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  1. Remy had 2 more knee surgeries, and hopefully this will be the end of Remy's repairs/precautionary reinforcements. Remy has been going through multiple washes, drybrushings, and readjustment of colours. Even though there is quite a bit of paint on Remy, it is nothing to the amount of paint left behind on the pallet. It seems like the current process is tweek, tweek, and between. It does not feel like there is great progress, but flipping through the past photographs reveals the continuous small improvements. The face still needs a lot of work.
  2. @haldirHarbor Freight is a dangerous toy store. Things are more than reasonably priced, but it is so easy to need so many things from there it negates the savings on the item that was the original reason for the visit. Harbor Freight is a truly evil organization whose goal is to deplete your hard earned savings. @ManvsMiniThe pet & family proofing is a great added bonus to your solution! Unfortunately all my peanut butter jars contain assortment of nails, bolts, screws, nuts and other fasteners. Guess it is time to go to Aldis. Nothing better than indulging in peanut butter spoons.
  3. @WhiteWulfeThank you for your comment on the Citadel paint handle. It would be annoying for a mini to become kamikazes, and maybe even damaged, because of underpowered springs. Looking at some of my nearly empty lye bottles, and maybe this one might do: @haldirI like the idea of alligator clips (without the feather tassels) attached to wooden skewers go small parts or minis. I still have scads of epic minis to paint, and most of those get covered by my sausage fingers when I am painting them.
  4. @Cranky DogThe Citadel base looks really cool, but my wallet is screaming in tormented agony at the thought of me hitting up the GW website... It would be useful for the hordes of gobbos still in my work queue. I should get a 3D printer one of these days. That screw on hand rest would look awesome in alien green or clear bubbly lager yellow...
  5. Thank you @ManvsMinifor the link to the thread. There were hints, lots of information, and even a meth lab. Do you only use the peanut butter jar lid to steady your working hand? I tend to perform contortions and colourful language when attempting to paint my minis while I am accidently fouling up another part of my work.
  6. During my attempt to escape the darkhole called YouTube, I witnessed many devices to secure a mini to while working on it. Being a barbarian, I just use my big mitts. The concept of a device for handling my mini during processing is wondrous but foreign. I was most impressed by one made by Rathcore (a turned 3 part wooden pedestal with a rotating hand support, that under further investigation runs around 20€). Most people used wine or Champaign corks (material comes free with a delicious beverage). What is your go to for working on your minis, and how does it help you?
  7. Brilliant creative placement on minis & terrain for self censoring in your pics! Strategic manipulation of interacting objects is much less intrusive than the obligatory black boxes.
  8. Remy is repaired! It was a sunny beach to do. My smallest drill bit was just barely smaller than the leg. Drilling did not go as well as expected, and both of the leg pieces got channels rather than neatly drilled holes. A bit of small paperclip was too thick, so the only thing that would fit was a literal pin. Bent the pin quite a few times until the angle was correct, then placed it in the channels in the legs, used some mini pliers to cinch the pin in place, and applied epoxy. Still have to shape and texture the area so it does not look so wonky. This is not a repair I want to repeat any time soon.
  9. Giantess is pinned & epoxyed. Got a brilliant idea, and pinned and epoxyed my car's key fob that a snowblower ripped off the metal key part. It was tricky, bit the pinning surgery was successful! Used the key to start the car and it did not come apart or move in any weird way. Now that I am on a roll with the repairs, time to conquer the four arms of the pepto-pink tyranid.
  10. Procrastinated this weekend, since it is most likely some of the last warm sunny days we will be getting up here before the winter season. The weather will turn later this week, so I should get more work done. Did pin and epoxy 3 of the characters in the triage area. Only got 5 to go.
  11. @Jasper_the_2nd Yup, it is metal. It would be difficult to use a heated pin, and I would have to have a small oven to pre-heat them puppies up to around 300°F and super heat the pin and pliers... too much work, plus that would push me towards a hobby in diy mini casting. I got more than enough to do just with painting and gaming with what I got, though that does not keep me from wanting just a few more minis...
  12. A little bit of some of the collection in that picture. Most of them had super glue failures, and some gluing/pinning virgins. Minis, other than Remy: Reaper - Heritage mold Gold Dragon in 3 pieces Games Workshop - 8528D Lord of Change Greater Deamon Tzeentch, a currently in id'd Chaos Lord, a Pepto pink tyranid warrior with bonesword and lash whip, and a Britonnian 8599W Repanse De Lyonesse. Wiz Kids - WKZ544 Limited Edition Ki Devil Chainmail Owl Bear Grenadier 51020 Giantess by Bob Naismith painting wip reaper bones & a retouched cavern worm RMI 08521
  13. The possibilities of mods are infinite and interesting, but this time it is pinning surgery. We are having great weather up here, so pinning procrastination is the rule of the day. Been queuing up a bunch of pinning and repair projects... It will be a brutal day.
  14. I have the other figure around here somewhere... unpainted. A future project. When I bought those figures, I busted them open and dumped the packaging. I don't need no stinking packagin'.
  15. Google Lens was really worthless for this search... The results kept coming back as "warhammer"...
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