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  1. That troll can go suck a lemon. I volunteer with St John Ambulance as a first responder. I've taken probably 20 first aid courses in one form or another. I've learned that you can always learn something from someone, so don't be arrogant about the subject matter or the speaker, or you will lose that opportunity.
  2. I recently channeled my inner German and found a love of sauerkraut. Conversely, we used to eat liver sausage all the time on toast when I was growing up. I bought some, and I discovered that it tasted too much like...liver. I also can't eat certain foods like I used to. I loved pork ribs growing up, but they are too rich for my tummy these days. I also ate a leftover chocolate pop tart so the kids wouldn't and wondered why I liked them as a kid because they are disgusting.
  3. Oh, yes. There's a great old movie called "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming". This is set during the Cold War and the crew of a Russian submarine finds itself beached on a sandbar off the coast of a small American fishing village. One guy speaks English and he is trying to teach it to the others. He enunciates, "Emergency, emergency". I thought this was the funniest thing in the world and I do it all the time when things are bad, but not an actual police/fire/ambulance emergency, like when the pipe burst at work. There's a comedy folk song by Cletus T Judd called "It's Me Again, Margaret". I won't ruin it for you, but if you call someone in my family twice in a 15 minute period, you get to say in a southern drawl, "It's me again, Margaret". And of course, we have Forrest Gump Day at least once a month at work.
  4. Often I do, yes. I worked construction while I worked at Wal-Mart, had side jobs when I was between projects in the oilfield and recently worked 3 jobs: my regular one; enumeration for Elections Canada, which was great because it was between work and home, so I got paid to drive back and forth; and data entry and animal treatments in the family feedlot. It was crazy, but it was only for a month. I liked working for Elections, I worked election day, too.
  5. I think you're my favorite painter on the forum. I always get excited to see one of your finished projects. The metal parts are always my favorite. If they do virtual Reaper Con 2021, please consider teaching a metallics class.
  6. I wish I could hoard farm animals, but I only have one dog and one cat. Do you still count as a crazy cat lady if you're only crazy about one cat? My high school yearbook: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Me: Cat Lady
  7. Ha, ha. Some dedicated paddlers have been known to live on ketchup packet soup during the height of paddling season. I guess, befitting of a proper Mongol, I have several hoards that rotate through the season. In the fall, I start hoarding boxes in anticipation of that perfect one for each gift at Christmas. In January, I have the great recycling hoard. In the summer, I have the great zucchini hoard. I really do have a food hoarding problem. My religion preaches having a year supply of food. I also live in the middle of nowhere, so in the winter the fridge has 2 weeks worth of goodies. I even freeze cartons of milk (it works better with skim and 1%). It's gotten so bad that when food comes home, before it goes in the pantry, I write dates on it in black marker.
  8. I recently took a quest to the bottom of the freezer (I'm trying to pitch "True Confessions of a Food Hoarder" to TLC. It has food and hoarding, two very popular themes in the same show.) to discover why it was so full. I found 8 chickens. 8 whole chickens, which is a lot of chickens for a single girl. I also found a disturbing amount of pies. So it would be roasted chicken with winter veg and pie. You'd be perfectly safe, no worries about disappearing into the freezer, I can't fit a pound of hamburger in there right now, let alone unwanted guests.
  9. Now I'm sad I didn't buy the giant spider. It's a cool model, but I had a limited budget and I didn't know what I would do with it. A supersized scorpion? Yes please! Maybe we can get one in Bones 6, the Bones 5 map was heading into the desert at the end of the pledging. I also regret not getting in on Bones 4. The animal models I wanted are releasing this spring. It's been a painful wait. I still don't know when the dinos are releasing. They have had problems with the t-rex flopping over on its tummy, but I don't know why the trike hasn't been released.
  10. I have mixed feelings about this KS. I like the sculpts well enough, but there's a lot of Greek-inspired stuff. I probably would use those parts anyway in my game world, but I'd rather see more of the Mongol-esque Scythians I fell in love with the first time I saw them in high school. I'm also not fond of the delivery options.
  11. @MoonglowMinis Ape Demon is pretty cool. I copied it on my version of this mini. I used a GW contrast paint on the fur and Rakarth flesh, pallid witch flesh and seraphim sepia on the body. I liked my version, it has a ourangatang vibe.
  12. Oh, more than I probably should have. I bought the original version of "Test of Honour".The minis are fun and I kind of like the game mechanics, but I'm not that into samurai. The plan is to finish this and leave it at my cousin's cabin in the US when I can visit again. Maybe a new generation will be introduced to wargames? I also have the MESBG (LoTR GW) reboot set from a few autumns ago in the closet. "Battle of Pelennor Fields". Will paint someday, possibly as an exercise in testing out the GW contrast paints. Finally, I have a number of sets from "The Walking Dead" by Mantic Games. It's a fun game, and I especially like "Here's Negan", because you can solo play it so easily. I have modern zombies everywhere. I'm not attached to the game, so I am planning on painting the base set and the expansions and selling them on the internet. The problem with wargames is that I live in the middle of nowhere and I have no one to play with. My family won't play any of the games. Recently, I discovered a FLGS in a nearby town, and I was excited to have someone to play something with. I bought a 40K starter set at the store and some Necrons from the internet, because that's what they play. I discovered I actually enjoy painting space marines. Then the store decided it would close on Monday, which is my day off. It's too far to go to after work, so I'm done with 40K for now. I will enter the Necrons in Armies on Parade next year, then flip those too. The space marines are my exercise in blending using glazes and look really good so far. I'll have no problems selling them. I have a whole display case full of armies I never get to play. Lately, I've decided to paint individuals instead of units, so I'm painting lots of Reaper minis. I'm having way more fun trying out new colour combinations and techniques than I ever did painting armies anyway.
  13. Well, mine are Egyptian, so shabti? The ancient Egyptians used to be buried with little statues (or miniatures, if you prefer) of humans. These little guys were often depicted doing chores that were common at the time, such as hoeing or spinning. They could be male or female. The afterlife wasn't a free ride, you had to work when you got there, so the idea was the little statues, called shabti, would come to life and do all those lousy things so the deceased could be on a well-earned eternal vacation. Some wealthy folk were also buried with whole dioramas in the same idea. There's a really neat one of a barn and one of a grain store. I was going to ask how Dragon Bait is to deal with. They recently acquired an Egyptian line and I'm considering placing an order.
  14. This is coming along really nicely. Have you ever heard of the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death? I won't spoil it for you if you haven't--go look it up--but the diorama could totally go that way.
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