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  1. **********WARNING NUDITY!********** Dug out an old garage sale purchase, a Waring Pro Belgium Waffle Maker (model #wwm450pc) It is like one of the kinds the hotels use. It is so user friendly that even I can make good waffles. Check out the color on that naked waffle! It was properly clothed with strawberries and cream later... Here is the recipe: 5 waffles 10 waffles ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Water, lukewarm 3/4 Cup 1 1/2 Cups Yeast, dried 1 1/8 Tsp 2 1/4 Tsp Sugar 1 Tsp 1 Tsp Mix water, yeast, and sugar. Set aside, and let mixture get foamy. This takes 7 to 15 minutes, depending on the freshness of the yeast. Flour 1 1/2 Cups 3 Cups Sugar 4 Tbsp 2 Tsp 3/4 Cup Salt 1/4 Tsp 1/2 Tsp Sift flour, sugar, and salt. Butter, unsalted 4 Tbs 1 Tsp 8 Tbsp 2 Tsp Melt butter, set aside to cool. Milk 3/4 Cup 1 1/2 Cups Warm milk to lukewarm, stir in melted butter. Let cool slightly. Eggs, jumbo 2 yolks 3 yolks Eggs, jumbo 1 1/2 Tbsp whites 3 Tbsp whites Vanilla extract 1 Tsp 2 Tsp (Optional) Combine lukewarm milk mixture with the above liquids. Eggs, jumbo < 2 whites <3 Tbsp whites Cream of Tartar 1 generous pinch 2 generous pinches Whip remaining whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks appear. Add foamy yeast mixture to milk mixture. Mix milk mixture into flour mixture. Mix until batter is smooth. Fold whipped egg whites into batter. Set batter aside and let rise for an hour, giving it a light stir every 15 minutes. The batter will be viscose, but not too thick. Cook per the waffle iron's instructions. Serve with fresh fruit, whipped or clotted cream, and or syrup. For my waffle iron, set to 5 then go for broke.
  2. The problem with cataloguing all the minis is the identification process. Going through all the resources, electronic & paper leads to an ever expanding want list!
  3. I am currently goofing around with a bunch of database type apps. It is kinda annoying, but I will eventually build something useful. I have already taken pictures of all the minis that I could easily access, and now I am considering painting minis rather than cataloging the beasts... I've been trolled! (found the trolls & orcs box)
  4. Chemex & Hario V60 are just fancy high-falutin' pour over coffee devices. The best thing about the Chemex is the filters. Both give good flow, and produce a good coffee. My personal favorite is the old school siphon pot coffee maker. Rich, but smooth, low acid coffee. It is also fun to watch as it brews. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_coffee_maker Those scales are awesome!
  5. Caffeine is really important. There are about, yeah, 20 machines & things around the house that produce coffee or tea. And they all work differently! A must for those all nighter painting binges.
  6. I really want to paint one of these... Too cool!
  7. What about the light up glass display cases for every corner of the house? Just consider the dioramas you could display... Been surfing the topics in "Bones Miniatures & Legendary Encounters" I feel more confident in the upcoming painting attempt. Thank you @Wren
  8. Time to get some more storage boxes...
  9. So, that means you have 20...
  10. I am hoping my bones figures will procreate like rabbits. ...but, what would be the offspring of 2 bones dwarves and one bones filth beast?
  11. The smaller scale and tiny figures are the most challenging to paint well. And there is always the question of "Why in the #€££! did I spend so much time on this figure when you need an electron microscope to even enjoy the paint job!"
  12. What was your first Bones mini, and who won that first encounter, you or the mini?!!
  13. The weird stuff is the bendiness. And the mold lines. It is kinda difficult to figure out what are mold lines, and what is an intentional part of the sculpture design. Kudos to B. Ridolfi for doing such an excellent job on using/hiding the mold lines (that is a difficult thing to do). The plastic on this figure is nothing like my Games Workshop figures, or the other TSR plastic minis in the collection. Those are all made of a hard plastic... This will be an interesting project. I hope I don't mess it up, but if I do, the store had a couple more copies of the filth beast... (minis...*drool*) This is what it should look like. It kinda looks like a cross between an otyugh and a cave fisher...
  14. This is my filthy first. I finally gave in and purchased one of the Bones figures. It is the otyugh-ish filth beast by Bob Ridolfi. It is a big change from the metal minis I usually purchase. The material is way bendy, almost like a green Gumby toy. The coolest thing is the way it is baka yoke, and all the pieces are "keyed" to a hole. I would have to try really hard to mess up the assembly on this one!
  15. The best thing about unpainted minis is there are still more minis to paint...and if you run out of printable minis, then you don't have enough minis!
  16. Nice dungeon lair. (Taking notes... *drool* ...intense feelings of envy) I wanna come over and play too!
  17. One can never have enough minis, and no matter what, there are always one or more minis that are essential gaming or painting therapy needs.
  18. ... Need to add another collector/hoarder level. 8) Mad half blind deity of metal, plastic and resin lilliputians - 5000 +. Over 50% painted, has a dedicated well lit space to paint in, nice foam lined storage cases containing the minis, and a couple of shelving units dedicated for miniatures and painting supplies. Half blindness, fatigue and madness are badges earned from painting a few thousand minis. The deity does not discriminate, and welcomes minis of all shapes, sizes, materials,and genres. "Just give me a few more minutes, honey. I gotta dot the eyes and wash the maille on these 200 units."
  19. Throwing a little left field into a slogging mire of hack-n-slash is just what a campaign needs.
  20. Mini therapy... Hmmm, does this mean I can take my mini related costs of my taxes?!!
  21. Who does not have a bunch of bare metal unprepped, unprimered minis shoved in a dark corner? I have a ton of West End Games Star Wars figures that are still naked with flashing...(we have not gotten around to playing the Star Wars RPG yet). I think at last count, I have 300 to 400 of the figures in the collection painted. Most of the rest have had the flashing removed, been sanded and primed.
  22. I am not even counting my plastic wotc minis, heroclix, or other non RPG gaming minis. Currently guesstimating around 1500 small figures, 500 large. Grenadier, wotc, Pinnacle, Ral Partha, Reaper, HHG, RAFM, Citadel, Heritage, Hobby Products, etc. I have been gathering and consolidating the collection in one area, and it is amazing just how much stuff I have been digging out of dark dank cubbies. I even found an unopened second copy of GW Gorkamorka! (more points for my armies) Gotta luv dem orks & gobbos.
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