from mud and sticks, so they aren't easy to destroy. I'm celiac, so this is the doughnut for me.
  14. As requested, here's the pylon. Nothing special, an unfinished version of the one that has instructions on the Hirst Arts website. Frostgrave always needs demons. When these guys came up in Bones 5, I had to buy them. I have always liked the flayed version of the Coven of the Wrack, which is a GW dark elves scheme. These guys are textured like they've been skinned. The paint scheme is on the GW paint app, but I added a bloodletter wash. The sword on the big guy was inspired by a tutorial at Tale of Painters. I painted their armour with verdigris to match the sword. The bases are in my Greek scheme for Ghost Archipelago. Whatever the current version of Bonesium is, I couldn't get though it, so it "cut my losses" (pun totally intended) and just glued them to pieces of wood.
  15. Escape From Khanlandia Contestants are put onto the fictional prison of Khanlandia. They are given the opportunity to scavenge goods--mostly junk--from across the island prison, which they must use to escape. Contestants can reinact historical prison breaks and can act independently or together. Each season will have extra challenges and bonuses, like "bribe the guards", "laundry detail", "island ferry" and such. It would probably be more of a reality show.
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