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  1. Well, if I'm representing local government, by the time we have gotten things sorted out to a plan of action, the kitten will have worn itself out and fallen asleep.
  2. I'm with @Inarah . I like all kinds of aliens, from ET to Star Trek, to Star Wars to Alien and Predator. Do I believe in aliens? Well, Church scripture says God created many Earths and populated them with many peoples, so of course I do!
  3. Meanwhile, in Germany... I once got an email confirming my address from a terrain maker. Just the name, box #, town and PO code. That's really it. Some of the international once can be quite complex.
  4. I have a rural address, so my post box is in the village. I finally convinced the postmaster to quit rolling up my new Stargrave books and stuffing them in the box. Amazon delivers to the post office most of the time, the rare few times they feel they must courier I send the parcels to the office. Hence, on all my international orders I write in big letters: RURAL ADDRESS. DO NOT COURIER. It's not like the house is hard to find, it's just off the highway and a local landmark. If my friends are dropping something off, I have them put it in the pumphouse, as it's heated in the winter. We also have no doorbell. It's a farmhouse, 'cmon! My German shepherd is supposed to let me know when people come in the yard, but I did too good of a job socializing her as a puppy. I have to buy "Beware of dog" signs not because she's mean, but so people know she lives here and watch out for her when driving in the yard.
  5. I bought the GW ghouls to use as zombies. I also have the Mantic ones. They're both decent minis, if a bit small compared to most of Reaper's stuff. Oh well, maybe you shrink when you die. We saw Patiherchef at the Ether Dome in Boston and he's really quite small. I don't have enough bugs either. I'm using spiders. If you wait until Halloween, you can get plenty of cheap spiders. I'd like to use scorpions, but there just aren't enough cheap ones out there for all the different kinds of bug needed. GW 'nids are the easiest answer. The official Aliens minis could be fun, but last time I checked they only had a few sets. I bought Wargames Atlantic giant spiders--decent minis, but a pain in the butt to assemble. Because of their pointy legs I'm building them custom ruined bases from Hirst Arts miscasts. The ghouls are on my painting desk to batch paint next, then a nice unique hero or two and onto the spiders, hopefully. Maybe my Bones 5.5 Arakoth will show up in time to be painted inbetween hordes.
  6. I got my copy of "Last Prospector" from the post office, where I have finally convinced the postmaster to quit bending my books and stuffing them in the box--win! Anyway, here are my initial impressions. (I haven't read the whole thing yet.) This one has flavours of "Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire". Instead of tribes, you get five factions and you gain or lose influence with them based on goals you do or don't do in each of the scenarios. Like the GA tribes, each faction has boons applied to your warband if you reach a certain status with them, but these are static (unlike the tribes which are created by rolling off a chart).You start with scenario one, then players choose what scenario to play next based on faction standing. There are piles of special rules for each scenario. They aren't anything new, but are a creative reworking into something fun and different. I would recommend this book for a gaming group who play together often. Rules are included to easily have four players. This book has a real campaign feeling that is best achieved through dedicated play, and while you could disregard the faction special rules and play the scenarios as one-shots, it would effectively lose half the content. Because of the throwback to "Gods of Fire", I believe that it is possible to play the game as a Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago campaign. I am using the tribal guides as opposed to the stats in the Stargrave rulebook. You could make tribes instead of the five factions, but they wouldn't be too out of place in a fantasy setting, as they repesent gangs, homesteaders and a mining corporations for example. Tiny spoiler: You can use your Green Griffon/Brinewind bar for the first scenario! (Meanwhile, in Sandgrave we have a marketplace with small stalls instead of a giant bar with tables and chairs to make.)
  7. Not my bones, but everything else, yes. I have brush on black for the winter, but I usually buy spray paint and lightly do them outside. The Egyptians tend to be white. Red and metallic I do in brown and sometimes I use a medium grey or tan. I used to do the LoTR minis in black, but I don't paint much of them any more.
  8. Well, we got the Greek and Egyptian sets. The only other mythology I'd really like to see is East Indian, but it's unlikely as many of those gods and heroes are part of Hindu mythology and political correctness would make it difficult.
  9. Every spring Mumsy wages war on the magpies in the yard. They try to build nests; she tears them down. Every day there are at least two new ones for her to find. They build them from mud and sticks, so they aren't easy to destroy. I'm celiac, so this is the doughnut for me.
  10. As requested, here's the pylon. Nothing special, an unfinished version of the one that has instructions on the Hirst Arts website. Frostgrave always needs demons. When these guys came up in Bones 5, I had to buy them. I have always liked the flayed version of the Coven of the Wrack, which is a GW dark elves scheme. These guys are textured like they've been skinned. The paint scheme is on the GW paint app, but I added a bloodletter wash. The sword on the big guy was inspired by a tutorial at Tale of Painters. I painted their armour with verdigris to match the sword. The bases are in my Greek scheme for Ghost Archipelago. Whatever the current version of Bonesium is, I couldn't get though it, so it "cut my losses" (pun totally intended) and just glued them to pieces of wood.
  11. Escape From Khanlandia Contestants are put onto the fictional prison of Khanlandia. They are given the opportunity to scavenge goods--mostly junk--from across the island prison, which they must use to escape. Contestants can reinact historical prison breaks and can act independently or together. Each season will have extra challenges and bonuses, like "bribe the guards", "laundry detail", "island ferry" and such. It would probably be more of a reality show.
  12. Q37 translates really well to Frostgrave, too. (Well, mostly just the scenarios, but you could make creative use of the treasures, too.) I am in the process of making the table for the medical pods. Mine is a crypt. Since it's Sandgrave, I have sarcophagi with removeable lids. (When you read the scenario, you'll understand the lids.) When my present dungeon is finished, I'll set it up and take pics for my topic. (The present dungeon is for the solo scenario in "Wizards Conclave".)
  13. The Big Book Sale is back in Calgary after several years hiatus. I hyped myself up all week, too. At work, I was like: "Book sale. My favorite two words in the English language together." My coworker goes: "Not free books?" I said: "Nah. Free books means religious pamphlets and stuff like that." It did not disappoint. They managed to fill an entire curling rink with books. We walk in and the volunteers are explaining to Mumsy where everything is. I must have had the world's dumbest grin on my face, and my eyes like dinner plates, because the volunteer said, "Look at her. She's like, 'This is my happy place'." I laughed because it was 100% true! Unfortunatly someone cleaned out most of the Ancient Egypt books before we arrived, but I did find lots of treasures, including a OOP book by one of my favorite authors. I found a book about the history of farts. I said, "How could I not come home with a book about farts?" so we bought that, too. The sale benefits Calgary Reads, which is a literacy program. The only thing I am as political about as food security for young people is early literacy. It was a lovely day out and I hope to visit their little red bookhouse to make some donations later in the summer.
  14. I have a few greens and blues. I gave them to the paint club. Usually I put a note in my order telling them to keep the paint.
  15. I do know that the folks over at Mana Press were inspired by this and a number of other race movies to create their Maximillion game. It's a racing miniatures game with vintage roadsters and guns and such. There is a detailed behind the scenes report on it in the Wargames Illustrated issue with Pulp as the main theme.
  16. The Chetwynd chain saw carving competition was going on while I was working there one season. It attracts international competitors and is world-class. The town puts the sculptures on display on main street for a few weeks after. People can bid on them afterwards. I was a spectator. I do enough damage with a hobby knife. Don't give me a chainsaw!
  17. Finishing the Bones 5 blood demons (I think that's what they're called. The ones without wings and flayed bodies). Photos to go in the Sandgrave topic when done. I would like to cut the sculpted bases off, but that is some seriously strong plastic. I'm going to strip some Croc Games Basti and Asar and paint them next. I'm looking at buying the Army Painter flesh set, but with shipping that will be my whole budget this month. I also found some critters I really like at North Star Miniatures. I found a scrap piece of MDF that is perfect for a ruined wall. I will probably build some regular square houses for scenarios out of foamcore next. Between Mother's Day and having to put the dock in May Long, I probably won't get very far.
  18. I was actually surprised at how small some of the Bones 5 mins were when I got them in hand. Of note were a number of the sculpts in Fan Favorites. The fauns and Arabian catfolk were smaller than I wanted, but I still love them.
  19. These are some of my favorite sculpts in the kickstarter. I look forward to bringing them home.
  20. Really? I didn't think my blinds were that fancy. The one in the background is the sample pylon that you can build by following the instructions on the Hirst Arts website. Mine does not want to stay together no matter how many times I glue it, so it will probably end up being ruins. Maybe sooner rather than later... 😈 The palm trees are just leftovers from another build. I buy them in bundles from online sellers in China.
  21. I might be able to finish my handful of Blood Angels Space Marines that I'm glazing by then and send them on to a new home in Saskatchewan with the flumph.
  22. I have been wanting this stuff for ages, thank you! And you're right--Bill the Pony is an anomaly. Most ponies are right sour buggers.
  23. I should add the Papyrus animated show to this. I believe it was made in Quebec as a joint venture between Canadian and French francophones in the early 90's. It's an adaptation of a French comic that had probably 30 volumes. I have a couple of the translated ones--my french isn't good enough to comprehend the whole thing. Sadly, they only translated a few into english. I have a few DVDs of Papyrus that I got at the dollar store, of all places. It's not amazing, but I like to watch it while I paint. Maybe I should study french harder: I still have ancestors in Alsace with my last name (it's not common, so they're certainly relatives) who speak french and my main source for Sandgrave is a french site. If someone has a print copy of Tribal by Mana Games that needs a new home within N. America, I could take it. I bought the PDF because shipping from AUS to CAN is more than the book. I also have a Greek temple made of cement or something very heavy from a defunct terrain company called JD or JT or something like that. They also made a ruined version. Perhaps one day I will find it...
  24. My life seems to be a hunt for the OOP. I'd really like to have a copy of some Littlest Hobo on DVD. I finally managed to track down that Egyptian RPG I wanted. Sentry Box had it, and they gave it to me for a steal. I really only wanted the back pages of campaign ideas. I wish they would do a remake of Captain Planet, but I haven't seen the original since I was a kid. There are a few issues of Dungeon Magazine I'd like to have, but they are ridiculiously expensive. I also need to break down and buy the Twilight Zone boxed set with all the original episodes. I also wish someone would re-air "Secret Files of the Spanish Inquisition".
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