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  1. Yes. I make cookies for the office and some friends every year. Shortbread is done. We age our shortbread. Everyone thinks this is so funny, but it truly improves the flavour. I don't know how many cookies there will be, as I am running a defecit presently. My one boss has diabetes, no self-control and a horrible sweet tooth, so I told him I'd make him a jar of pickled eggs instead. He's delighted. I've had several made for me. I got a ceramic tile with the Nativity on it, which I was genuinely delighted to have, as it's a mouse-proof pot holder. I also get knitted dishcloths every year from my church friends. I would love to paint Reaper nativities for friends and family as gifts, but the metal one is too expensive. If they released it in bones, I'd buy a few.
  2. Meanwhile in Canada... "Escaped kangaroo punches police officer in face before Oshawa capture" According to CBC News, he grabbed it by the tail and it punched him. Do you think Australians try to grab Canada geese by the neck and not expect to get bitten?
  3. Cat. I remember having my wisdom teeth done. I didn't want to take anymore of the meds they gave me, as they made me dizzy. So I laid down on the bed, our wonderful black cat came and laid on my chest and I was out. My current purr puss Milo is the best for relieving mental health symptoms, but he also makes my sore body feel better.
  4. I'm too broke to be part of the Reaper 12 Days of Xmas this year, but if I could, I'd get mini Crampus and the gnome with the scroll. I got Tinker the Gnome before, he's a great sculpt.
  5. In the TV series, the Bible, they built a Bronze Age city set in Morocco. I could have campouts and reenactments in my city. I don't know if the ships from Viking were real, but having a draakar would be really cool. Or any of the James Bond cars.
  6. Oh yes, all the time. We have mice and those maple bugs and houseflies and fruit flies. I learned a lot about maple bugs from the University of Sask Ag branch. I decided not to deal with them, as smooshing them actually attracts more. The best way to deal with fruit flies is to wait until night when they are sleeping and vaccuum them up. Seriously, it works really well. We trap the mice. They really only come in one spot, but I can't use the tea towel drawer. Milo catches the odd one that comes out elsewhere. The flies are a different matter. I think they may be coming in where the roof and the skylight meet. When the roof was redone a couple of years ago, they had to rebuild around the skylight and so it doesn't sit flush with the drywall anymore. It doesn't leak--there's no wet spots or discolouring--but it is unsightly. I am planning to get the critter ridder spray insulation and fill in the cracks, cut it flat and cover it with crown moulding. If only I can convince dad to help me with the carpentry part...
  7. Every year I watch "Night of the Meek", the old Christmas Twilight Zone episode and "It's a Wonderful Life" as my Christmas Movies. My great grandma was a Bailey, and I always joke that I must be related to George Bailey because I'm broke in money, but not in friendship. We have "Last Voyage of the Demeter" on order from the library. Even if it's bad, it won't cost anything. We got "Asteroid City" earlier this month and we hated it. (Well, I hated it and Lilly slept through it.) Maybe I didn't get it? I wanted to see "Napoleon", but I've heard it's terrible. We got some Napoleonic-era British shows to watch tonight. Lilly loves horror movies and nature documentaries, but her attention span is only 15 mins, so we have been working through Life on Our Planet at suppertime.
  8. I didn't buy as much Black Friday stuff this year as last year. I did my yearly Croc Games order, as I really needed some bitz to fix some secondhand stuff I bought, and added a few new units to the order. I will have a 1000 pt force of Typhon with Nekharu allies after my order comes. Eventually I'd like to add the Scorpion King and his retinue from Dragon Bait minis at some point. The reason why: I bought the big Silver Bayonet: Canada bundle. I also bought some monsters and other units to go with them. I will make a GKA does New World page when I start them. They arrived today from the UK, along with a 25$ customs bill. Ouch. I didn't know Canadians have to pay customs on stuff from the Commonwealth. I'm really stoked to start them. I'm going to do the wolves first, since I can use them right away in SB and Tribal.
  9. Yup! The Wargames Atlantic spiders are progessing nicely. The first batch of three got their bases finished and legs and bodies done. I don't like how the bodies turned out, but the legs are cool. They look like little dioramas sitting on their ruins. I will post them to the Sandgrave page when they're done. I'm having lots of fun adding skullz to their bases. That was my 2022 Boxing Day Sale FLGS purchase last year. Also made some terrain for my New World games. I cast up some plaster rocks and more bricks for Sandgrave and made myself a nice little rocky scrubland piece. I'm pretty happy with it, but I need to make a homemade static grass applicator--it looks like the entire brigade marched through the piece. I'm going to make another one tonight, then paint the bases for the coniferous pieces (heavy cover woodlands) and put them away so I can tidy up a bit. I want to buy a few bags of flocking from overseas, but I can't afford to right now, so I'll stick them away for a while. Then I want to work on the dollar store cabin I made and start on roads and rivers.
  10. I fast regularly for religious reasons. The last time was Rememberance Day. I feast all the time. I am so grateful to have all the good food I want, and usually stuff I like to eat. But more specifically, Sundays at my parents' place. We have steak or smoked roast most of the time.
  11. My favorite time of the year to shop at the dollar store is between Halloween and Christmas. So many goodies for cheap terrain. Recently I purchased a little model cabin from Dollarama under the MonToy brand. It cost me maybe $4. I put it together tonight, and it looks like it's going to be almost the perfect size for 28mm wargaming. Huzzah! It's rectangular, so I'm going to buy two more and make a small square one and a big square one. I might put cereal box shingles on the roof and pick a wood stain from the hardware to spruce them up, but they will be perfect for Silver Bayonet Canada. I also bought a huge haul of Lemax trees from Michaels, as they had a BOGO on them. They have a bit of snow painted on them, but I think we can make them work.
  12. Here's another one. I bought some new hunter gloves off the internet a week ago. (Those are the ones with the flip up mitten part.) Apparently, I have huge man hands because I bought a large and wish I'd bought the XL. Anyway, we went hiking today and I wore them. We were going along and I went to flip the mittens over my fingers. "Oh poop. They sewed this one on wrong, it's backwards," I cried. "They sent me defective mitties." Mumsy took a quick glance over and said, "No they didn't. It's just inside out," and she fixed it for me. "Imagine if you sent those back, they'd've had a good laugh for sure." "Yeah," I said. "Just like that time I complained to Reaper Customer Service my minis weren't as pictured and they told me to rotate it 90 degrees and it would match." I'm sure that email transcript is in the Reaper office somewhere, on a board to laugh at when people answering the phones are having a bad day.
  13. How are these minis to paint? Ever since this kickstarter has hit retail, I've been interested in buying some. But they are priced deceptively cheap. Are they made of quality materials? Would you recommend buying them or do you regret doing so?
  14. You guys will like this one. One cold winter day, I decided that I wanted to dry the basecoat on my bases faster. The oven was on, so I thought I'd just put them on a plastic lid on the burner where the oven vents out. Yeah... It didn't work out that way. I ended up with a melted mess of lid and bases. So I wrote GW customer service and asked for replacement bases, but they never wrote back.
  15. "Emergency, emergency" From the movie the Russians are Coming. There is one guy who speaks English, and after their submarine accidently runs aground on a sandbar outside a sleepy American town, he is coaching the other submariners how to explain their predicament. He totally over enunciates it. I say this all the time when something bad and unexpected happens that isn't anything anyone would ever call 911 for. Dog frizbee on the roof again? Yup, that's an "e-MER-gency " at my house. (My dog thinks if people call the fire department to get cats out of trees, then she should be able to get them to come out to get a frizbee off the roof.)
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