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  1. It's a shepherd thing. My parents' girl used to carry the mallet used for whacking gophers. She was so proud of her designation as official carrier.
  2. Na na na na na na na na Batman! My five year old nephew, a male friend and I were having a heated discussion: Nephew: "Spider man is the coolest." Me: "Nuh-uh. Batman is way cooler than spider man." Friend: "Spider man is cooler. He has awesome powers. What does Batman have?" Me: "Bruce Wayne's money. He could buy Spider man and make him work for him. He'd be like 'Peter, are those your cobwebs? I thought I told you to dust this place'."
  3. Mumsy and daddy are planning a trip to Scotland to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Today I dared Mumsy to take a copy of Macbeth and read it loudly and dramatically at multiple sites on their tour. "I wouldn't read Shakespeare on the toilet," she said. "Yes, you would. *imitates ripping noise* 'Out damned spot!'" *imitates squeaking noise and bum-rubbing action.
  4. That's a great conversion. Your sculpting is excellent, it looks just like the one in the book. The painting is nice, too.
  5. Muslems believe that Allah initially wanted people to pray 500 times a day, and that the Prophet Mohammad negotiated that down to five. I always try to hold a prayer in my heart, usually one of joy or thankfulness. Christians are advised to be like little children in their faith, and I try to look at the world with all the joy and wonder of a child. There's something to be said about life's simple pleasures. I had a profound spiritual experience at 14 years old, which has shaped every aspect of my life. I cannot cease to be spiritual. I do belong to a church, but I don't attend all the time, mostly because it's a 45 min one way trip to church. I miss my church friends. I prefer to worship the Lord among his creations. I get cat tail in the face when I kneel to pray at my bedside, but I think he probably finds it just as funny as I do. I will sing hymns when I walk through the field. I prefer to pray out in the yard under the stars. I don't know if I meditate, but I have my sacred spaces where I open myself up and just project love and thankfulness. When I'm having a miserable day, my faith helps me stay grounded and not let my mind wander to dark, desolate places. It lets me lives simply and joyfully every other time. If you verbalize your feelings and let the emotions with them be expressed, you aren't holding them in. I find it cathartic to tell the Lord exactly how I'm feeling some days.
  6. All the time. Lucid eye is a little company which is pretty much cast to order, so unless they are having a sale on a set of minis that week, it will take a while. They also use ground post. It takes about a month for me to receive orders from them. The owner is a true gentleman; I frequently send requests with my order and he's happy to oblige. You will have to clean up the castings, there are quite a bit of flash on them sometimes. They do however, frequently mess up my order. I got probably $50 worth of free product in november, but there have been times that they have to send something out that is missing. My orders are also massive. I highly recommend ordering from them, but make sure you do an inventory when the parcel arrives and contact them if you have problems. I've painted a number of their sculpts, you can see them on my Sandgrave topic. Some of them are also posted on Lucid Eye's Facebook page.
  7. Ah, customs. I have found myself calculating whether it's cheaper to order two orders and pay for shipping twice, or get dinged 10% on customs. We only ever pay over 100$, and not on gifts. My household is masterful at getting to that free shipping threshold on the Reaper site without getting over 100$
  8. I believe my high school yearbook career aspiration was crazy cat lady. I only have one cat, but I'm crazy about him, so mission accomplished? When I was little I wanted to be a paeleontologist, archaeologist or writer. I originally went to university to become an English teacher. It didn't work out, but that is a long story. Some days the trailers at work are so dirty I feel like I am excavating layers of sediment. When I was 19, Mumsy asked me what my goals were. I don't remember them all, but I did want to be a published author; get married in the temple and own a house. I do own my own house, and I love it. I got a letter published a number of years ago in White Dwarf magazine, but that's not exactly what I have in mind. My muse doesn't visit me often these days. I will probably never get married in the temple, at least not on earth, as I am an ace woman, and that's not what many guys are looking for. I have been doing very well with overcoming my communication skills deficit, but it's still something NTs are prejudiced about, so I've given up trying to get a career outside of a trade. I haven't had any luck getting an apprenticeship. I still want to write a decent book, or a screenplay. I think the secret to being a good writer is to read everything. I read non-fiction almost as often as fiction. I've read popular authors and banned ones. I won't read Oprah or Heather's book of the month. I read D&D books and I try to read the classics. Subconscious me seems to want to graduate from university with a B. Sc., as that is one of my reoccuring dreams (at night). I also have telekinesis dreams all the time, but nothing has moved under the power of my mind alone, except perhaps the dog when I stare at her.
  9. Today I am celebrating my skin. I was thinking about the nasty scar on my finger, and how bad the infection was. I was an outpatient at the hospital for 3 days getting IV antibiotics. I must have gotten manure germs in the wound. All the manure I work with, I only ever get eye infections occassionally. So I'm celebrating how great my skin is and how the constellations of freckles is unique to me.
  10. I love the green dragon, his scales would be so fun to paint! The head on the brass in really neat. I love how it's a dragon who doesn't look like it wants to eat you.
  11. Nice to see your army is still progressing. I like several of these minis, thanks for listing the maker. I painted my Egyptians and Africans a variety of skin tones--you can see the colours and the paints used on my Sandgrave topic, page 3 or 4.
  12. Presently I am looking at starting a business so I can put in a tender for the landscaping contract at the post office. We need more casual work. We're learning all about business insurance today. It's frustrating. Everyone wants to insure my push mower for $2 million and I have to give everybody I call the same info after sitting on hold for 10 min.
  13. The last time I volunteered to teach primary was quite a few years ago. I had six or eight kids about 10 years old. I totally nailed the Q&A part. Kid 1: Was Jesus a zombie? Me: No, Jesus has free will; zombies do not. Kid 2: Could Jesus do double back flips? Me: Probably, but he chose to inspire the people with more lasting miracles. It's almost like I still have the mind of a 10 year old... They haven't asked me to do it again, though.
  14. I'm trying to get an insurance quote so I apply for the contract mowing grass at the post office. They quoted me for $2 million dollars, which is the smallest amount they provide. I said that I could destroy the entire post office for $2 million dollars. The postmaster told me she would like it if I somehow managed to destroy the building. I don't know how on earth a push mower could do $2 million dollars worth of damage anything, but it sounds like a challenge to me!
  15. I seldom paint eyes, but when I do, it's Croc Games minis! I don't like painting eyes, but these girls have such huge anime eyes, they needed it. Colour are all GW Citadel range. Hides: XV 88--> Tau lite ochre--> orange wash--> Tau lite ochre--> very thinned yellow wash as glaze. Spots and hair is Rhinox hide. Pink and blue can be found on the Citadel Paint app. Tummies just some off whites working up to white. I used a touch of Carroburg crimson wash on the mouths. Gold is my standard Egyptian blend. These girls are from one of the camp followers sets. They came with a set of used Basti I bought. They are on round bases because they are meant to be mobile scenery or for damsels in distress for a few different Stargrave scenarios. (Honestly, I'm running out of Reaper square bases. April can't come soon enough--as soon as that Greek lion releases, I'm making a big order of bases!)
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