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  1. If I'm having a financially sound month, then I have a budget. I also have a bag of fun money, which is cash obtained from recycling. I never know how much I'm going to make at the bottle depot, but I can spend this however much I like. I don't worry much about the occasional paint and brush. I tend to plan far in advance. I know every year Reaper has an October special and that Croc Games has an American Thanksgiving sale, so I save up for these. I also know Silver Bayonet: Canada is coming out just before Christmas and SB: Egypt is coming out in the spring, so I am planning to buy the books and some new minis to go with them. I'm also patiently saving and waiting for the day Warhammer: Old World drops the new Tomb Kings stuff.
  2. Mine would be a theocracy. I'd let the people choose the name. My flag would have a lot of blue and the stars in the sky, representing our nation's heavenly goal. Our national animal would be the honeybee, because they are industrious and selfless--and they made delicious honey! Our currency would have pictures of industries like farming, fishing and the like on one side and holy sites and people on the other side. It would be colourful money. The coins would have different industry symbols on them, like a rock hammer and a wheat sheaf.
  3. For me, Autumn is when we get a good killing frost. The kind that the flies can't come back from. I love to go for walks with Lilly, but we do that year-round. I think I'm going with star gazing. I'm just starting to become a serious backyard astronomer and am learning more constellations. Fall is great because is gets dark earlier, but not super cold and we can still lay on the lawn.
  4. Today's was pretty funny. I had the stock prod and was stretching over the top of the railing because I was too lazy to jump down and push the door up. A cow swished her tail, grabbed my prod, got it stuck in her tail and pulled it right out of my hands. I almost went arse over tea kettle over the balcony. Of course, the new guy with the nice bum saw this. He retrieved my prod and gave it to me. I was so embarrassed. I have new bruises to show off. I think I probably take the cake. I've got so many riduculous scars and bruises. I fell through a lawn chair once. I tripped jumping off the steps and ran into the side of a school bus. I shot myself with a pressure washer while trying to wash a pot. I cut my hands playing Jedi with a florescent light, which exploded as soon as I hit my first droid garbage barrel. I got hit by a car in the church parking lot going 10 km/hr. I've been stuck in a manure pile. I was listening to the gossip at the paint table in high school while using the belt sander, not paying attention and my board took off. I don't think that hurt anyone, but it was funny.
  5. I can no haz cheesburger. I'm celiac. I miss hamburgers so much. I will tell you that we make meatloaf with pork rinds instead of bread crumbs and it is amazing! I used to have that national favorite, KD. (Kraft Mac 'N Cheese for you Yankees.) I used to love onion rings and a root beer with my burger. That was a match made in heaven.
  6. First of all, Robin looks amazing! Secondly, scientists still don't know if every human sees colours the same. We might both look at a shade called "Happy Day" and you might see it as more yellow and I might see it as more white and someone else might see it as more red. Finally, many people have a type of colour blindness, with red green being the most common. Because it's on the sex chromosome, it's more common in males; females have to inhert 2 faulty copies, males just one. If you do have colour blindness, Don't let it stop you! My friend had a painting by a colour blind relative with a green sunset. It was a fascinating look into how other people see the world and uniquely beautiful.
  7. Yes, I went to Paint-a-Thon in a large town on Saturday afternoon. They took lots of photos of the events, including my minis. They haven't posted the photos yet, ergo, no photos. I learned a lot about myself. First of all, I learned I do not like painting in a social environment. There was nothing wrong with the lighting and lots of people were producing very nice painting under it, but it's not my thing. Secondly, I tested out AP Speedpaints and I don't like them. The colours are super vibrant, but not my thing. That was the extent of my painting at the event, I slopped some sample paint on a little 3D print and left it there. Thirdly, my ego is quite fragile. My unit of 10 pink horrors took first place in the group category--for beginners. I am not a beginner, I've been painting something like 15 years. I told the event organizer that I felt my award was wrongly earned, but he said to keep it anyway. So my nose is a bit out of shape that I got put in the beginner group. Honestly, I would rather not have placed in the expert category. Then I pouted for the rest of the weekend and poured over photos in the wargaming magazine and decided my painting isn't any worse than what is published in most of the articles. Then I thought about why I paint. I paint for me. I enjoy it. Marathon runners run because they enjoy it--I'll never understand why--not so they can place. (Not all, there are notorious cheaters and super competitors, of course.) I paint so I have monsters when I will finally find people to play games with. If someone dings up a mini, I won't freak out. I want you to touch them and move them on your turn. It won't be long until I get back on the hobby horse. Finally, I doubt I will ever go to ReaperCon in person. It's not that I'm not a people person, it's just that given my self-discovery journey of mini mini con, I'd rather go to a con to play games. I did have a nice time. I met lots of nice people. The box of still in blister minis went on the prize table and we gave them out to anyone who didn't place in a category. They will find happy homes. Someone else will have the opportunity to enjoy the excess of Breast Cancer Pink I get every year with my October order. I met lots of nice people.
  8. The ones on the shirt are Set(h), lord of the desert and generally the antagonist in many of the Ancient Egyptian god stories. He has the wedge shaped ears and ant eater nose. The fact he has a selfie stick is perfect irony. It's worth noting there is still debate over what animal exactly Set is supposed to have for his head. Many just cop out and call it the "Set Beast". The original image is probably supposed to be Anubis, lord of the dead (before being supplanted by Osiris) and Horus. It's harder to say with the raptor-headed gods, as there were actually several. Considering that Ancient Egypt and her pantheon were around 4000 years, and it makes sense that gods came, went and were merged.
  9. Look at the ears on him! He sure looks like an Anubis to me.
  10. Yes. There was one outside Lethbridge and I went with my Church group one year. It would have been a lot more fun if they hadn't just asked to be guided through most of it.
  11. Dad and I do the oil and tires on all the vehicles ourselves. When he retired and sold the farm, he built himself a nice big shop with a hoist, so it's a pretty easy job. I also rewired the new circuit board in my furnace. I learned how to read wiring diagrams at a previous job. We also installed new taps in my bathroom. Being an old farmer, he can fix almost anything. Lately he's been bringing home lawnmowers from the dump in town and fixing them. He got a brand new one someone was throwing out. He cleaned the carburator and it works.
  12. German Shepherd owners affectionaly refer to their puppies as "land sharks". Those adorable puppies on my calendar never show you the truth, that when they're not sleeping, they're chewing. Fingers, toes, toys, household objects. Like children, if they're still and quiet, be very suspicious. Lilly went through probably a hundred dollars worth of chewies a month. Her favorite were the nylabone bacon treats, but we discovered the glycerine in them loosened her up, so then we tried Rollover in hooves, which is a dog sausage made locally. She never chewed the hooves, they were all over the yard. As soon as the adult teeth were all in, no more shark dog. The cuteness is there so you don't disown them on their way to becoming dogs. Recently Mumsy saw an ad for a woman surrendering her 6 mo old GSD. She said she couldn't handle her puppy. I was like, "Whew. I don't know anyone who can handle a 6 mo old GSD. What a handful." I told her to write back and tell the woman to hang in there, it's worth it!
  13. Your Halloween countdown message of the day. Don't forget Creatures are amphibious and are easily bested when they are a little bit chili.
  14. I swim well enough, but I prefer to stay in the boat. The canoe has other ideas. My dream is to go snorkelling or diving with tropical fish. People do scuba in Canada, in fact Lake Minnewanka is a world famous destination for the sunken, very well preserved village at the bottom of it. But Minnewanka is not an easy dive. It's cold and deep and in a mountain lake. Mostly I swim with a PFD on anymore because my toys are always casting me aside. My favorite swimming spot is the local slough. It's great in the spring before the beach is full of cow patties. It has a sand bottom and no weeds until late summer and no one else is there. Just me and my dog and the bright blue sky. I also need good lighting. But I'm going to say my telly. I really like to listen to documentaries while I paint. It just makes you feel so much more like a bad butt when you plunk down a finished model after hearing about that army owning the enemy in history.
  15. Interesting. I thought this one was one of the sculpts Reaper acquired when it bought out the Pathfinder Miniatures line from Crocodile Games shortly after it was launched.
  16. Ours is designed for chunks. We just have a pressure washer and a fire hose each bay. It's for livestock trailers, where usually the insides are worse than the outsides. In the winter, sometimes the chunks are so big that we make piles and the little skid steer comes and picks them up and drives them over to the poop pit. The chunks will melt if you leave them overnight, and you can wash them down the drain in the morning, but usually there is too much demand for the mess to be left to melt.
  17. Happy Birthday. Hope you "booked" yourself some time off to enjoy it.
  18. Thanks for painting and posting, the product image for these guys sucks. I love your blue and yellow scheme. I also love the bronze age vibe these guys have going for them, adding to next order!
  19. I have this problem too. I'm considering spraying it lightly with matt varnish to seal it before painting.
  20. Perfect colour scheme, they all work together so well.
  21. Critters: 2 cobras--Done! and 8 caracals--redeeming paint job needed! 8 Spiders well on their way. Mutants: 6 littles and 4 bigs. Hopefully the skin turns out nice this time and they don't need to go to the pickle jar of shame (which is full of paint stripper). Finally found the Glom, just need to buy paints for him. Terrain: Paint and post the lovely 3D printed terrain I bought earlier this year. Finally determined some paint schemes for it. Maybe make some more plaster stuff. Buy: Order heads for used Nekharu that arrived decapitated and sans heads. Order a few other treats from Croc Games. Patiently wait for October to place big Reaper order. List of paints for this month's projects. Support vendors/sponsors at Paint-a-Thon Attend: Paint-a-thon. Donate minis and paints. Win the speed painting contest by painting the whole thing red--because everyone knows the red ones go fastest.
  22. Ooh! Finally a urinal appropriate for those who can't hit a standard sized unit... with or without the "sweet spot" bee.
  23. You know what? Come to think of it, I watch Paw Patrol right along with the kids, too. I enjoy it, and I'm sad my favorite pup, Zuma, doesn't get more screen time. There's something bittersweet about a bookstore going out of business. I still miss Red Deer Book Exchange. We literally lived down the block and my niece and I would make an afternoon trip of walking down there and having ice cream at the DQ next door and reading books. Quite often we would come home with one. I read the "Velveteen Rabbit" out loud to her and the owner said I was really good, if he could he would hire me to read aloud. I should've told him I would do it for credit--heck, I'd do it for nothing, I really love reading childrens' books out loud. There's my guilty pleasure for the day--I enjoy it more than the kids some times.
  24. I don't know why no one has started you a page, but: Happy Birthday @Glitterwolf!
  25. 26: Trailer Park Boys. I've watched every episode, the films and the animated series. I really love how the Boys stick together through everything. The fact that I'm not supposed to enjoy a show focused on drugs and swearing make it a guilty pleasure. 27: Yes, but not something similar. I usually have a fiction book on the go with a handful of non-fiction at any given time. I try to read fiction and non-fiction equally. I try to read a few of the classics, too. The last classic I read was "Are You There God It's Me Margaret". There are usually a sprinkling of D&D and other game books mixed in there, too. I don't always get to finish what I start, as it's due back at the library. I'm waiting for the D&D Dragonlance book to cycle back around. These days, I've been reading a lot more non-fiction, as there aren't any fiction books that speak to me. There are some that are dropping this fall I've preordered. Wilber Smith and co. have 2 Egypt books dropping and Ken Follett is continuing the Kingsbridge series. He's probably my favorite author, so I'm eagerly awaiting that one. His books are like 500 pages, so the postie won't be bending it and sticking it in the box.
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