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  1. I took on a last minute job with Elections Canada. They don't have an opening right now, but will pay me for training and to be on standby. The recruiter said people are dropping like flies, so I'll probably have something to do. 12-14 hours, but the pay is decent and it's on my day off. Mad money! The things I won't do to buy more Reaper Miniatures!
  2. Any of the ones in the terrain show off thread. You guys are awesome
  3. We have little insectivores flying all over at the lake cabin all summer long. We don't have them at the farm, at least not often, so seeing them at first I was confused as to what they were. I really like to watch them, they're way more acrobatic than birds. I used to be able to hear them sometimes, but my hearing loss has gotten worse and I can't anymore.
  4. The explosion of Covid cases that is causing the whole province to essentially go back to spring. It's like when you have to default your phone to factory settings-- it makes it work, but all the fun stuff is gone. The fact that I would be a terrible politician because I actually express myself when I read.
  5. His canoe was legendary, too. If I recall, it was carved out of a solid rock. "Shadow" him? Are you cheering for the other side? My vote would be Imhotep, if I got to time travel. Seeing him build the original step pyramid of Djoser, one of the very first pharaohs would be amazing. I would tell him it's still standing 2,100 years later. I'd also tell him how he was deified later, and show him a book of pictures of the other Egyptian monuments of later dynasties. He'd probably also really like a copy of Grey's Anatomy. Pushing medicine ahead 1800 years can't be too devasta
  6. Part of the Dreadmere set in Bones IV, if I recall.
  7. Today I learned the origin of the term "loo" for the proper English potty. It comes from the French term "Gardez l'eau" (Watch out, you, for the water), which they would apparently say before giving the chamber pot the old heave-ho out the window. The French, for their part, took the WC from the English "Water Closet" for their salle de bain. Cultural exchanges like this between the French and the English make one proud to be Canadian.
  8. I decided to make a shawl out of my cat, so I could play frizbee with my dog. I draped him around behind my neck. It didn't work too well, he's not long enough. It wasn't comfortable for either party. He didn't seem to mind it--he didn't claw my eyes out. But he's super gentle anyway.
  9. Minis and Terrain list for Quarantine 37: A PSA from GKA [WARNING. POSSIBLE SPOILERS.] ***** TL;DR: a box or 2 of zombies, and two or more of bugs. No other new minis listed. The Shuffling Dead Campaign: 1. Medical Lab: 8 small medical pods/12 if 3-4 players; 8 or 12 plague zombies/+ if using optional rules; 8 or 12 markers; low walls and med lab themed terrain 2. Zombie Shoot: 4 1" square hatches; usual sci-fi clutter; 12+ plague zombies 3. Power Conduit: 6" diameter island with 2" wide moat, with a 2 storey tower taking up most
  10. So many awesome games, you all are so inspirational! My Quarantine 37 book arrived at the post office today--unfortunately, I didn't make it there early enough and it is trapped until tomorrow after work. It's at least 4 days early, though, it's not set to release until the 14th. Being in the local mailing zone of the Amazon distribution centre is the cat's meow, I preorder all my gaming books now, since this seems to be a regular occurrence. EDIT: Dad picked up the mail today, so it's here!
  11. You can say he's a happy dwarf to be out of his hole, I must be painting too many Bronze Age minis, because to me he looks like he's about to give a very enthusiastic sermon on the mount. @Glitterwolf I like the Brutus bust the best; it really does look like him. Do they make it in German Shepherd?
  12. This is why I just pay the astronomically high shipping cost to have someone else to print it for me. I figure for the cost of screw ups, I'm actually saving money.
  13. Oh boy, I have to pick just one? I've always loved Erkenbrand from GW LOTR Rohan range, especially the foot version. I think he's on my painting desk somewhere.
  14. Ah, that brings back memories. Milo was about that old when I got him from the feedlot eight years ago. He looks just like that. Enjoy your little Viking. (Apparently where the Vikings settled, there is a greater concentration of orange cats.)
  15. Goriest was the time I fell in the gutter at work and peeled the skin off my knee. It hurt surprisingly little. I think that was like 15 staples. It was a textbook classic avulsion. Longest lasting effects has been the talon the pressure hose at work made of my left index finger. It was essentially a gunshot wound.
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