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  1. Hippie, uh, Shaggy-Doo is a much smaller scale than the current Reaper minis. Here he is going up against Sidrith Sword Sister (RMI02006 by Sandra Garrity). Poor Shaggy-Doo just seems like an oversized gator.
  2. I have some pretty old minis, like the old Heritage stuff, early Grenadier, early Ral Partha... Ya know, the heavy metal (lead) minis. There is no shame in old minis, only amazement that mom or the spouse did not toss 'em out!
  3. So, you've noticed the white spot on the underside of the dragon... No, that is not the mini's white panties, but this is how I put a part No on the mini. This mini was in Reapers 1993 catalogue. I wonder what the scale is, and who is the sculptor.
  4. Today's mini is a blast from the past, Reaper's casting of the Heritage Red Dragon. Because of his seemingly furry chest/stomach, he is called the hippie dragon. He is one of many miniature purchases from the old Lone Star Comics. I raided the store for weird miniatures. The had a lot of bagged Reaper minis for sale.
  5. It's all about saving space, if I want to continuing using this db engine I am using a free android app called Lit to reduce the picture's file size from 2 to 3 meg to around 100k to reduce the file size of the db cloud save. I will try saving the picture files to a cloud service, then linking the database to the cloud saved picture files, then uploading the db to mementos cloud, and then, maybe other people can open the db and see the pictures of the minis too...
  6. Still goofing around with the mementos db. I keep adding more fields as I enter more of my minis. I think I have figured (ha-ha a miniature pun) out how to get around the storage size issue... Reducing the picture sizes and retrieving the pictures from another cloud space like Google cloud might work... Another issue I am running into is some minis that I can not identify, but that is not so bad because it gives me an excuse to drool over pictures of minis that I want to buy and paint.
  7. Other good distractions from the stab and loot Monty Haul groove the players tend to sink into is an Abyssal Carnage-val conveniently accessed though a random dungeon door/portal... A Robert Aspirin-ish Deevil (Mything, Inc. reference) hawking a wheel of fate is rather amusing, with chances of gender bending, stat changes, gold, magic goodies, etc.
  8. A couple of sculptors come to mind when I look at it, but I still don't know who did it... I would look on face-crack, but I abandoned that time and soul-sucking social disaster years ago. It was taking time away from more important things like minis and gaming!
  9. Do you all remember the Gateway computer company? I was inspired to finally paint this mini afelter recieving a computer from them. We affectionately call this monster "The Gateway Beast".
  10. The Catoplebas is a fun monster to toss into the middle of a campaign to potentially break up the hack 'n slash. It is amusing the looks on the player's faces when a merchant or local farmer gives them a milk the catoplebas quest.
  11. I ain't even gonna try to feed this beastie lemongrass... Known for its deathgaze and horrific flatulence, it was universally feared by adventurers. But, if some brave adventurers would gather milk, the local creameries would produce Death cheese. I was surfing through some posts and saw the catoplebas mentioned, so I thought that someone might enjoy seeing one.
  12. Actually both. Zhyzhak is actually one of the major powers in the Werewolf the Apocalypse universe. "Zhyzhak is controversially regarded as the most powerful werewolf of the World of Darkness. She is an insane homid Black Spiral Dancer Ahroun Legend, who dresses in bizarre dominatrix gear which she never bothers to dedicate. " quote from Fandom White Wolf Wiki https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Zhyzhak
  13. Weird mini of the moment... This one is some real heavy metal! It just looks like a pile of intestines with a couple of mouths. Should have given them a dark green grayish wash to tone down the Pepto look.
  14. Reaper also cast a set of promo minis (5) for Gauntlet Legends... I guess you can tell which one was my favorite. Dessert Mummy, Valkyrie, Wizard, Archer, and Fire Beast were all sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. It is really fantastic how each mini is labeled with its name on the base. I always cringe at minis that are packaged loosely in a blister pack.
  15. Ah, I am discovering its limits... File size for cloud save and sharing. The company kindly offers subscriptions to their cloud service. The database is not size limited on the phone except by the size of the phone's storage. So if I remove the picture files and resynch the cloud save, then it is shareable that way. There is a lot to play around with.
  16. Can you please tell me the scale for this mini? I caught the ninja unsuccessfully attempting invisibility from the partially painted merchant's henchmen ( RMI 02548) for size comparison.
  17. I missed that one. One can never have enough undead jesters in the dungeon!
  18. I am resisting making a remark about a wine bottle cork, a purple gnome thief, and a recently empty bottle of wine...
  19. Ok, I messed with the db some more, and added more fields. I loaded some rare minis in blisters to the database just to tempt somebody to look at it. One of the mini sets is a promotional pack cast by Reaper, and the other is a set of minis cast in the UK for an anime based RPG... Discovery: for the image fields you can upload multiple images. Whoo-hoooo!
  20. Gen Con was supposed to be this weekend... The virtual one is just not the same. Life without impromptu gaming, various events, and the dealer's room is the pits. I COULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME NEW MINIS AND SWAG!!! Yes, I will take some cheese with my whine.
  21. I have a few of those Citadel licensed minis, they are a totally different style from the regular Ral Partha minis, but still super cool!
  22. Being the idiot that I am, I have built a work in progress database... The app seems really customizable, but I am still learning about how it works. I do not know if the app exists in the Apple store, but the do have it in the Google Play store (FREE DOWNLOAD). Look for Memento Database by Mementodb, Inc. in the Google Play Store. I saved the db (database) to the cloud. In the My Libraries section of the Memento db tap the three vertical dots in the top right hand corner, choose Open by URL, and type in s/y7XKGzUT to use the database. The db is lamely named my minis. I will mess with it some more. Feedback of any kind is appreciated. Enjoy!
  23. I got min at the Iron Wind Metals table at a con... If I remember correctly, I could have picked more heads, humps and or tails because they were selling them by the weight. I still kick myself for not being greedy and picking up more pieces. Thanks for the Ral Partha clue... I will look in the old catalogues for the sculptor.
  24. It would be a tight fit... I am not so good at terrain yet. But everyone posts such great threads that I can not help but to improve! I gotta lurk some more on the terrain forum...
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