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  1. Homemade beef burgers from beef raised in our feedlot are my favorite, especially when dad makes them. He mushes them all fine with his fingers, then makes jumbo patties. He does lots of mechanical things, so there's always a certain je ne sais quoi about the burgers... I tried purchased not meat burgers, and they clean out my insides every time. Soy-sages do too. I think my gut doesn't like soya.
  2. It's a crazy carpet dog blanket with bad mother spikes. Pretty neat, but I think I need the +2 with haunch and chest guards. And maybe a flame thrower. If I can't have sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads I want the next best thing.
  3. My life has turned into an RPG. Let me explain. We have a coyote problem at my house. It wasn't so bad when it was one, because my German Shepherd could usually go toe to toe with it and win. That said, she has had a few scrapes and bites from fights. A few days ago, I realized the coyote puppy had grown up and was now joining mommy in an effort to lure my dog out into the field and then beat up on her. They took after her and almost got her in the rump; they scared her so bad she let her anal glands go. I did get some delight in the fact she literally spayed poop in their faces. However, the problem is getting out of hand. I have asked everyone I know to come over and shoot the coyotes. Hazing doesn't work, we tried. Last night, I realized I was the poor villager trying to get brave adventurers to hunt down the awful monsters, but none of the adventures were interested in my hook.
  4. Hey Megan! I've been following your adventure and it sounds like so much fun! I hate to burst your bubble, but Pathfinder doesn't have either Beholders or Illithids. These are copyrighted to WotC. The replacements are pretty cool, though. Intellect devourers replace mind flayers. There doesn't seem to be an official replacement for beholders, but I use the Advanced Bestiary by Green Ronin, and there's a template in there that will make beholder out of a base creature. I highly recommend Advanced Bestiary. Officially, there is no football in Eberron that I know of. Eberron has a shifter sport like parcour with a ball. But it's your world, so go for it!
  5. My LoTR minis follow the box art, which follows the film art, so as to be recognizable. Everyone else I paint how I feel like it, for the most part. I do try and follow real world examples of what I'm trying to paint--I'm not one to paint lavender wargs, that was my 4 year old niece unsupervised. The coverage was very good, I must admit. I have a binder of Citadel instructions on how to combine their paints for certain effects, so I often pull that out and choose a palette. I like painting fantasy things every once in a while, especially as a break from the LoTR earth coloured armies.
  6. We played Cat Crimes by Thinkfun games, a nice little boxed set containing heavy duty cardboard kitties (I think there are eight of them) with slotta bases and a little board with tokens. This is a puzzle more than a game; you challenge yourself to figure out logic puzzles in a whodunnit. Being cat crimes, the whole thing is rated G. While the game suggests it's for ages 8 and up, it very quickly becomes too challenging for young kids. We were stumped on easy. You really have to read and understand the rules, because the wording is very specific to being able to figure out the crimes. You can play with friends helping solve the crimes. The preschooler loved to help place the tokens on the board and compare the kitties on the board to the solution. Those adults who are detail-oriented and like murder mysteries will enjoy Cat Crimes. Cat Crimes is a great addition to our rainy day line up at the cabin.
  7. I agree with some of the other posters that watching other people eat is kind of gross. I applaud Reaper for trying to make all the traditional events of the con work, but it's not for me. Also, my puppy hurt her leg this morning chasing coyotes, so we're planning on some cuddling tonight.
  8. It says it comes in D and B cups. I know I'm gonna need a double D cup with underwire to support all the painting I plan on doing!
  9. 30: PG 14+ villain: Negan from the "Walking Dead' comic books. He's such a complex character. PG villain: Ursula from the "Little Mermaid". She's got some serious tunes happening. 29: I once read a quote by an actor playing a cartoon villain in a Disney movie who said it was villains who did all the work, planning, plotting, hiring of minions, heroes only need to come along and screw it up. So I'm going to have to say Dru, reformed villain from the "Despicable Me" series.
  10. I'm a huge Eberron fan, so an elemental airship is my pick. Although having an invisible jet would be pretty fun.
  11. Yes, indeed, happy birthday Glitterwolf! I'm not sure about the printer. I'd like to try the one at the library or maker space before committing. I'm pining for an airbrush first. If my FLGS starts bringing printers in, or someone there is big into them, I'd be a lot more interested.
  12. I use GW paints (I know, I know. But they're available everywhere.) so I would have to say Rhinox brown. I also use a ton of their brown washes.
  13. I'm going to cheat and say the Vex airbrush, because it will help with Q23. I'm trying to acquire the GW Tomb Kings collection for my Egyptian Frostgrave/RoSD, so I'd really like a chance to own a necrosphinx at a reasonable price. I am a painter who is ashamed she never does anything with all her little pretties, so I've become more of a gamer. I'm trying to collect and fill out armies for Lord of the Rings, but other than that, I pick minis I like that I can use in games and enjoy painting.
  14. The troll is my favorite, but they're all great. With the scenery and battle map, you have a very nice looking battlefield.
  15. I'm going to have to go way, way back and say "Playhouse 90", or shows like it. The black and white era had some really great monster of the day sci-fi horror shows. We got the original "Twilight Zone", oft replicated, but never since perfected and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" from that time period. The 2019 Twilight Zone isn't bad, and I did like "Tales from the Crypt" and "The Outer Limits". The original "Twilight Zone" is still my favorite. I fell in love with it when I was 14. I think there are still some episodes I haven't seen. We once had an icebreaker question: If you could have any actor/ress play you in a movie of your life, who would you pick? I didn't have a clue, I don't watch films because so-and-so is in it. I said I'd love to have Rod Serling v.o. my life. I'd also like to see "A.D. the Bible Continues"...well, continued.
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