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  1. Loblaws thinks so. They sell cricket meal powder in the health food section in Superstore. (Which is next to the gluten free section.) I'd try it, but it's quite expensive.
  2. I like crickets. We had them coming up the basement drain at my house in Lethbridge. My roomies hated them, they would try and stab them when they were hiding in the baseboards with clothes hangers. I would hide them in my room and the girls would get so mad. They'd ask if I was harbouring crickets again, I'd say nope, and the cricket would chirp. We don't seem to have them up north here, and I miss them.
  3. My dear old Mumsy is totally an internet troll. She's recently entered seniorhood and retired, so has lots of time to waste following YouTube artists who showcase their gardens. She's upset that her favorite person is now showcasing a huge garden and put in mature trees that no one could ever afford. I explained to her that the more followers you have, the more money you make, and that's probably how she got the money for these extravagances. She was reading the comments and said that no one ever said anything negative, or that all the negative comments were at the bottom. I said a lot of site
  4. All of it. I use almost anything except corrigated cardboard. I seem to be partial to plaster. I think the local Canadian Tire stocks plaster just for me. I'm going to say the white elephant that is my air brush I got for Christmas last year. I can't use it, as my dad doesn't want it in his shop. Funny, since he's the one who bought it for me. I'm going to try to convince him this winter that my little airbrush won't paint the town red.
  5. Isn't that the stuff that turns you blue if you eat it? On the topic of colours, I've been off work all week because of my hurt finger. Naturally, I've been painting minis. I used a GW colour called World Bearers red to drybrush the flames of my flaming elementals and I used the discontinued Reaper deep amethyst for the purple undercoat on my new Bones 5 leucrotta. The result of all the drybrushing meant that my hand was quite saturated with a dark red and purple blend. Today I saw my GP about the original wound on my finger, but he was initially quite worried about the paint, whic
  6. Totally agree. My pants are suffering from scale creep, but it's going the wrong way. Actually, scale creep bugs me, but what bugs me more is not knowing what size the mini actually is when I order it. If there was an international body of miniature standards, it would require a scale ruler next to every photograph of a mini for order. The IBoMS would also ensure mistakes like "Reaper Minitures" on counters would never happen again.
  7. I really like how you kept a palette for each of the themes. What colour blue did you use on the milkmaid's skirts? I also really like the raptors, a really nice natural coloration on those guys. I'm interested in that formula, too, please.
  8. I read once that A&W USA and A&W Canada are two very different entities. They have different menus and are owned by different corporations. They're all over here, but the best one is in Three Hills, because it's the only fast food joint in a half hour radius and it's always fresh.
  9. GW just showcased their new boxed set for Age of Sigmar by letting renowned painters have at it. The orc centerpiece model is a very fleshy monster. Check it out at Warhammer Community, there are some very inspiring options for big, hairless beasties there.
  10. I really like the contrast between the skin and the hair. Well done.
  11. Fond memories of the Salt Lake City Area. Church is doing major renos to Temple Square. When my sister visited, the Asians loved her little blonde blue eyed children and asked to take photos of them. She thought it was kind of weird, but let them. If you haven't visited Mt. Timpanagos, it's just south of SLC. It's got a cave at the top, but it's a heck of a climb to get there. I used to really like the chocolate wafer cake at Ikea. They have frozen vittles to go. It's a Deep South thing, like having waffles with fried chicken. I hate gravy, but I do like a good poutine,
  12. My sister made me a photo puzzle box one year. It's in bad shape, as the cardstock should've been more durable, but I love it.
  13. I made a hole in myself, but no one wants to see that. I guess I would have to say my Pook toque. It has sock "ears". The public adores it. It's super warm.
  14. Well, spent all day saturday (7 hrs) in the ER in Red Deer. Which was actually better than spending the weekend with my moody, hormonal 15 year old niece. I finally saw a plastic surgeon. She was amazing. She agreed with me the middle joint needed to be cut and drained, so she cut a nice vertical line down the middle of it and left it open to drain. It actually felt so good. I've had 3 days of IV antibiotics, which made me vomit, but I'm all done with them now. The surgeon looked at the finger again today and said it looks great and the numbness will go away in a few months and I should have n
  15. Oh, heavens knows how good I am at supergluing myself... to my self, the table, the minis, the paints... It's horrible today. I called HealthLink and they said get thee to a hospital. They think it's infected. I think they should've surgically drained it yesterday, because I think the numbness (which it still is) is compartment syndrome. I told the doctor this yesterday, but I'm an advanced first aider, and he was a doctor, so you know. Off to the big city, hopefully an orthopedic surgeon can solve the dilemma.
  16. I tried to cut my left index finger off at work with the pressure washer today. It has a nice little gash in the pad. It doesn't look too bad, and it's actually mostly numb. But the darned thing is swollen up like you wouldn't believe. I went to the little rural hospital today. They x-rayed it and weren't too worried. The feeling may or may not come back, as the doctor said I got a nerve. I'm still quite worried about the swelling, I think it's full of water. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm headed north to Red Deer anyway, if it looks a mess I'll stop there and ask to see a hand specialist
  17. I had a pair of sandals that could've won the world's stinkiest shoe contest one year. They had insoles. I walked through fresh silage with them, then sweated all over them. Between the foot sweat and the silage microbes, something akin to an ochre jelly formed on them. There was seriously a rust coloured film. They were horrible. Back in the day, outdoor stores used to carry polypropline socks. They were great at wicking sweat away from your feet, but they smelled truly wretched. I left them in the car on a hot day one time. Never again.
  18. I found out that essential workers can go to the Calgary Stampede for free within the first 5 days. You get tickets to the night show, too. While there are no chuckwagon races this year, it's still decent. I don't have plans to go, I'm too nerdy and not cowgirl enough, but many of the people at work are excited. The missionaries came over for dessert with my home teacher earlier this month and were really into the minis and terrain. They found a guy a few towns over who is also into them. I'm hoping to have him over for a game some time. It's nice to have other rural people to pla
  19. I have one of those essential worker jobs you can't do from home. We tried homeschooling my niece the last few years, it was a catastrophe. She's going to high school next year, teenage drama or not.
  20. I'm not even sure where mine is going. I updated the address to be sent to the office at work for the courier, but then I got a postal shipping notice. I've got everyone in two villages looking out for it.
  21. I wonder who that kitty belongs to. He has a collar. Just confirmation ginger cats are badasses. I heard once that ginger cats are much more prominent where the Vikings travelled. Ginger kitties = Vikings.
  22. I thought that was Brutus for a minute. My sister's rotten beagle has taught my German Shepherd to get on the couch. I bought a queen sized bed as much for my cat as for me. Milo used to sit on the dog carrier in front of the window, but since Lilly hasn't slept in the dog box for over a year, we got rid of it and bought a bigger bed. Anyone who has a cat knows they are fully capable of taking up the same amount of volume as a standard sized human. That squishing into a cardboard box thing is totally a ruse.
  23. I watched a really interesting documentary by the National Film Board of Canada the other night. It was about an Indigenous person who identified as two-souled. This means that a person has strongly identifying male and female characteristics. It would be very interesting to see a sculptor's take on twin souls in one body. Would you have a spirit towering over a character? Something entwined like "Ghostly Summons" which is one of my favorite sculpts? It would be a fun character to roleplay, too. Some of Reaper's sculpts seem to be of a twins nature, there are male and female chara
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