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  1. The weird stuff is the bendiness. And the mold lines. It is kinda difficult to figure out what are mold lines, and what is an intentional part of the sculpture design. Kudos to B. Ridolfi for doing such an excellent job on using/hiding the mold lines (that is a difficult thing to do).

    The plastic on this figure is nothing like my Games Workshop figures, or the other TSR plastic minis in the collection. Those are all made of a hard plastic...


    This will be an interesting project. I hope I don't mess it up, but if I do, the store had a couple more copies of the filth beast... (minis...*drool*)


    This is what it should look like.



    It kinda looks like a cross between an otyugh and a cave fisher...

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  2. This is my filthy first.


    I finally gave in and purchased one of the Bones figures. It is the otyugh-ish filth beast by Bob Ridolfi.



    It is a big change from the metal minis I usually purchase. The material is way bendy, almost like a green Gumby toy.



    The coolest thing is the way it is baka yoke, and all the pieces are "keyed" to a hole. I would have to try really hard to mess up the assembly on this one!


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  3. ... Need to add another collector/hoarder level.


    8) Mad half blind deity of metal, plastic and resin lilliputians - 5000 +. Over 50% painted, has a dedicated well lit space to paint in, nice foam lined storage cases containing the minis, and a couple of shelving units dedicated for miniatures and painting supplies. Half blindness, fatigue and madness are badges earned from painting a few thousand minis. The deity does not discriminate, and welcomes minis of all shapes, sizes, materials,and genres.


    "Just give me a few more minutes, honey. I gotta dot the eyes and wash the maille on these 200 units."

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  4. Who does not have a bunch of bare metal unprepped, unprimered minis shoved in a dark corner?


    I have a ton of West End Games Star Wars figures that are still naked with flashing...(we have not gotten around to playing the Star Wars RPG yet).


    I think at last count, I have 300 to 400 of the figures in the collection painted. Most of the rest have had the flashing removed, been sanded and primed.


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  5. I am not even counting my plastic wotc minis, heroclix, or other non RPG gaming minis. Currently guesstimating around 1500 small figures, 500 large. Grenadier, wotc, Pinnacle, Ral Partha, Reaper, HHG, RAFM, Citadel, Heritage, Hobby Products, etc.


    I have been gathering and consolidating the collection in one area, and it is amazing just how much stuff I have been digging out of dark dank cubbies. I even found an unopened second copy of GW Gorkamorka! (more points for my armies) Gotta luv dem orks & gobbos.

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  6. It has been a while since I posted. Yes, I am still alive. Joining this forum suddenly got me curious about the contents my non-Games Workshop portion of the mini collection...


    After a light analysis of the situation, I have determined that:

    1) I have a lot of minis,

    2) I still want a lot of minis,

    3) I can never have too many minis


    Am I a crazy miniature monster?


    My best guess at collector/hoarder levels are:


    1) Regular Normie (non gamer) - 5 figures. A wizard, a bikini babe, a couple of dragons, and a fighter all accessorized with prismatic crystals, usually au natural (aka not painted).


    "I think wizards, dragons and gothic babes are way cool. Shiny!"


    2) Gamer - 10 to 30 figures. A mix of characters they play in campaigns, plus the assortment Regular Normie figures. Most figures are unpainted, or basically painted. Only the couple of favourites have good paint jobs.


    "I have a half-giant barbarian figure in my gaming box. That's what I'm gonna play."


    3) Dungeon Master - 25 to 150 figures. Mostly a large collection of monsters. All figures are at least primed, most figures are nicely painted.


    "Check out my new monster mini! New character sheets, anyone?"


    4) Professional etsy/ebay'er Painter - 50 to 200 figures.  Maybe 15 to 50 of them are in the growing "permanent" collection, with the rest listed online or in process of being prepped and painted.


    "Paint to fund my mini habit." 


    5) Gaming Otaku - 100 to 300 figures. A whole spectrum of figures in a whole range of poses. Almost all figures are well painted, except for the proudly displayed sealed box sets or blister packs.


    "Mint, New in package is the best. Professionally painted, carefully displayed in a plastic case is great too. Look at, but don't touch my minis."


    5) RPG Geek - 200 to 700 figures. Mix of metal, resin, and plastic prepainted minis to cover both DM/GM'ing and playing. Most minis will have some level paint job.


    "Got to have enough minis to cover all the bases!"


    6) Hobbist Painter, Avid Gamer - More than 500, but hopefully less than 1000... Collects minis as they are needed for gaming sessions. Favorites are expertly painted. Others are painted as needed.


    "Painting is fun. I love playing with my minis. Wana play tonight?!!"


    7) Crazy Minis Monster - 1000 +... (full quantity will never be known) Lots and lots of minis in various stages of prepping and painting. A mini hospital storage box is around somewhere with rescued minis needing replacement parts and minor surgeries.


    "Not quit sure how many... Yeah, more than a 1000. But the battle minis and the pre-painted plastic ones don't count. And I did not count the ones that are on display either. Oh, and the oversized and demo minis are in a totally different category."

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  7. Microsoft's pay to play model is true evil!:devil:


    I use LibreOffice or Open Office for all my PC office needs. They are both semi-freeware.


    I would like to have a phone based app for the minis database. Being able to carry around a searchable drool resistant list while attempting asset acquisition is the whole goal of this insanity, well, other than cataloging the collection, and making them easier to find...

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  8. 1 hour ago, Citrine said:

    I just glued this guy together last week!

    He is very unstable, I will have to put him on a bigger base. 


    Nice colors!


    I had to keep tweeking his position and bending this and that to get him relatively stable before the final gluing. He doesn't usually topple unless he is being played with on a card table!


    I have not been too confident when it comes to customizing the basesd/terrain... I am always beyond impressed when I see all cool adjustments you all make to the stock bases.

    24 minutes ago, 72moonglum said:

    Those are some crazy, cool mottled colors, really nice!

    The few gelugons that I had seen painted were either blue with white or white with blue. I was trying to capture his future pit fiend colours as well as the icy aspect. It seemed to turn out ok, but I still want to paint on it a little more.

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  9. Another deep dive into the abyss...


    This infernal figure was torture to pin and glue, and the storage of it is devilishly tricky because of the super bendy spear.






    I really wish that minis produced with pole arms / spears would use a bit of stiff wire overmolded with the pole arm / spear casting.


    I have had to adjust this spear so many times. I must have done something really evil in my last life...

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