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  1. Did more research (looked at pictures & videos of glowing metal) than painting, and now my inspiration leans more towards diy forges, smithing, and casting. I abhor (not) that massive rabbit hole called YouTube.


    But, there was some progress on Remy. Brushes were abused, and a medium light blue bit of highlighting occurred on the top


    as well as some warm colours on the belly.


    Toned down the face by washing, dry brushing, and smudging various colours on the offensive appendages.


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  2. Not much online when I search for pics of the 1990's Ral Partha mini...


    Below are most of the pics that I found. There are also two painted Ral Partha remorhazes on this forum, and both are light blue.




    There are some nice non-standard paint jobs on non-Ral Partha versions that look really cool even though they look more like sea, fire, or angry bone worms. (now I want more minis)

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  3. @MoonglowMinis Thank you! That mini looked like it was a blast to paint (not so many #@mn€# annoying obstructive legs!). Is that the bones or metal mini?



    Don't be shy about posting a pic of your mini in any wip thread I have started. Posting pics for inspiration is awesome, and might just be the swift kick in the assets that someone needs to continue pursuing a project, or to start/complete a long languishing mini. My paint jobs are usually on smaller less complex minis, so working on thus monstrosity is a major challenge.


    Currently dry brushing again, and may monkey with the belly color again.


    I must be a masochist, since the project is a major pain and I keep pressing on.

    Remy does look rather garish in the previous pictures... looks like the antennae needs to be toned down. And that face. Gotta do more with that also.

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  4. Upgraded wurm 3.5. Changed out most reds to yellow.


    There are not much in the way of pics of the old RP AD&D remorhaz, but the pictures that I found all of the creatures were a pastel icy blue (not to be harsh, but those paint jobs were not any better than my 1st attempt). So, at this point, I am pulling the color scheme outta muh seating stoma (aka making it up as I go along).


    Now the red is on top of the yellow, and it seems better... maybe.


    Remy kinda looks like some cosmic tripped out wurm at this point. There's still lots of work to go.

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  5. Added red, and dry brushed light blue.


    The 8 pairs of legs are truly horrifying. And they get in the way of painting. And the tend to bend as they like at the thinner points. And there were no instructions for the placing of the 8 pairs of legs. Oh, and did I mention, it is a total pain in the posterior to paint the figure 'cause of the stupid legs?


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  6. Started painting the hot areas, but this is a fail. Idiot me forgot the coloration is reversed on hot objects, so it goes white, yellow, orange, red, purplish red, brownish red, black. Time to revisit the hot spots...


    Yes, that paint bottle in the background is an artefact from painting armies of orcs, gobbos, tyranids, etc. It is amazing that the paint is still useable!

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  7. Remy has been hibernating for a while now, ashamed to show his lame light blue hide (a misguided attempt is a paint job). Now that the weather is colder, Remy has ventured forth to embrace his dream of a better paint job!


    Yup, Remy and his buddy Grim in this pic.


    Remy just got a wash of purple so he would not look like a pile of nauseatingly light blue excrement. White was being added to "heating surfaces".


    ... Remy still looks like scat, but dark blue instead of light blue.

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  8. Inconceivable! Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist. 


    Fun mini & great paint job.


    Getting married is a very busy time... as Humperdinck said "Tyrone, you know much I love watching you work. But I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped!"


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  9. **********WARNING NUDITY!**********

    Dug out an old garage sale purchase, a Waring Pro Belgium Waffle Maker (model #wwm450pc)


    It is like one of the kinds the hotels use. It is so user friendly that even I can make good waffles.


    Check out the color on that naked waffle!


    It was properly clothed with strawberries and cream later...



    Here is the recipe:                                         5 waffles                          10 waffles
                                        ~~~~~~                          ~~~~~~~
    Water, lukewarm       3/4 Cup                            1 1/2 Cups
    Yeast, dried                1 1/8 Tsp                         2 1/4 Tsp
    Sugar                          1 Tsp                                1 Tsp

    Mix water, yeast, and sugar.
    Set aside, and let mixture get foamy. This takes 7 to 15 minutes,
    depending on the freshness of the yeast.

    Flour                           1 1/2 Cups                      3 Cups
    Sugar                          4 Tbsp 2 Tsp                  3/4 Cup
    Salt                              1/4 Tsp                           1/2 Tsp

    Sift flour, sugar, and salt.

    Butter, unsalted         4 Tbs 1 Tsp                    8 Tbsp 2 Tsp

    Melt butter, set aside to cool.

    Milk                             3/4 Cup                          1 1/2 Cups

    Warm milk to lukewarm, stir in melted butter. Let cool slightly.

    Eggs, jumbo               2 yolks                           3 yolks
    Eggs, jumbo               1 1/2 Tbsp whites       3 Tbsp whites
    Vanilla extract            1 Tsp                             2 Tsp

    Combine lukewarm milk mixture with the above liquids.

    Eggs, jumbo               < 2 whites                     <3 Tbsp whites
    Cream of Tartar         1 generous pinch        2 generous pinches

    Whip remaining whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks appear.

    Add foamy yeast mixture to milk mixture.
    Mix milk mixture into flour mixture.
    Mix until batter is smooth.
    Fold whipped egg whites into batter.
    Set batter aside and let rise for an hour, giving it a light stir every 15 minutes.
    The batter will be viscose, but not too thick.
    Cook per the waffle iron's instructions.

    Serve with fresh fruit, whipped or clotted cream, and or syrup.

    For my waffle iron, set to 5 then go for broke.

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  10. I am currently goofing around with a bunch of database type apps. It is kinda annoying, but I will eventually build something useful.


    I have already taken pictures of all the minis that I could easily access, and now I am considering painting minis rather than cataloging the beasts...


    I've been trolled! (found the trolls & orcs box)

    Grenadier 706b Troll with Sword Julie Guthrie1.jpg

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    58 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Coffee is just a nice thing to have.  It's also arguably how I get paid, so...  I think we have four methods of brewing in the house at the moment, but eventually I'd like to try out other types of brewing.  I'm rather curious about Chemex and V60, for example.

    Chemex & Hario V60 are just fancy high-falutin' pour over coffee devices. The best thing about the Chemex is the filters. Both give good flow, and produce a good coffee.


    My personal favorite is the old school siphon pot coffee maker. Rich, but smooth, low acid coffee. It is also fun to watch as it brews.



    35 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:

    ...hoping I can do it justice.





    Those scales are awesome!

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  12. 18 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    most of which are important (heating, coffee production stuff, miniatures workstation, computer, etc etc)

    Caffeine is really important. There are about, yeah, 20 machines & things around the house that produce coffee or tea. And they all work differently!


    A must for those all nighter painting binges.

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  13. 51 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I already have three more bookshelves and two wall shelves planned for one particular wall, then probably more shelves on a different wall in the living room, and then for the bedroom?  You guessed it.  A good amount of shelves!

    What about the light up glass display cases for every corner of the house? Just consider the dioramas you could display...


    Been surfing the topics in "Bones Miniatures & Legendary Encounters"


    I feel more confident in the upcoming painting attempt. Thank you @Wren

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  14. 7 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I can pretty much say with certainty my first Bones mini was the orc used in the learn to paint kits. If not him, it was a skeleton, but I can't remember which one they have you do first... 


    I now have a... Reasonably sized stash of them, but nowhere near the size a lot of other forum members have... 

    So, that means you have 20...::D:

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